New Until Dawn trailer makes its debut

Brand new footage from the forthcoming PS4 interactive horror

At Supermassive we are thrilled about the reaction to the announcement a few months ago of Until Dawn as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. I can only say we are humbled by the support Until Dawn has been receiving at PSX this weekend. Thank you to everyone who has been able to come out and see us.

Those of you lucky enough to make it out have played a previously unseen section of the game. We follow Sam as she races away from an intruder through the house and into the old basement below. Throughout this chase, there are a variety of decisions you’ll have to make. Each of these will help to forge your path. Up or down, run or hide; the instantaneous decisions you will be forced to take will shape your journey.

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Any single decision or mistimed action in Until Dawn may not be fatal but your actions may put you on a potentially fatal path. Weigh each of the decisions carefully because remember in Until Dawn, when you’re dead, you’re dead… that character is lost forever and your story adapts and continues without them. This is the Butterfly Effect mechanic in action.

We’re really excited to share with you for the very first time a new trailer. Following Sam through the chapter, we explore some of the choices you’re forced to make. Sit on the edge of your seat and get ready for a brand new trailer:

Watch this space for more news in the coming days as we have more to share with you.

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Looks very interesting, I like the fact the story changes each time you play.


What about the PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition??!?!?!

Still NO news or updates on this blog!!!


Well, you should have wached PS Experience stream, they have revealed them on Sony Online store, in 6 minutes all gone…. now ebay is full of them, if you have the money


Please stay tuned to your local PlayStation Twitter feed for up to date information. Plans differ in each EU region. So for The Netherlands go to:

It’s already sold out. You can buy it on EBay for 15.000 if you want

Well, you should have wached PS Experience stream, they have revealed them on Sony Online store, in 6 minutes all gone…. now ebay is full of them, if you have the money


That was just the US allocation, Europe still waiting to hear!!

Is there any reason you can’t tell the difference between the United States of America on the continent of North America that used to belong to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Czech Republic on the continent of Europe that used to belong to Slovakia then Adam?
And I’m glad posters are using this latest entry in here to bring this very top up because you Fred chose to ignore questions on this very topic whilst you was the man on the keyboard running the EU twitter feed the other night weren’t you?
I’m beginning to wonder if individuals are getting tipped off about these special PS4’s seeing they’re going for grands n grands on Ebay. You watch Japan end up mass releasing them, or something nigh on identical, to stop this obscene touting that has now begun and good on em too if they do…… know where you heard it first!

Top? Topic even, I hate typos :-( sorry

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Create your own slasher movie. :) I have the feeling that I will intentionally make mistakes with the characters I don’t like.

zalwelgoedgaan 08 December, 2014 @ 15:14

Well, I don’t like you either but WE ARE GETTING YAKUZA 5 so you’re getting a hug as well!

@zalwelgoedgaan But you are the love of my life! Give us a kiss!

I want this. And i swear i’m not talking about Hayden… i swear.

MP_is_for_Chumps 08 December, 2014 @ 14:30

No towel gameplay option please :)

counterUAVbaby 08 December, 2014 @ 14:48

Hey Fred please contact Chris or Jawad to discount Jak and Daxter games individually, please?


Is it just me or anyone else staring at the towel hoping for it to fall down? lol

This looks well good ;P But i am to scared to play scary games :D


will buy this game for sure, just get it out already!!! :P

Yeah, really looking forward to this one; I like me some (by now) good old quicktime sequences, like in Heavy Rain in Beyond: Two Souls.
However, I do think we should call them quicktime choices as that is a more fitting description of the style.


Excuse my French, but this looks [MODERATED] amazing! Looks like a mash up of Heavy Rain/Saw/Silent Hill/Halloween.



I got 70€ stolen from me and I know two others whose accounts were used to purchase stuff while they were completely unaware . PSN is wide open and Sony does nothing but state that they are investigating and the usual “Thank you for your patience”.

Change your passwords and delete your credit card information NOW!

hello Samanther…i want to play a game

You should really make no region specific events anymore. Just make events for all regions or just NA and Europe together. It’s simply a shame that Sony supports NA more than Europe.


Looking good, can’t even tell it was supposed to be a ps3 game anymore ;)

Looks great this is definitely on my radar now :)

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