Bloodborne collector’s editions and pre-order extras revealed

Find out what’s included in the Collector’s Edition and lavish Nightmare Edition

Following the reveal of the unique Chalice Dungeon feature and new multiplayer details at last week’s PSX event, I’m excited to reveal two new editions of Bloodborne along with exclusive pre-order offers.


Hitting stores across Europe from 25th March 2015*, the ‘Bloodborne Collectors Edition‘ and ‘Bloodborne Nightmare Edition‘ come with some unique and exclusive items for FromSoftware fans.

Bloodborne Collector’s Edition (€79.99 RRP)

The Bloodborne Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bloodborne PS4 game
  • SteelBook case
  • Premium art book with exclusive concept art
  • Digital soundtrack of the game

Collector's Edition

Bloodborne Nightmare Edition (€119.99 RRP)

The Bloodborne Nightmare Edition includes the following items housed within a unique Book Tin:

  • Bloodborne PS4 game
  • SteelBook case
  • Premium art book with exclusive concept art
  • Digital soundtrack of the game
  • Bloodborne gothic notebook
  • Quill & red ink set
  • “Top Hat” Messenger skin
  • Bell trinket

Nightmare Edition

We have also have some cool pre-order bonuses too, available from selected retailers, exclusively for PlayStation 4:

‘Fedora’ Messenger Skin

Messengers deliver unique messages left by fellow journeymen to aid you on your quest, or fool you into making a fatal mistake. This Messenger is wearing a Fedora Hat and appears to you and other users when you leave a message in-game.

Sawcleaver Steelbook

‘Bandages’ Messenger Skin

Messengers deliver unique messages left by fellow journeymen to aid you on your quest, or fool you into making a fatal mistake. This Messenger is wearing Bandages over their heads and appears to you and other users when you leave a message in-game.

Bloodborne ‘Saw Cleaver’ SteelBook

The Bloodborne SteelBook features unique artwork by From Software on the inside and out, and is exclusively available as a pre-order incentive.

Bloodborne, the Collector’s Edition and Nightmare Edition are all available to pre-order at your local participating retailer.

Stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for more info on Bloodborne.

*Collector’s Edition available in UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Iceland, Israel, Cyrpus, Malta. The Nightmare Edition available in all the above territories except Greece.

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so… no north america release?

European_Gamer 11 December, 2014 @ 13:20

This is the European, you can find the information you need on when they are ready to publish it.


Of course there will be a North American release, and what’s more or will be subsidised by us lowly Euro types, you’re welcome by the way.

If third party publishers want to tag on 60% that’s their thing, but SCEE tagging on 60% is just wrong. Can someone on the blog team please take another look into the pricing FAQ that Fred had talked about in the summer? I’d love to know why first party and Sony published games are being over charged in Europe.


@True…, This CE for guys is only 119 Euros which is 147$. A CE like this would be 150$. So you guys are actually getting about 1.5% cheaper then us lol.

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Yeah, get a good topic in to take obligation of sad Christmas sale. Pity to use a good game like this for such a reason…


obligation? How can Any predictive text change Spotlight into Obligation, mad, it’s a conspiracy, happens too often.


Dude, you high?

Uh, a stupid question, but does Scandinavia also include Finland? I ask because I usually don’t associate the two.

It’s not stupid at all because Finland is NOT Scandinavian country. Scandinavia consist only countries with germanic heritage… Finland has different cultural roots.

People are mixing up terms “scandinavian countries” with “nordic countries” for no reason.

For SCEE and all people who didn’t know it yet.

Yes – Finland IS nordic country
NO – Finland IS NOT scandinavian country


Hey Ylesis – yep, Finland is covered.

European_Gamer 11 December, 2014 @ 13:34

Nordisk Film Interactive is distributing everything from PlayStation in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland so it’s safe to assume that Finland is included with Scandinavia.

May be tempted for collectors edition. Would that be £59.99??

Not that impressed, the skin(s) will most likely be available to buy as DLC at some point, the only thing I’m interested in is the art book. Will just get the normal edition I think :s

Must have that Nightmare edition


What are you supposed to do with red ink and a quill?

This game is the main reason im getting a ps4 , gonna try and get my hands on the 20th anniversary edition since its like the perfect time to try get one with all the new ps4 games being announced and im also mad to play the last of us looks awesome
I honestly so beyond hyped for this game its not even funny xD headed into town tomorrow to get a pre order on that nightmare addition :D

Love the quill set. Can anyone answer what dip pens are included in set? Is there any redis included?

After quietly censoring The Last of Us for no reason in EU and not even informing anyone about it until it was found out later, I’m not really willing to preorder any Sony games outside US PSN any more.

Unless you can confirm this right away: Will Bloodborne get censored in Europe?

Most likely it will be censored. I think the only exceptions to Sony’s recent censorship policy are Resistance and Killzone. Other PEGI18 games have been censored.

It would be nice to have a digital special/collector’s edition with as well.

i guess the nightmare edition is the only option to get some books on some people’s shelves these days :)

Loved the collector’s edition of Dark Souls 2 but I’m not sure about this one yet, don’t really feel the need to get the quil set and the bell seems kinda simple to.
However I’ll just let it sink in a bit I’ll at least order the C.E. and maybe upgrade to the Nightmare simple because…

Not really something that has to do with Bloodborne but what about the collectors edition from Batman Arkham Knight, I remember there being a statue version and a batmobile version but I have yet to see it anywhere in Europe while they did seem to be able to pre-order it at the USA Amazon.

I guess the important thing for me is the booktin, what are it’s dimensions are you able to stack games in it upright?
So this way I can keep all my version of Demon’s Dark Souls in there even if the XBox version wouldn’t fit in.

Sweet I like the look of the Collector’s edition

This is a missed opportunity to include a Saw Cleaver Shaving Kit™.

I’ll stick to the digital version , save the trees I don’t need no book.


Yah know, I’m perfectly fine with the cheaper collectors. I already preordered one amazon a while back (USA here) and I can only assume that it will be similar in terms of specs. The extras seem pretty novelty-esque personally (except the book tin display is quite neat). I really like the look of the box art though. excellent job.


Any idea where we can pre-order this? I’ve checked everywhere, yet nowhere has it listed :/


The Nightmare Edition I mean


Keep an eye out for further updates on which retailers are taking these editions per country.


Thanks :) I’ve picked up Demon Souls Collectors Edition, Dark Souls Collectors Edition and Dark Souls 2 Collectors Edition, no way am I missing this :)

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Why Greece won’t get Nightmare Edition? It will be available everywhere except Greece.

Finally!!!!!! It was so frustrating having to wait so long for a simple announcement, you guys went above and beyond my expectations with this Nightmare Edition though, so I’m happy now :-)

Where have all the comments gone? I came back to check for a response to my comment and half seem to have deleted???

Nightmare edition get on my shelf.

How large is this Book tin case? Hope it isn’t just big enough for the game case. Also i hope they did something better with the artbook this time. The Dks1 and 2 artbooks were waay too small. We want artbooks Skyrim style!

I’d also like to add that while these editions are nice, having a digital code for the soundtrack over a physical disc makes this a little less special than it could be. People who want digital stuff will buy the digital version of the game (which most of the time include a “collectors edition” as well). I’m buying a collectors edition to look at, hold and display, which you can’t really do very well with a leaflet that contains a code.

Anyway it’s probably too late to switch it up for CD’s but I figure it’s worth a mention.

Nihonjintomoko 11 December, 2014 @ 21:56

Why did Greece got excluded from Nightmare Edition? I want an explanation with this. I would love to buy this Nightmare Edition.

Sony why the music is digital and the price so High. I allways support you but that’s [deleted]. Look at this, this is a good collector:

The Nightmare edition it’s nice but like i said it need a phisic suppprt for the music and the price will be better at 90 euro. 120 euro it’s crook i don’t accept it.

Don’t be like Apple Sony, you’re better than that.

I have one huge problem with the Nightmare Edition, the art work on the case, the artbook and the notebook is the same……




*Artwork is subject to change :)

YES! Oh sweet baby Jebus YES!
Pre ordered!
Man oh man, if my work nights are going to end like this…I’ll work more nights :D

Will the portuguese version have that huge symbol saying “Jogo em português” in the steelbook case? Because I always found that annoying in normal version, but in steelbook case is more than annoying, its plain stupid. Its a information only need to know in the store by the time we are buying, not needed to be printed in the steel 4ever damaging the art work and I as a collector, hate to have unnecessary and intrusive signs in the artwork of the game covers. You’ve being forcing me to buy uk versions and most of the time I don’t buy Dlc because is not compatible with the portuguese store. Fix this, use a sticker that we can peal off after buying.


I checked everywhere for Bloodborne: Nightmare Edition, any idea when they will be listed with the online retailers


It’s Cyprus not Cyrpus. Please fix it


i think the Nightmare Edition is a GAME exclusive in UK, which is wrong because GAME online store doesn’t accept ordering from other countries, it should be on Amazon to give people from other countries a chance to get this edition, exclusivity to just one store is just wrong.

Which retailer is selling the ‘saw cleaver’ steelbook please?


Will we have the pre-order bonuses (the messagers’skins) if we pre-order the collector edition? Or are these bonuses exclusive to the normal edition pre-order?

So excited for extra bloodborne goodies but both of these editions seem like a gimmick. A bell trinket, a notebook, digital soundtrack, c’mon where the real stuff at, compare this to the Dark Souls 2 Japanese Collector’s Edition


These look super cool, where can we order the Collector’s Edition?.


When can I pre-order the Nightmare Edition?
And where can I reserve it?

I want the Nightmare Edition necessarily. :)

Do you have any news about Nightmare edition pre-order in France ?

anything appears on French webshop (like Amazon, Micromania,Fnac, Auchan,,etc…)

thanks :)


When will I be able to preorder the Nightmare Edition? I can’t find it anywhere here in Italy and I don’t want to miss it. An update would be greatly appreciated.

Is there any update on which stores offer the Bloodborne ‘Saw Cleaver’ SteelBook?

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