Happy holidays from Bungie

The team behind Destiny stops by to wish you a very happy holiday

Hey, PlayStation Nation. It’s been a crazy year at Bungie. Not only did we launch a new game, but we saw a brand new community rally around it. We’ve had an amazing time welcoming you to the Tower, and fighting alongside you in public events. Even better, we got to meet some of you in real life – at E3, gamescom, or even the very first PlayStation Experience.

With the holiday season upon us, we’re grateful for the past year that we’ve shared. As Guardians, you’ve made Destiny better than it could have been without you. As players, you’ve given us the feedback we need to make the game even better. That conversation will continue into the new year and beyond. There’s a lot more to look forward to, and we’re thrilled that you’re a part of that process.

Over on Bungie.net, we’re taking a final look back at the first 100 days of Destiny. Check it out. More than the statistics, it’s the memories that we value the most.

We have some gifts in store for each of you – a small token of our appreciation. See the End-of-Year Update for details.

Thanks for playing. See you next year.


Happy Holidays from Bungie

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zalwelgoedgaan 22 December, 2014 @ 19:14

What did you put on your Christmas wish list, Bungie? A coffee grinder?

Fix your god damn game.

What are you talking about? The game has almost no bugs…


‘Almost’ no bugs means there are still bugs so I think his comment was fair.

I’d also like some actual content to be added to the game but I hear they’re saving all the ‘stuff to do’ for future paid DLC.

“Almost no bugs” does not mean the game is broken either.
I have played waaaaay more buggier AAA games than this.
Ive been playing the game for a couple weeks, and had no issues, game is awesome.
only downfall is lack of content.

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Happy holidays for everyone at Bungie! Keep it up! You have given me great memories, Marathon, Oni and when it comes to FPS they are just pure awesomeness and fun! See you online soon on PS4! Hopefully Santa will stop by despite my kids emptying the piggy bank :-)

Merry Christmas Bungie, I got you a present- but it’s only about 50% of it – I’ve saved the other 50% for easter and you’ll need to give me £50 for it

Please make Expansion Pack Strikes separate from the standard ones. You’re ******* on all the Guardians who want to do strikes and can’t due to them being Expansion only.

Any chance we can have another PvE event? We had that Queen’s Wrath event with its broken bounties and nerfed rewards but that was over two months ago now, nothing since then and nothing announced to be coming despite the promise that there’d be special PvE events na regular basis, merely having ranks on the Queen suggested that it was intended she would come back at some point but she clearly isn’t.

Si, for the sake of those that aren’t here for PvP, give us some special events that grant some decent items. Also, can we please add ways of gaining exotic weapons outside of PvP,

Metal gear solid has too many cut scenes that go on for too long. Destiny has the very opposite problem!

Ohh and i’ll buy your “expansions” when they cost about £9.99. I love the game but come on!

The game is aight, but the dlc pricing is waaaaay off. Dlc is a cancer on games anyways, that’s why I have my hope in the Witcher 3.

Enough with the happy holidays s**t. It’s Christmas, Happy Christmas! This crap infuriates the hell out of me!


‘Murica my friend.


Yep, the US has to be PC about everything

Happy Holidays to the Bungie Team!

Destiny is definitely the game of the year for me, and im going to be playing it over my holiday!
Here is hoping the next expansion includes some new area’s and story…. Bring on Saturn!?

thx for a great game bungie! looking forward to the next 9 years of destiny :)


i don’t really understand why people complain about the whole DLC thing… i know there could be more to do but look how much playtime you get for the money… a trip to the cimema costs the same as the DLC and thats only 2 hours entertainment. just have in mind what you get for the same amount of money today…. almost nothing!.


Maybe in your country but how do you know about everywhere else? The dlc cost £20 and I can go to the cinema for £5 (£3 on a Tuesday). I think going to the cinema 7 times on a Tuesday will get my money well worth miles better than the dlc can.

Hey dark… i can’t say for all countries, but a ticket to the hobbit costs12£ here in denmark so thats only to tickets.

Merry xmas but if any of the devs get only half what they were promised on christmas day then that is how a lot us felt about thier empty shell of a game.

“We have some gifts in store for each of you” Crosses fingers, Please be the rest of the game i paid for.


Love the game. No complaints. Simples. Happy Holidays Bungie.

TheGloryHunterFV 23 December, 2014 @ 19:30

But since it’s Christmas time Merry Christmas everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gimme the gjallarhorn !!! I need that rocket laucher…everybody have the gjallarhorn exept me !!!! Please bungie gimme the gjallarhorn right now :(

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