Happy holidays from Axiom Verge!

A quick festive missive from the man behind one of the buzz indie titles of 2015

It’s been the most amazing year of my life. In January 2014 Axiom Verge was a hobby project I’d been working on nights and weekends for almost four years. By April it was picked up by Sony’s Pub Fund, then in June it won best of E3, and in September Nintendo’s former indie boss came on to personally make sure it would be a success.

Honestly this quite a lot for a single person to process, so, I’ll just begin by saying THANK YOU everyone!


Not wanting to limit my holiday card to any particular faith or culture, I decided to go with the “Looming Biomechanoid Construct” theme over Santa hats or tree ornaments. She knows when you are sleeping, awake, or trying to escape, so be good, for goodness’ sake!

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Thanks and good luck with the game, think people are still upset over the DDoS but it’d be rude to be signed in and not reply to a greeting, hope you have a even better new year than that roller coaster sounding one you’ve just had. old saying i’m sure you heard before, ‘from small acorns big oaks do grow’ fascinating business your involed in and best wishes to your future with it.


Im love ps4

And to you! Looking forward to the game next year.


Happy New Year and I still remember seeing this game being showcased on the Level Up Show when you came on to talk about it. I’m still very much interested in seeing it come out to the PS4.

Happy new year!

Game sounds great and I think it’s going to be a great fit for PS Vita.

This + BloodBorne = reason for owning a PS4 in 2015.

good luck,looks promising!why not ps3?

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