Joe Danger 2: The Movie roars onto PS Vita next week

The biggest ever version of Hello Games’ acclaimed stunt bike sequel

Hello PlayStation Blog! Did you have a good Christmas? We did. We slept and slept so we could fully recover from working up to PlayStation Experience, and now we almost feel back to normal. And ready for 2015!

So let’s kick it off. We’re excited to announce that Joe Danger 2: The Movie for PS Vita will be released in Europe on 14th January!

In JD2 for Vita we have some special guest appearances, courtesy of our friends and neighbours Media Molecule. From the lovely Tearaway we’ve got Atoi and Iota, and from LittleBigPlanet we’ve got Sackboy.


They join all nine of the mercs from Team Fortress 2 and Steve from Minecraft. These were part of the PC version, from where we’ve also brought across a special Minecraft stage for Movie Maker, JD2’s level editing mode.

Weirdly, all this actually makes JD2 for PS Vita the biggest-ever version of the game! Hours and hours of play await across 85 levels, including 15 from the Undead Movie Pack, which comes included in the Downloadable Tours section, plus a total of 35 playable characters.

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004

And like JD on Vita which we released back in September, JD2 runs at a super-smooth 60 frames-a-second, and features ghost downloads so you always have something to race against, online leaderboards and new PS Vita-tuned controls. Plus, you can create new levels in Movie Maker mode using touchscreen controls, and of course there’s a set of Trophies to win.

Want to take a look at JD2? Here’s our original trailer!

We hope you enjoy it! We’re going to close up shop for a bit now, but not to rest. Far from it :) But we’ll talk again soon-ish! Have a happy New Year!

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Can you tell us if it is a cross buy?

Great news, and Joe Danger 1 on Vita deserves more attention too!

I played the 1st one before. Since this is Joe Danger 2, I believe the chronology is Joe Danger 1 and than Joe Danger 2? And if there will ever be a 3rd Joe Danger code name let’s say Joe Danger 3, than the chronology would be Joe Danger 1, than Joe Danger 2 and than Joe Danger 3? If they come up with Joe Danger 4 and call it something like Joe Danger Reloaded, that would mess the chronology up so please name Joe Danger 4 as Joe Danger 4 instead of Joe Danger Reloaded.

You have made my day.



What are you on? I want some!


Any Joe Danger for PS4 :)

FreddyGPaulsen 07 January, 2015 @ 16:16

Why the h*** isn’t Costume Quest 2 out for ps4 yet ????

“Coming 2012”? I’d better finish my time machine so I can pop back and get a copy ;-)

StevenJamesHyde 08 January, 2015 @ 13:04

That’s probably just when they submitted it for EU certification…

Off topic, but can I just ask if we are getting a store update at all today?


I believe we aren’t.


There is no store update today, this was confirmed in the January Sale post earlier today. The sale discounts and IGC titles are the only updates to the store this week, normal service will apparently resume next week.

Ah, I must have skipped over that then. Thank you very much for the information.


Well done guys and gals at Hello Games. You sure are a busy bunch at the moment. Can’t wait for anything else you are currently working on too ;)
Like some here have said, I would also love Joe Danger on PS4 too if it didn’t cut into the time of that other wee game you are working on.

And price?

Probably something between 9.99 Dollars and 59.99 Dollars. 59.99 is the price of a full AAA title so I can’t see them charging more. 9.99 Dollars is your base new PSN game price so they won’t charge less than that. Between 9.99 Dollars and 59.99 Dollars I am assuming it will be one of the following. 9.99, 14.99, 19.99, 24.99, 29.99, 34.99, 39.99, 44.99, 49.99, 54.99, 59.99….There might be 10% off for PS Plus members. If we take 10% off as an example the prices will be 8.99, 13.49, 17.99, 22.49, 26.99, 31.49, 35.99, 40.49, 44.99, 49.49 or 53.99…. Unless the game is given free as a Plus game, I would expect any of the above amounts to be applicable. Hope this helps. Have a lovely thanksgiving day.


*COMING 2012*
you need to sleep a little more)


JD on Vita was one of my favourite games of last year. Now, I already have JD2 on PS3 from the instant game collection – does this mean I’ll get this one too? ;-)

Awesome! Been playing the first one hard on my VITA during the break, love the game and the second one is great as well, perfect for VITA. <3 Hello Games !

jellyhedgehog 11 January, 2015 @ 18:02

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I guess everyone has forgotten that this was supposed to be released as a bundle with JD 1 when that was launched. It would have been a PS+ game so I guess they decided to change their mind on the sly to make some cash.



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