Fat Princess: Piece of Cake available for free download tomorrow

A new match-three puzzler for PS Vita, iOS and Android

Rescue the Princess! Fat Princess: Piece of Cake brings the beloved comic medieval battle royale to PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android tomorrow with a brand-new strategic match-three game, and it’s a free download!

With over 55 levels across five unique lands inspired by the universe of Fat Princess, you’ll charge into battle with four different character classes and attempt to smash through the Blue army (because the Red army was always better).

While the gameplay is simple and fast to pick-up, you’ll need to strategically upgrade your characters – the knights attack single enemies for high damage, a ranger whose gun can blast enemies in the front row, the demolition specialist with bombs to stun all enemies, and a quirky wizard with a staff to rival Gandalf’s to heal your troops.

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While the layers of gameplay strategy go far deeper, if you’re wondering where the centerpiece is, fear not! Feed cake to the princess by matching special tiles to unleash her devastating slam attack, trigger massive combos, and of course, save the kingdom.
Fat Princess: Piece of Cake is a free-to-play game set in an incredible universe and can be played without making in-app purchases, however some in-game items such as power-ups and character upgrades can be acquired through in-app purchases. It is near and dear to our heart and a step toward extending the Fat Princess universe to create a brand new experience for everyone.

With our recent announcement of Fat Princess Adventures, a new action packed four-player co-op experience, now is a great time for PlayStation fans old and new to get to know our beloved Fat Princess. So, enjoy a slice of Fat Princess: Piece of Cake, it’s on us.

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I like those puzzle games, but I do have two questions for you guys.
1) Will I be able to play as long as I want? Or it will have some kind of energy thing that recharges through real time? Like lot’s of free games, especially at facebook.
2) Is it true that if you reach level 15, you unlock the Fat Princess game for PS3? I may be mistaken, but I think that was what you said a long time ago.

I played this a few months back and from what I can remember you can keep playing but there was something that restricted your health regen (I think, I’ve played a few like this so I may be wrong).

What I do remember though was when I beat level 15 there was a button for claiming a PS3 code of Fat Princess which worked (it’s still installed on my PS3 now), so hopefully they’ve kept that in for everyone.


It’s true. You can download the phone version right now.


I’ve played this on my phone within the last few weeks and there’s a stamina restriction. You can keep playing till you run out of stamina then you have to wait or pay to continue. The free code for the ps3 version is still there at level 15 too.

To be fair I like match three games and this was one of the most entertaining I’ve played since treasures of montezuma and that was a long time ago now.


Finally! Completed 25 levels on my phone, but with trophies… you know, better =)


The full FP game on the Vita would be incredible (the new one)

madmanwithabox12 13 January, 2015 @ 17:22

^This. Some real Vita support from Sony Santa Monica would be appreciated.

“in-game items such as power-ups and character upgrades can be acquired through in-app purchases.”
horrible. software solely created to financially exploit fabricated addiction. that’s the game industry today. 0 creativity. 0 innovation. nobody asked for this.

This. Won’t even download it now.


While I don’t advocate the old ‘the ends justify the means’ mentality, or even profiteering of any kind, I see why this medium is so successful. Given how depressed and downtrodden the masses are these days, retail therapy can be given in the form of micro transactions as a temporary solution to their woes. It’s a shame for sure but rest assured that it can’t last much longer as the money is concentrated into fewer hands, the more strained our economy will become and then…. Collapse!

sepulnation86 14 January, 2015 @ 12:52

what i heard from reviews and videos, you can play this game also without buying something, but, in contrast to other F2P games, here you do not need to buy to have a good gaming experience! give it a try, it’s Fat Princess ;)


Cool.I would like to ask about a new God of War game for the psvita,is there any chance?I think everybody here is waiting for a game like GOW ,thank you.

Can never have enough match-three games. :-)

of the original for Vita? (might as well make it for PS4 while you’re at it)



*how about a re-release of the original for Vita? (might as well make it for PS4 while you’re at it)

Does it cross save with the iPhone version?

This has been on the horizon for quite a while. Nice to see it finally coming to the Vita :D


This is awesome news! Especially if it can unlock a code for the original game!


Neither ‘Run Sackboy Run’ nor ‘Fat Princess: Piece of Cake’ are available on Google Play in Iceland any chance of that changing??? Well I do have a Vita anyway.


Played it on iOS today, good production value and overall fun game but the biggest downside is the energy timers. Be prepared to wait (15-20 min) for one energy refill. /sigh

This has been available on mobiles for months but it’s good to see it coming to the Vita.
Despite ultimately being yet another bejeweled clone, there’s certainly some novelty about the integrated battle system and it’s a fun little game.
Worth trying if you haven’t already.

Doesn’t EU consumer protection now ask that Freemium games no longer be referred to as free? Or is that just for Apple and Google?

Nah, that’s something Google and Apple started doing themselves. Still, would like Sony to do the same.


On the play store it can’t be sold as free, so it states in app purchases and breaks down the full cost, however here it clearly says free download which is not the same as free.

So long as all in app purchases go through a store where you can check is the most important thing.


Free download is just a manipulation of the truth. They should be honest and just charge what the game is worth in he first place, maybe £2. Same playing field for everyone, no disgusting manipulation.

So far (playing on mobile) it seems way too basic. The original puzzle quest was, and still is, the best. Most of these are so simple it is stupifying. This particular game certainly has some of the charm of the original fat princess but it is just too dull.


F2P infecting Vita yet again and by Sony? Make real games for it, not this rubbish. I bought my Vita for the console quality games advertised, not to have it turn into an overpriced mobile port machine a couple of years later.

Sony has destroyed their portable console market future with their handling of the Vita.

Sadly it is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S2, a shame.


Just about plays on my Galaxy S3. Heats up the CPU within minutes though, no other game has done that.


Acctully like the game a quite a bit probably mostly becuase you get fat princess for PS3 which I would probably never have played otherwise. It might just be a normal kinda lame free 2 play mobile game. But I think this could be an awesome way of bring overlooked older games back and giving them more attention, and in the long run strengening the franchise alltogether, imagine getting LBP in run sack boy run game app, and getting the full game after a certain goal/score, it’s a great way to shine some light on the franchise.

I didn’t care much about fat princess when it launched but thanks to this mobile game a got to played it and now I know I will buy it sequel for sure.

I usually hate freemium games but when you get something back and it that sense it’s both a Mobil game and marketing done right,

Winter-Dragon 14 January, 2015 @ 13:20

I see energy timers and dual currency. Yeah, not touching. Next thing you know they’ll be selling games at premium prices in addition to having all those micro transactions to keep playing.


I only played it to get the voucher code. Easy enough to do, didn’t have to wait for anything or achieve the unobtainable. Got it within a couple of hours.

What’s the point of having stars in levels if there is no reward for obtaining them?


We’re spoiled with all this free content!

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