10 of the best #PlayStationMemories

Check out the pick of your suggestions from last month

Hi there everyone. It’s a little quiet on the news front today, so it seems like a good time for something a bit different. As some of you might remember, during our 20th anniversary celebrations last month, we put out a call via Twitter and Facebook for you to share some of your best PlayStation memories.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve rifled through your contributions, picked out a few of our favourites, and illustrated them with the animations below. Take a look, see if your suggestions made the cut, and let us know which clip is your favourite!

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European_Gamer 22 January, 2015 @ 19:12

Awesome recreation of #PlayStationMemories.

Just the startup

Button bashing. Is there any other way to play?

how to watch these videos?.. when i clicked on the play button it says “the media could not be played”

nevermind.. i didn’t know it have to be on the twitter itself

Borrowed my friends playstation in 1997 and played Final fantasy VII on a 14″ Sony Trinitron TV
I managed to get nearly 40 hours in over 4 days before He got annoyed I got so far and asked for it back.
That game blew me away.
After that I was left with a 3DO and bought an Xbox in 2001, then Xbox 360 in 2005 and then I bought something I regretted in 2013 before finally switching to Playstation 4 in spring 2014.
Love it!

@Fred – I hate posting off topic but this is more likely to be seen here. Any chance you could see what the situation is with the Binding of Isaac Rebirth 1.03 patch? According to Nicalis, they submitted it to QA at the start of December last year and there’s been no news since.


Making the T-Rex talk from the PS demo disc….roar!

X_Blood_Curse_X 23 January, 2015 @ 03:07

Lol or that weird manta ray one with the eerie music

Was playing Uncharted late one night till i finish it… Next morning while getting to my car (going to work) I see something glint like treasures in uncharted… Picked up a 2€ coin. Sometimes life imitates games…or other way around.

threestepguide 23 January, 2015 @ 11:05

№ 1 Playstation memory is Playstation Russia rising PS Plus 3 and 12 month subscription price by 33% without notification and official support straight up lying they don’t know anything about price change few days before.
№ 2 is 20% rise few months before it.

my best memorie of ps4 is that you keep [DELETED] with your customers great memorie :d games that come out to late <=== my favorite , downloads taht don't work <=== my second favorite oh and placing ps3 things to buy in the ps4 store so i waste my money is also a favorite great year playstation keep making a name for yourself that is parallel with server dysfunction and ripping off people :)

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