Why you might be playing Bloodborne for a long, long time

Take a closer look at the PS4 epic’s tantalising Chalice Dungeons feature

If you’ve played one of FromSoftware’s brilliant, brutal Souls games, you’ll know that they can suck you in for months at a time. I’ll sheepishly admit to having lost a couple of hundred hours to the series myself. Depending on your perspective then, you’ll be happy to hear that the studio’s forthcoming PS4 debut, Bloodborne, will offer just as much value, with the main adventure comparable in scope to any of the Souls games.

However, factor in the Chalice Dungeons feature – as revealed last month – and Bloodborne is promising to take up residency in your console for much longer than its predecessors.

A quick recap for the uninitiated. As you play through Bloodborne you’ll obtain various items that you can use to perform rituals in the game’s central hub area. These rituals serve to open up a Chalice Dungeon.

These dungeons are ruinous areas underneath the town of Yharnham that differ depending on the combination of items you use in your ritual. No two players will ‘spawn’ identical dungeons, though you can invite other players to fight with you and help clear out the instance that you’ve created.

The size – and difficulty – of each dungeon will vary, as will the enemies and boss fights you encounter. Once you’ve defeated the Chalice Dungeon boss you can save and replay the dungeon, or perform a new ritual to bring forth a brand new challenge that’s unique to your game. Like I said, Bloodborne is going to be with you for a good long while!

Want to find out a little more about what to expect from the Chalice Dungeons? Check out the video above to see some gameplay footage and hear from Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa. Beyond that, stay glued to PlayStation Blog for lots more on Bloodborne in the run up to its 25th March launch.

And one final thing: for those of you that don’t yet have a PS4 and are looking forward to Bloodborne – we’ve got you covered! Hitting stores across Europe from launch day, the Bloodborne PS4 bundle includes the following:

  • Bloodborne
  • Black PS4 console
  • Black Dualshock 4

Check your local retailers for the chance to pre-order now.

bloodborne ps4 bundle

3 Author replies
Gamesgbkiller 30 January, 2015 @ 13:38

Been waiting for the bundle.

I hope nothing will stop me from getting it.

Can’t wait.

These bundles needed a blood red PS4 :/

Surely a no-brainer…

It needs to be black but with that red blood looking stuff like on the dude on the Bloodbourne cover. The full red looks ugly like the Type-0 Jap console..

So exicted for the game. My most anticipated game of this year without a doubt.

Where’s the Order bundle?!


It shows on the french Amazon, they’ll probably announce it soon officially


That will be available in select stores from launch


@Fred so it’ll be more limited than this one?


What about preorder on PS Store?


It’s already there. Was added last week.


Oh, no preorder in Russia =(


Why is the game only rated 16+?

mannyonthemoon 30 January, 2015 @ 13:59

Was hoping for a special edition bundle rather than just a game + console bundle, but whatever, still excited

Already paid off my copy!
Thinking about it seriously, this is probably my most anticipated game of all time! I’ve been playing since the Atari 800XL so that is a big compliment for FROM.

InfiniteStates 30 January, 2015 @ 14:35

This was the reason to get a PS4 for me. Ordered the Collector’s Edition, cos I’m a collector :)


Will the physical copy of this game get delayed like dying light to try to rip off as many people you can with digital prices. Is that the way big releases are going now exclusive digital for a month before physical copy. Can see cod/fifa doing this #4thepayers


I don’t think that had anything to do with Sony…

It’s always easy to just blame Sony for everything that happen.
But remember there are also other people who can take such decisions like Publishers and Developers. Please think instead of always hating on one of the many links in such a process that could do the [MODERATED] ups. It’s always just easier to hate on Sony.

Spade_The_Prinny 30 January, 2015 @ 14:50

i can’t wait for this but i have to say i preferred the original box art

This + Witcher 3 = Xbox spanked (W3 is full 1080p on ps4, not so on X1).


Xbox spanked because of a single (although fantastic) exclusive? And because of a small, just noticeable resolution difference? And you’re comparing The Witcher 3? A game that will be 1440p on my PC WITH a stable 60FPS and overall better experience, even better if you have the money. And mods, can’t forget the mods.

One does not simply buy a console for graphics. In that department these both consoles are horribly outdated, not just the Xbone. Xbone has some great exclusives coming up too. Both sides are going to get some great games in 2015. Bloodborne is the one that I’ll be playing for probably the rest of the year though. I did play Dark Souls 2 until just a few weeks ago all the way since launch. And will continue playing when the DX11 version hits and I decide to move on from Bloodborne.


Very little difference between 1080 and 1440, look it up.
Damn PC trolls, besides QB Xone exclusives looking pretty weak

Ac3_l1ghtn1ng 30 January, 2015 @ 15:09

just wondering does this game have local coop?


No Souls game has had local co-op. So *I* doubt it.

Missed a trick with not having a special edition console and/or DS4 for this bundle. Although probably a good thing as I already have a PS4, so am now not envious of this fictional bundle :-)

CE edition preordered and ready to go!

TheAwesomeDiablo 30 January, 2015 @ 16:24

Simply Awesome, the artwork is phenomenal, I have the Nightmare edition pre-ordered

When are Sony going to release limited edition faceplates in Europe like they do in the US and Japan? Would love a Bloodborne faceplate for my PS4.

I’m so excited about this, Souls series is my favourite ever. I just hope the character customisation is as deep as dark souls….

CaptainOatsOC 30 January, 2015 @ 20:25

Don’t care for Bloodbourne. Want Youtube on Vita instead.

Is this game going to be censored in EU regions for no reason? Sony has a terrible track record with this, like when The Last of Us and Twisted Metal got censored.

Isn’t censoring more of a EU and each individual country thing? Like laws and ratings?
I doubt that Sony, Publishers nor Developers just censor things for fun.

It’s quite alarming that nobody is saying it will be uncensored. It’s safer to buy an American version when Sony is the publisher.



hope this is as good has it sounds demon souls and dark souls are some of the best games of all times so been on the same level as them is some challenge

alice_push_lara2 31 January, 2015 @ 02:29

finally a good 1st party PS4 game from sony
been waiting for long enough

My ps4 is so ready for this bloodborne game of the year already

so any news on how to preorder the sawcleaver steelbook version?

That feature doesn’t inspire me any confidence.

Procedural generation is always a poor excuse for lazy level design.


Are you sure you didn’t just read that somewhere?


I emailed sony and they replied saying that it is indeed £7.99 and not supposed to be free!!! I emailed back asking how they could do that since Techland have stated that its free for everyone, and it even used to say FREE on the store but when you got to the checkout it was asking for money. As you can imagine, they didn’t reply to that e mail, wasn’t suprised either. Sony are just trying to make a profit on a DLC that should be free by charging us for it!
Truely shocking and disgusting. Shows that they don’t give a crap about us players yet again!!!

This looks like a great game. Can’t wait for this, the Order, Batman and Uncharted this year. Also my vita could be finally getting some love with Grim Fandango, Suikoden ( eventually ) and Resident evil


You can’t hoard all those lovely LTD PS4 face-plates forever !! Letting some explore Europe, via Bloodborne’s PS4 bundle? … Come on !! Yes please !!

Hehehe – inspired & fantastic PS4 bundle, without doubt.

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