You can now upgrade your sub account to a master account

Oft-requested feature rolls out on PC this week

Starting today PlayStation Network (PSN) users will gain the ability to upgrade a sub account to a master account. We’re always listening to user feedback, and this is a feature that many of you have asked for. You’ll be able to upgrade an account first through the web and later through PlayStation 4. Instructions on how to start this process through the web can be found here.

In case you aren’t familiar, sub accounts allow users under the age of 18 to access PSN while letting parents or guardians manage their online experience. A variety of PSN features can be limited through sub accounts including messages, monthly spending limits, and gameplay broadcasts. Additional information is available on our Knowledge Center, here.

If you were on a sub account and turned 18 (happy belated birthday!), you may want to upgrade to a master account to access the full feature set of PlayStation’s online experience, including PlayStation Store. Your profile will be carried over when upgrading to a master account, along with items like your friends list and trophies.

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So when are you going to announce the winners of the PlayStation 20th anniversary edition?
Curious to the winning pictures!

And Nice! Finally


Why are the japanese so bad at the logistics of anything online related? Sony and Nintendo both fail to think about such obvious things. Now we just need name changes, maybe it’ll happen before i’m 30 (25 now).


Sony have said before a reason they don’t allow name changes is due to griefers. Not sure it’s the main reason, but it’s the only one I remember ever being given.

Simple. Charge a few of quid to do a name change then prevent a change again for 6 months minimum. Sick of this ancient handle of mine, would gladly pay a small fee to change it.


Amazing! Thanks for listening, Sony! :)

About 8 years late, but at least it will make some people happy.

How about the ability to change our psn id name, once per account? Or add a nickname where everyone sees that instead of the psn id?


Or not choose a name you regret in the first place?


On PS4 you can enter a first, middle and last name to use on your public profile. Do with that what you will.

They should add an option like on Japanese PSN. You keep the ID, but can change the in-game display name.

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Thunderlizzard 12 February, 2015 @ 22:29

Finally someone at Sony has realised that people actually grow up. I am glad that all of those 18-26 year olds out there can finally use their PSN accounts properly!

Now just add some decent controls instead of draconian locking down of your service and maybe it’ll actually be usable.

My daughters sub account isn’t even allowed to view leaderboards on Trials Fusion because “PSN services are restricted due to age restrictions” … seriously? Leaderboards, the scourge of safe gaming.

C’mon Sony the ONLY thing you achieve with your poor implementation is to force everybody to create their kids accounts with fake ages and then monitor them manually. Not good!

Xbox has a 10 year lead on you for parental controls and this minimal effort does little to redress that deficit!


A good move. Very sensible.


i just want to be able to delete Trophy info & items in my Download list then i would be happy. Changing my online id would also be good. :)

Yes those will be really nice especially those trophies.


Well, I left behind my sub-account – and the 2200+ trophies on it :( – a long time ago, because the sub-account wouldn’t even let me play certain games online, or even post scores on the leaderboards! So this feature is a little late for me, but it’s great news for anyone who’s still stuck with their sub-account! :)

“We’re always listening to user feedback” but ignore requests for Mp3 and DLNA support for 14 months straight. *Selectively listening.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I made my sub account as a kid. As a now-24 year old, I have been waiting a looong time for this! Thx Sony ;)


Worse still of the sub account me and my girlfriend made for her in 2007 because back then it was the only way she could play the games I bought on PSN. She was 23 at the time. Now she has a PS4 and will finally be able to use all of the features she has paid for.

Great news (finally!)


Next stop, “you can now change your PSN name!” ;) But this article is why I’m 100% a Sony lover


Fantastic news! Been holding out for this for 5 years! Was tempted to create a new account several times, but I didn’t want to lose my trophies!

This is great! Awesome job Sony.

Still waiting for some kind of transfer account. I live in Brazil and when I got my PS3, there was no brazilian store on PSN, so I created a portuguese account. Now we have a nice store here and I’m missing content because of the region of the account. I have to choose between all my trophies and Plus content with no access to some features or to have access to everything from now on, but without all the Plus stuff and trophies from the last years. That’s not good.

when can i chose Irish/Gaelic as my language. sony are braking European law and trampling all over my culture and heritage by refusing to include irish to be added to language i speak.

While you’re in the mood for listening to feedback, can we have multiple accounts on the Vita yet?

I’d even be happy if it was a Vita TV exclusive. I’d go out and get one just for that.

Fantastic news, thanks for listening Sony!


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Sony XD

Maybe the ability to delete trophies? Like for games that you’ve played once or are below say 5%?


Deleting trophies would disrupt the rarity ratings, so I don’t see it happening.

What’s the “rarity rating” of 0% completed games?

bit late coming but excellent news. Well done for listening


This I good n all but how’s about we get an update so the ps4 can play video of an external drive and load photos on to it please!

Fantastic News!,

I was wanting to if there could some sort of family game sharing be implemented, for Vita users so house who have a small number of vita’s in them can share titles.

that would be a great way to increase sales of vita hardware?. I also my own and my son got one for Christmas and and now daughter wants one and to purchase games 3 times seems crazy!


You guys should make it to were we can change are psn names

Nice, but we still can’t see when friends sign in/out? What’s with that?

Everything begins with first step. Can we look forward to step number 2 – delete option for annoying, insulting Singstar crap forced in our XMB?

Great so now we will have to wait for another 4 years before you add a feature to switch our gamer tags right

Great move but too little too late for the people that needed it sooner. You need to make it possible to blend two accounts into one for anyone you forced into creating a new account, losing purchases and trophies in the process.

OMG I love you, I love you & I love you!

This was such a pain in the butt! I was doubting on starting a new account. But I did not want to lose my ID, Trophies and purchases. So I kept on waiting and hoping…. Now this day is finally here!!!!

This now fixes EVERYTHING! Now I can finally Share stuff!!! Woohooooooooooooooooooooooo

So does this mean I can share my PS Store with my friend like old times or no ?

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