Check out the first Just Cause 3 trailer

Avalanche Studios offers a first glimpse at its explosive sandbox sequel

Hi PlayStation fans, the first Just Cause 3 trailer is here! It’s very hard to put into words just how excited we are about sharing a first glimpse of the game that we have been pouring our hearts and souls into. It’s a big moment for all of us in the studio.

Our “Firestarter” CG trailer hints at some of the new features we’re bringing with Just Cause 3, and sets the tone for what you can expect from the first look at gameplay that we’re working hard on. This time around it’s more about Rico than ever before. What motivates him to travel the world from one stunning location to the other? What drives him to destroy in order to preserve freedom? Well, you will find out in due course.

Wingsuit town1Freefalling1Planejack1

I can already hear you saying: “Just give us the gameplay!” All I can say is: I know. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on, and we take a lot of pride in it. That’s why we want to make sure the first gameplay trailer we put out shows what Just Cause 3 is about, and that it meets both ours and your expectations. And that takes time. We don’t want to rush things and disappoint the very community that has been supporting us for so long.

So, while you wait, please kick back and enjoy the soothing explosions of the Firestarter trailer. Soon enough, there will be plenty of “holy s***!” moments to go around for everyone as we increase the mayhem level a few notches with the very first look at gameplay.

Please enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Wingsuit town1Freefalling1Planejack1
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Was like watching a trailer for a movie, in a bad way, hope we get to see it in action soon

I’d hit that if it had fun vehicle physics.

GAMEPLAY please. Looks nice though.

Absolutely pointless!! “Just” be careful. Don’t big up your game too much… This is a warning…

is it CG or in game?

Read the text.

Nice Prodigy song remix.


Looks incredible! Can’t wait to try out the wingsuit! If it controls anything like the wingsuits in SSX 2012 did then it’ll be heaps of fun. JC2 was a big highlight of the PS3 era to me and JC3 is easily the first PS4 game I’m actually excited about playing. Thanks Avalanche! Ignore the haters, take your time, make it awesome! :D

Just Cause is nothing but Fun Fun Fun, I still play Just Cause 2 regularly because it’s a game where you lose the track of time due to it’s addictive and fun gameplay. I can’t wait for Just Cause 3, I need no trailers or screenshots or gameplay videos, I need the game on my PS4, like NOW! :)


I had played the original game on ps2(ps1?) and never finished it. So, I wasn’t very eager to try the sequel, but one summer and because I had read good things (and how long it took to complete it) I decided to get it..Absolutely loved it. I don’t buy games on release anymore, but perhaps I’ll make an exception. Did I see correctly that it comes out next winter holidays? A super bundle with that and uncharted and I am sold.


I bought JC2 at full price back then. No regrets. Looking forward for the third JC.

Can’t wait until we get to see some gameplay, but it looks promising!

JC2 is one of the funniest games this far and I hope JC3 will take it a step further. One of my most anticipated games!

I’m soooo tired of all these game trailers with cover song’s made in another genre.. Can’t wait for Just Cause 3 tough!


Just one question… is Bolo Santosi coming back? :D


I’m not really a fan of Mad Max but here goes anyway, what happened to the Mad Max game? It debuted at E3 2013 as an “early 2014” game and we haven’t really heard a peep since. I think we got a new trailer early last year but that’s it. I assumed its cancelled then?
BTW your game engine is GORGEOUS, can’t wait to see it ingame in action. :)


Just Cause 2 was the most fun I had with a game last generation. It had a lot of flaws but the good parts were so good that I didn’t care. I’m really happy to hear that you’re making 3!

Just don’t try to make it more “realistic” for the sake of it. Jumping out of a plane, speeding up and grappling myself safely to the ground sounds ridiculous but without it the game would have been half the fun. Just look at Far Cry 4 where you die instantly if you time the use of your parachute incorrectly.

European_Gamer 13 February, 2015 @ 18:50

Why so serious? And why is he not riding a fighter jet with his grappling hook?


Cool trailer! Seeing those exploding statues brings back memories to JC2 :-)
Boy, was that a fun game or what? I want to create Chaos again!

But as said by others, please keep the realism in line with ‘riding a plane with your grapling hook’!

Cool soundtrack!.


Never liked this series, the polish and technical quality was always a bit lacking. Maybe this one’ll do alright in my book.


Keep up making a great game, guys!

Loved the first 2 games. Had a blast and sunk over 100 hrs into JC2. Very excited for JC3, especially once I found out about the wingsuit. Should add a whole new level to causing mayhem while looking like a badass! Yes, we’ll wait (impatiently) for gameplay footage – just don’t leave us hanging too long please.

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