Starwhal brings local co-op mayhem to PS3 & PS4 next month

The barmy indie fighting game sensation arrives on 4th March

By popular request, Starwhal is flopping onto your couch next month! Starwhal has enthralled crowds at events like Indiecade, E3 and EVO, but now, for the first time ever, it’s hitting a major game console. Both PS4 and PS3 will see local co-op mayhem when Starwhal makes its console debut on 4th March!

Originally a 48-hour game jam project, Starwhal took the world by storm in early 2013. The core of the game is competitive matches which see narwhals duelling in a retro vision of deep space. Poke or be poked as you wiggle your way towards, around and onto opponents. Dodge foes’ treacherous tusks while safeguarding your heart and attacking theirs. The silliness can get serious, but once the screaming subsides, hysterical laughter is a common side effect.

Starwhal has received intergalactic praise from both fans and critics. But to take it up a notch, developer Breakfall has been hard at work expanding the game with a fully-loaded feature set.

Crazy new modes, intense new arenas, sweet new visual effects, a massive, extended, thumping soundtrack and over 9,000 costume combinations have all been thrown into the mix as you duke it out with four friends or AI enemies. And if you’re looking to hone your Starwhal skills on your own, you can try out our 32 challenges courses that let you earn trophies while you dominate global leaderboards.

Physics and performance have been optimised to give you the best possible console experience, so you’ll feel every blubbery impact as though a majestic marine mammal is in the room with you. Spectacular effects during slow motion collisions will have you asking if you’re looking at amazing graphics, or if your mind has just opened to a new level of consciousness.

The game has always played best with a controller in hand, and Sony knows how to build a great controller. But now, with the Dualshock 4, you’ll never lose track of your ‘whal as the controller lights up to match the colour of your daring space beast! Your trigger fingers become one with the slippery hide of the colourful Starwhal for maximum immersion!

The game runs at smooth 30 FPS on PS3, but sings songs of joy and wonder at 60 FPS on the PS4 (rendering a full one thousand and eighty pixels for splendid high definition). If you want the definitive, most responsive, hyper-accurate simulation of spikey-headed whales battling against the stars, the PS4 experience lets you play Starwhal like never before.

Starwhal will feature Cross-Buy so you can enjoy it your way on PS4 or PS3.

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“… narwhals duelling in a retro vision of deep space.” – this right here. This is why I love gaming. :)

PS plus game?

Can you play it alone? or it’s online multiplayer ?

It’s releasing next week in the US so no. Won’t be anytime soon atleast.


The game is local multiplayer, but you can play with AI players.

Looks an interesting title and very original idea in my view.


If all world leaders would just get drunk and play this together, there would be no more wars…

Its a sad situation when indie developers, who can set their own prices, are afraid to post price details on the blog. I guess it isn’t worth the hit to their reputation when the SCEE store team upload the game and add a few quid to the price for a giggle on a Wednesday afternoon.

Starwhal sounds like fun. Would be nice if the PS Store had pre-orders or “it’s available now” notifications for titles like these, instead of having only a handful of AAA titles in the “expected” list.

Used to play this on my lunch breaks with a guy at work last year. Absolutely hilarious. Will be buying this day one for sure. Nice one Breakfall!

Thank you for the original programming. I look forward to this as it’s one of the only new gameplay experiences available on my PlayStation 4. (The PlayStation 3 has such a better catalogue of games, I’m thinking of selling mine so I can play more original games. This game though will give me something to keep hold of it for. Thank You
Kind regards

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