Resident Evil Revelations 2 launches tomorrow

Nearly time for the next instalment in Capcom’s long-running zombie franchise

Survival horror returns in an all new episodic adventure! Resident Evil Revelations 2 picks up right after Resident Evil 5 ends and tells the tale of Claire Redfield and Moira Burton, who have been abducted and imprisoned on an abandoned island facility.

Upon getting a distress call from his daughter Moira, RE legend Barry Burton is on the job and begins the search for the pair in peril, but is greeted by a young girl with mysterious powers named Natalia. No one is safe and they’ll do what they can to survive, but the ‘Overseer’ controls this island and evil is watching their every move.


Resident Evil Revelations 2 will span four episodes, with each episode featuring scenarios for both Claire and Barry’s side of the story. The fan favourite Raid Mode also makes its return and you can expand your Raid experience by adding missions and characters that come included with each of the 4 core story episodes.

On top of giving fans a variety of ways to pick up the title we also wanted to make sure we it was at a great value. Check out the list of both a la carte and bundle options below and pick which one fits for you!

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Episodic – £4.99/€5.99 per episode

  • Episode 1: Penal Colony – 25th February, 2015
  • Episode 2: Contemplation – 4th March, 2015
  • Episode 3 Judgment – 11th March, 2015
  • Episode 4: Metamorphosis – 12th March, 2015

Complete season – £19.99/€24.99

  • Episodes 1-4 (upon release)
  • 2 bonus side stories (upon release)
  • Raid Mode character – HUNK

Physical retail disc – Releasing on 20th March

  • Episodes 1-4 (upon release)
  • 2 bonus side stories (upon release)
  • Raid Mode character – HUNK
  • Raid Mode character – Albert Wesker
  • Raid Mode Throwback map pack
  • 4 character costume pack

Resident Evil Revelations 2 begins rolling out tomorrow in Europe with episode 1 on PS3 and PS4 and as an all-inclusive retail disc on 20th March.

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Your tweet claimed this post would contain “everything you need to know”.

I still don’t know anything about the Vita version of this game. I want my time back.


Who needs the vita version when it’s out on PS3 and 4.


residentSteve > Maybe people with no PS3 or PS4 I guess ?

madmanwithabox12 25 February, 2015 @ 12:21

Heaven forbid people want to play it on their preferred platform. Geez.

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What about PSVita? Announced in December and still without info, screen, trailer or anything

Patiently waiting for the vita release. That RAID mode!!


Can’t wait to have my fav franchise back it’s been to long since re6.


It’s been too long since RE3


Re3? You didn’t like cvx 4,5,6 or revelations 1 then ?

“Episode 1: Penal Colony – 25th February, 2015”

Hehehe, ‘penal’

*Runs away giggling*


Glad it’s not just me lol :)

I think you’re confusing Penal with Penile
Penal: relating to, used for, or prescribing the punishment of offenders under the legal system.
Penile: relating to or affecting the p*nis :)

That’s everything we need to know? Really?

How about, campaign coop is local only. If you want to play online coop can only be done in Assault mode.


That’s the problem have proper coop people say this is not re personally I love re with or without coop because it’s a great series roll on tomorrow.


Can anyone confirm this?

once again Sony ignores info on the vita version. no change there


Just been reading the US ps blog Sony have one of there own developers working on it not capcom should be out spring of this year it says.


Can’t wait to play it, since I really liked the first game. Although I’ll wait for a complete retail release, so still one month of waiting for me.

They’ve said they can’t comment on the vita version because that’s being handled by Sony.

No cross-buy bonus like in the US? Thanks for treating EU players like . . . . :/


Apparently we are getting it however it is not a day 1 cross buy. Anyone who pre-ordered or buys the season pass in the first week will be getting it soon after release. Not sure if they mean soon after the first episodes release or physical release though.


Corrections about my last post since now i have done more research. On their facebook page there is a link that you can click on. This talks about cross buy, anyone who pre-ordered the game will get both versions shortly after release, this promotion ends as soon as it is available to play. Hope this helps :)


Whilst Claire Redfield is in the limelight, any idea when Resident Evil 2 will return for purchase on the Vita?

Hope this does well for the series sake and Capcom’s. On another note, would anybody else love to see another Onimusha game?


@stevie85 yeah mate, would absolutely love another onimusha game


I was just about to turn off my ps4 and looked to see if the pre-order was ready for download and noticed the clock saying 55 minutes left.. Damn you Playstation, this insomniac has just got his sleep patterns to how he likes them after many years if trying. You have now destroyed them with your gaming goodness as I will now stay up to play it :p Thanks for the midnight unlock :)

Not sure whether to buy all the episodes digitally or wait for the physical disc release. Loved Revelations on the 3DS!
The only problem for me is I have such a massive backlog of games to play. For once it seems gaming is spoiling us lately with some quality titles. :)


Its your choice but it would be best to wait for the physical edition of the game as it has a few extra add-ons such as Raid Mode characters, exclusive costumes, maps & additional bonus story missions, are selling PS4 version £29.00 & PS3 version for £24.99 and if your pre-order from them they give you the Power & Sharp Shooter Weapon Pack which contains 6 weapons for Raid Mode.

Lemmenpuutarhuri 25 February, 2015 @ 01:58

Vita whine Vita whine Vita whine…

Mintblend_44321 25 February, 2015 @ 05:30

PS4 whine. Xbox One whine. You whine about Vita whine. I whine because of all the whine. There is more whine then actual game playing nowadays.

Awesome :D


I’m looking forward to playing Revelations 2 as I enjoyed the 1st Revelations – I’ll be picking up the retail version for PS4 as it has a few extra add-ons.


Can’t help but wonder why the retail disc is so expensive compared to the digital full season, cost almost the double. Gonna wait and see the reviews before i decide on if it’s worth fullprice, or if I’ll wait on a sale.


Reading that the ps4 version is unoptimized compared to X1, seems like I’ll be waiting for a patch and a pricedrop.

younginflavor18 25 February, 2015 @ 13:11

I may not know very much about the Resident Evil series but I’m looking forward to playing Revelations 2 when I get a chance.


I don’t know Capcom. Just when I think you are getting back into my good books with awesome features like Cross Online Play in your next Street Fighter game, Cross Buy on PS3 and PS4 for the Resident Evil REmake, (I’d like to say something about Deep Down too but nobody knows what is happening with that game).
You get Barry Burton back into a RE game only to drop Alyson Court for the first time in 15 years as the voice of Claire. Shame on you. At this stage didn’t you figure out that Alyson Court IS Claire Redfield?


I don’t see the problem in that really they changed snakes voice in mgs5.


Why episodic? This is no Telltale game, the story isn’t even that interesting.. Anyway, love the modern RE’s and its predecessor so I’ll wait for disc version.

Bravo SCEE & capcom you both outdid yourselves, do not buy this garbage of crap resident evil Rev-2.

I wasted 20 quid on this piece of crap the game just hangs. Once you get the free pack for access for raid mode, once installed the game checks to see if it installed straight after that the game just hangs on the loading screen.

What is the moral of the story Cashcom “do not mess what you good at” & for doing so & a greedy on at that, resident evil 1st outing & last episodic has flop even before the last episode, the PSN store is a mess too.

The store says season pass content is the same content as the complete season, I want a refund & I want back my refund from last year mess too you know what I’m talking about.

I’m seeing citizen advice about my refund that I didn’t get back.


Sounds like a problem with your internet to me mines working fine on ps4, brilliant game hardly cr*p.
There are two files to download have you got both?

* i have to do delete all the game files & pack if it does it again it truly is broken.

*warning* do not buy it im trying to delete it a redownload all content the game just hangs on loading screen after the game checks the free pack has installed.

No my internet is working fine, it’s Superfast firbe broadband.

It may be working now with you but it wasn’t working at tea-time.

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