Amplitude: First gameplay trailer, team multiplayer revealed

Learn the first details of team play in Harmonix's upcoming Amplitude revival on PS4 and PS3, and peep the premiere of their first gameplay trailer.

Hey there, fellow FreQ! It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to talk to you about Amplitude, but with PAX East right around the corner, and looking at the great progress we’ve been making in development, it seems like a great time to show you what we are up to.

Amplitude on PS4, PS3

Team Amplitude has been working feverishly to bring a sweet build of the game to PAX East, and as of this past week, we think that we nailed it. In the past few months since showing the game at PlayStation Experience, we’ve put a real focus on multiplayer, hoping to get groups battling it out at PAX East.

While we were focusing on the gameplay for Amplitude multiplayer, I started posing a question to the team: What can we do to even the playing field when pro players sit on the couch to play against new players? During a team meeting, I discussed thoughts that I had for things like “rubber-banding” and power-up distribution, and out of nowhere, Amplitude Audio Lead Pete Maguire threw out the idea of team play. TEAM PLAY!? Genius!

Amplitude on PS4, PS3

Team play is something we’d never done in Amplitude before, and allowing players to team up 2v2 or even 3v1 sounded like an amazing way to even the playing field without disrupting the current design. We decided to give it a shot, and after some iteration and tweaking, we are proud to say that it’s already super fun.

It’s been a really interesting challenge, balancing the gameplay carefully between casual and hardcore. We want to create a game that can be super fun in a party situation, while also being tight and sharp in a way that could potentially even appeal to the competitive gaming community. I think that we’re on the right track now that we have both the classic Free-For-All Multiplayer mode and the new Team Play mode. Time will tell, but we have a couple of months to really suss it out, playtest the crap out of it, and get some great feedback from fans.

We’re excited to showcase this brand new feature at PAX East this week. There will be a few Amplitude kiosks set up at the Harmonix booth on the show floor (#4224). We’ll be there playing the game with everyone, so stop by and check it out if you’re attending!

Speaking of Team Play and PAX, we were invited by the fine folks at Penny Arcade some weeks ago asking if they could use Amplitude as one of the games in their Omegathon tournament! They specifically asked if we had a way to whittle down teams. Luckily, we were working on the perfect feature for that, and we can’t wait to see folks go head-to-head with one another in front of a large audience Saturday morning of PAX East.

Keep an eye out for us on the PAX East floor and in the Omegathon this weekend. In the meantime, we’d like to give the PlayStation community an opportunity to check out new gameplay footage in the world premiere of our very first Amplitude gameplay trailer here on the PlayStation.Blog, just above this very paragraph. We hope you like it!

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Looking really good! Happy to have backed this.


We want to know the games of Plus!


Then go somewhere else, this has nothing to do with Plus.

People like you are the reason the gaming community is not taken seriously.

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Can’t wait! Day one purchase!
And Harmonix? The time is right for Rock Band 4. ;)

Can’t wait! Day one purchase!
And Harmonix? The time is right for Rock Band 4. ;)

madmanwithabox12 02 March, 2015 @ 17:21

Any chance of this ever coming to Vita? Looking very good.


Oh yeah! Can’t wait – 2v2 looks so good!

Can’t wait to lose badly to my Wife, once this comes out. Any plans to support the game post release with paid/free dlc or is it too early to have decided , I really like the model Housemarque used for Resogun with a mixture of the two.

Zoharthefunky 02 March, 2015 @ 19:02

Can’t wait for this, still got Amplitude and Frequency for the PS2

I can’t wait to play this. I’ve played it on ps2 for hundreds of hours.
I will buy it and every DLC for it. My fingers are itching already :)

I’m a Kickstarter backer of Amplitude too, and I can’t wait for it to debut.

I’m hoping that SCEE treats Amplitude and any DLC released for it with more respect than they are Harmonix and its fans at the moment, as regards the ongoing issues and wall of silence over the 2015 Rock Band 3 tracks.

Looking really good, would love to see Rock Band Blitz come to PS4 though. Make it happen!

Is this like Audio Surf? If so will we able to use our own music to play in the game? if not then what genre of music will you be using? Am I completely confused as to what kind of game this is?


Then you should probably Google for Ampliture PS2 since this is a remake. Should clear a few things out ;)


I would really love to have this on the Vita. I can already play Amplitude and Frequency at home on my PS2, but I can’t take them with me :(

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