Bloodborne competition: Win a trip to Japan Expo in Paris

Calling all cosplayers! Show off your skills for a chance to win

To celebrate the release of PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne on 25th March, we’re giving you the chance to win a trip to Japan Expo in Paris – the biggest celebration of Japanese popular culture in Europe – for yourself and a friend. Tickets, flights and accommodation are all included in the prize.

To win, simply show us your best Bloodborne-inspired cosplay attempt. You could dress as Hunters, beasts or the unlucky citizens of Yharnam – anything inspired by Bloodborne’s dark and distinctive atmosphere is fair game. See below for a little bit of inspiration.

The competition closes on 27th March 2015, so there’s still time to work on a truly epic ensemble. The three best-dressed Bloodborne fans will each win:

  • Return flights for two people to Paris, France on 2nd July 2015 returning 5th July 2015.
  • Return transfers from the airport to the hotel.
  • Three nights’ hotel accommodation in Paris.
  • Breakfast for two people in the hotel restaurant each morning.
  • Return transfer from the hotel to Japan Expo.
  • Two entrance tickets to Japan Expo between 3rd July – 5th July 2015.
  • Travel insurance for two people.

To enter, upload your image here. Good luck, Hunters.

Bloodborne competition

Bloodborne competition

Bloodborne competition

Bloodborne competition

Bloodborne competition

Bloodborne competition

Bloodborne competition

Bloodborne competition

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narvikgutten 02 March, 2015 @ 16:53

Hi, really really sorry for asking this:

Are the IGC games going to be available this week or next week, I understand the delay, and sometimes it happens… Just wondering if I should buy myself a game this week if the IGC isnt coming this week?


Just wait and see.


So much hijacking 9/11 all over again

supersmith2500 02 March, 2015 @ 17:09

Were not going to get the IGC games this week are we?

Also, thank you so much for not using this stupid fastest finger thing.

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Hi, its available for Canada resident? Thanks for your answer.


This is the EU Blog. If this post isn’t on the US, blog, then no, it’s not available to you.

StevenJamesHyde 02 March, 2015 @ 16:57

Actual Bloodborne-related question – is the Saw Cleaver steelbook, announced as a European pre-order bonus, going to be available from anywhere other than

Not sure about the UK, but the store I pre-ordered from has it as a bonus and isn’t

“really really sorry”

Don’t be, as a PS+ SUBSCRIBER (meaning that you PAID for a SERVICE) you’re entitled to know what will the service will provide you for this month, it’s SONY fault for instead of providing a post with information (what the games are OR why haven’t they been announced) keeps being obtuse and posting information that could be posted in a different time (at least after providing the information of the games that is going to be released TOMORROW for the US… at least i hope so…), if we think about it, Hearth Forth, Alicia is to be released in 2016 and this competition ends at the end of this month.

Can i wait to see what games are going to be released on plus? Sure, i won’t played them until wednesday but that doesn’t excuse the poor communication with the customers from Sony…

Uhm, this was meant to be a reply for narvikgutten (post 1), don’t know what happened.


I really don’t know if the ps plus games are coming this week. I think maybe next week. I hope this week tho

I hate when i post something and notice the errors after, i never learn.

Anyway, i doubt that they would delay the games one week and announce that change one day before the usual release date (that is, if they’re announcing that today) but then again we’re talking about the same company that announced the delay of Driveclub a month before the release and well… you know, the “still waiting for Driveclub ps+ edition” shenanigans..

I just see lots of Flickr – Photo no longer available boxes here? Makes it hard to choose a winner if they all look the same…

Omg a trip to Paris!

*Clicks on the link for this page*


Yeah… thats not happening.

Good luck to the contestants though

I clicked to read the PS+ comments.

Is there a list of countries compatible with this ? I am interested in Slovakia being in there to be more exact :)

Presumably all of Europe.

spacedelete2 02 March, 2015 @ 18:18

How hard can it be to just tell us the IGC games for March which is tomorrow ? if Sony doesn’t have PS Plus games all sorted out right now theres something wrong. if they do have the games sorted then they are just trolling us. i don’t know which is worse.

Please burn the Lego Marvel PS4 Plus rumour with fiery fire straight from Hell. It’s even worse than indies.


Console LEGO games are fine. It’s the Vita ones we don’t want as they’re shoddy 3DS ports.


Why? They’re fun.

They WERE fun back in the PS2 days, now we’re on PS4 and we’re still getting the EXACT same games 2 generations later. People complain about CoD and Assassins Creed rehashes, but Lego games are the epitome of this.

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ShinYagami13 02 March, 2015 @ 18:44

monday for psblog stuff – ZZzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz….
3 posts all day! 2 from devs & ONLY 1 from scee & of course that one is irrelevant to what everybody’s waiting to hear….
can i get a job there with u guys? i ll bring my own covers & pillows, i swear! =)



European_Gamer 02 March, 2015 @ 20:38

Are you picking a random winner?


Sorry about this post it was on my clipboard I have reported myself for it to be removed!


I’m rubbish at art but cool prize . roll on 25th March

Bladestorm Nightmare would have been a fine offering for March PS Plus. It would completely annihilate whatever xbox is offering now.


Hey is Bloodborne gonna be open-world?
Cuz’ i really didn’t like the way you didn’t know what to do in Darksouls II and i’m guessing it will be the same if it is open world…

hmm, so you’re telling me I have to dress up….that’s cool….you do know I’m not a pretty man? Yeah good good….you do know that my brother uses my photo to silence his crying children? ah good good….now I need to make something then..


So nice, a trip to France…Oh wait !

GutsBerserker 03 March, 2015 @ 12:39

That’s a cool competition, not going to enter because I’m no cosplayer, but this is far better than those annoying “the fastest to answer wins” competitions. Please do yourself and us a favor and don’t do them ever again. A random winner would be far better than that!

GutsBerserker 03 March, 2015 @ 12:41

Oh and what about that EU 20th anniversary photo competition with 20 PS4s to win? Will we ever see the winning pics? Please??


Can I play only for the entrance? Because i’m living near Paris so i don’t need to take the flight or sleep at the hotel if i win :)

Is it coming to Plus?

When is Plus coming? When is Plus Plus? Plus? Games? What? Where? Who? Fred? Hello?


Do you want to win the PS4? details below the video on Youtube ( ). To the contest ended, it must take a minimum of 1,000 players participated. Recently I’ve won the PS4:).

Every time I try and enter, and click “enter now” it brings me to a “sign in” link and when I click it it just brings me back to the same enter now page… Anyone else having this problem?

pooky_sparrow 20 March, 2015 @ 08:40

Anyone entered the Bloodborne Cosplay comp???? Just entered !!!!

x_Dark-Giant_x 21 March, 2015 @ 20:46

How many pictures are you allowed to upload?

pooky_sparrow 25 March, 2015 @ 07:19

Just one photo … Hard choice to make

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