Wolfenstein: The Old Blood announced, out this May

An all-new standalone prequel for last year’s acclaimed FPS

This morning we’re excited to announce what our friends and colleagues at MachineGames are up to: an all-new standalone prequel to everyone’s favorite Nazi-blasting first-person shooter of 2014, Wolfenstein: The New Order!

Arriving on PlayStation 4 digitally for £14.99 / €19.99 on 5th May, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood takes our hero BJ Blazkowicz back to the year 1946 in an adventure that spans eight chapters and two interconnected stories (released together) that will lead into the events you know and love from The New Order.


Part one of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Rudi Jäger and the Den of Wolves — pits BJ Blazkowicz against a maniacal prison warden as he breaks into Castle Wolfenstein in an attempt to steal the coordinates to General Deathshead’s compound. In part two – The Dark Secrets of Helga Von Schabbs – our hero’s search for the coordinates leads him to the city of Wulfburg where an obsessed Nazi archaeologist is exhuming mysterious artifacts that threaten to unleash a dark and ancient power.



For a first look, watch our announcement trailer in the embed above, and this weekend at PAX East, look for our two-part livestream as Pete Hines and I tackle the PS4 version of the game on Twitch.TV/Twitch at 3.30pm GMT on both Friday, 6th March and Saturday, 7th March 7th.



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Looks amazing – was a massive fan of The New Order so really psyched for this.
Is it digital only or will it see a physical release?

Digital only.

Matt Grandstaff 04 March, 2015 @ 18:26

In Europe the game is going to be available physically as well as digitally. More info on that soon.

What a great surprise, gonna get this day 1! Really loved the new order, awesome game. I hope machine games next game is an original ip or a sequel to rage. Bethesda rocks :)


Amazing and totally out of nowhere. Still have my copy of The New Order that I AM going to get around to playing soon. :) Finally started Metro Redux and The New Order is next but will be keeping my eyes on this.


So May 5, the same day when the May PS+ games will arrive? It would be a great promotion to give us The New Order for free for that month, many people would buy this prequel afterwards :D

Stop. Already setting the expectations WAY to high.


I have no expectations, so far I liked every game what we got.
I am just saying that we will get Wolfenstein The New Order for PS4 in PS+ sooner or later, and this would be a great time and a good promotion to this stand alone prequel.


Guess we’ll find out on Star Wars day!

May the Fourth (be with you).


Cool! But I have one question… will this be released on PlayStation 3, also? Or is it really exclusive for the new generation of consoles?


From what i’ve read it’s PC, XB1 and PS4 only.

vZOMBIE-KILLERv 04 March, 2015 @ 15:25

Unfortunatley i didn’t play The major game , so if i play the next one , i’ll have to play the original one

You must play the main game. One of the best games in 2014.

transpondster 04 March, 2015 @ 15:29

An excellent reason go back and platinum The New Order while waiting to this!

Andrew-McColl 04 March, 2015 @ 15:34

Brilliant I got the new order for xmas and I’m only just playing through it now.

Spade_The_Prinny 04 March, 2015 @ 15:37

This looks really cool. I hope there will be a physical release

Matt Grandstaff 04 March, 2015 @ 18:27

There is a physical release in Europe. :)


loved Wolfy, glad to see there some more action coming our way :D

The key question for me; platinum trophy or no platinum trophy? I’m a sucker for those :D


Wolfenstein was certainly awesome one, it got a much stronger destiny then certainly one. *coughing*

Will certainly grab it when my backlog got shorter a bit little.

NamelessGamer505 04 March, 2015 @ 19:59

Can’t you guys give the owners of the new order some kind of discount?


Shut up and take my money! Also, make a sequel next! :D

scott_meghan 04 March, 2015 @ 22:02

Absolutely love that poster artwork, well done!
Got a link to a high res image?

Awesome! I was really bummed that I didn’t buy The New Order new and support the developers… if I had known how good it was before playing it I would have wanted it faster and been prepared to pay more for it. I’ll pick this standalone up day one.

Take my money now. . . No joke, Loved the new order and am more than happy to jump back in.

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