Hustle Kings brings 1080p pool to PS4 today

The PS3 sports sim gets a stylish upgrade, and it’s now free to play

Calling all hustlers and pool sharks, Hustle Kings is coming to PS4 today (and has been available in the UK for a couple of weeks already), now in glorious 1080P at 60fps for the most super-smooth baize-based ball game.

The best thing is, Hustle Kings is now free to play for all PS4 owners. Yes, you can play with shiny balls for free in online head to head games and tournaments.

Learn the ropes in the offline tutorial and earn Hustle Kings Credits (HKC) by beating the career mode. Take your HKC and bet them against gamers from around the world in order to become the world’s number one hustle king (or queen). Test yourself with the world’s best by competing in the daily challenges. Can you reach number one on the global leaderboard?

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Need a helping hand? Well, you can use your HKC to purchase a range of Special chalks and items on the HKC store to give you more viewing distance, more spin, time or even get the AI to help you out if you need to. Or use your winnings to unlock super cool cues or bespoke ballsets to make you stand out from the crowd.

With an all new soundtrack, Hustle Kings is the pool game of choice on PS4, and as a final reminder, it’s free. No need to put your pocket change down on the table for the next go ☺.

We’ll be back with more updates for Hustle Kings in the coming weeks to share info on new game modes, tournaments and other goodies.

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004
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@Porcupet: well, technically, “Vita” also means “waist” in Italian. Yeah, same word, two meanings.


Where are the new discounts and deals?


Usually late afternoon, but if you look you’ll find some of them are live: 70% off UFC, Rugby 15 and Worms; 50% off Metro Redux and WWE2K15. Digital discounts yet to be refreshed, but the day is still young.


There’s also god of war discounts

…except for the Vita…cause you know, Vita means life.


So far I check it out. There are few deals like Rugby 15 – £16.50, Metro Redux – £14.99, EA Sports UFC – £16.50.

Don’t know any new indies deals just yet.

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Definitely checking this out, cheers!


Thanks, but Pure Pool is my pool game of choice.

Antielectron- 18 March, 2015 @ 13:04

Same. Pure pool is pure amazing.

teh-trickster 18 March, 2015 @ 12:47

Awesome news!! I’m ready to humiliate my friends online. This gonna be good. Thanks for the great game !


As far as I’m aware it’s not possible to play friends on this game. At least not yet anyway).

ll-FooFighter-ll 18 March, 2015 @ 22:08

You can play against friends of you purchase the upgrade.


I hope there is snooker. Please, please, please

Antielectron- 18 March, 2015 @ 13:03

Hustle Kings has been out on previous platforms for some years now and there was a snooker DLC on each so who knows, maybe in the near future.

Lovely, nice, delightful. Can we have the store update now please?


Looks good and always worth a try at free, bought and downloaded to hopefully be ready for when i get home.

I wonder why you guys released the DLC weeks before the actual game, in the rest of Europe ;)


This has been out for at least 2 weeks? Why make out its only releasing today??


“(and has been available in the UK for a couple of weeks already)”


Ahhh ok….teach me for skim reading! Thanks lol.

Sooo, will this be in ZA?

Also, would have been nice to give previous owners some benefits.
I still feel a bit hurt about buying Pure Pool… still a good game, but its completely boring compared to hustle kings.

RedMustang72 18 March, 2015 @ 13:38

*shakes the magic 8-ball*

Outlook good!


How many pool games we need? Pure Pool still better with better physics. Don’t need any glam that Hustle Kings has.

Will this be coming to the States?

‘you can play with shiny balls for free’

I failed the maturity test right here.


Where do I download Hustle King to play free on the PS4? I can’t find it anywhere.

Thanks Jerry


Me neither

Head_on_a_stick 23 March, 2015 @ 10:16

it’s not released in the US yet.

DarkCharizard723 19 March, 2015 @ 15:01

Free to play? Mehh

alexdespoina 20 March, 2015 @ 15:26

Can you play offline local vs ? If you’re not a plus subscriber and don’t go online that is. I got Pure Pool and it’s ok, just askin’


You need to buy the exhibition pack for £3.99, you can then play offline via computer or friends who also have add on, I do find the add on good value even though i am quite annoyed at the online game constantly crashing .


Really need to sort this game out!!! Constantly crashing!! Spend more time restarting the game than playing it :{

Head_on_a_stick 23 March, 2015 @ 10:15

Update should be coming today Leontina59


Big smile from me, having plenty of play without crashing too much (still crashes,but can live with the small amount).
Playing some players in tournament The game seems to ‘crash’ with a message to restart and the opponent I am against is trying to get me to leave the game and re-enter,but once you leave you can not re-enter, if I ‘wait’ the opponent ‘loses’ and then the game is fine with no problems, It happened one night about 6 times and always with the same person in the tournament! Is this an actual ‘Bug’/’crash’ or is there some cheat going on, It all seems very suspicious!!

What’s up with the tournaments on ps4? every time I try to join one there are no owners in the room and the tourney wont start, this is becoming really annoying, As i’m joing the room it flashes by “press square to create a room” but doesn’t allow time to do so. I just want to create my own room for tourneys if the others aren’t going to work! HOW MANY OTHERS ARE HAVING THIS PROBLEM???

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