New Minecraft DLC arrives on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita this week

Check out the Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack and the Pattern Texture Pack

Hey! Minecraft for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita is about to get two (very different) pieces of DLC. From 25th March you’ll be able to download the Mass Effect “Mash-Up Pack” and the”Pattern Texture Pack”.


The Mass Effect “Mash-Up Pack” is downloadable for £3.29/€3.99 and enables Minecraft players to explore the Mars Facility from Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 and create their own worlds using Mass Effect textures and craftable items. It’s very sci-fi indeed, and even includes a themed UI and menus, plus 36 character skins and 22 music tracks. It’s a must for fans of Commander Shepherd and his/her space shenanigans.


If space isn’t your bag, maybe you’d prefer The “Pattern Texture Pack.” It’ll be downloadable for £0.79/€0.99, and will give players the chance to decorate their Minecraft worlds with bright colours, beautiful patterns and adorable knitted animals. They’re actually really cute. The pack also provides a themed UI and stylized texture set that can be applied to new or previously created Minecraft worlds. Bargainous!

Whether you’re a straight-shooting vanilla kind-of player, or a DLC enthusiast, thanks for playing Minecraft, Sony fans!



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renaultmilton 24 March, 2015 @ 17:11

Can’t wait for it! :D


Will buying the PS4 version unlock the others too? Or is it messed up again for no reason and I have to buy them separately?



I was told by Mojang that the Skyrim mash-up was supposed to be crossbuy. Bought it on the PS4 and still don’t have access to the other versions. Phoned support and the answer was basically ‘derp’.


Initially I bought the PS3 game and automatically got the vita, but since I got a game update, all the texture pack dlc seem to be registered as trials even-handed.You had already purchased them.

RyanSufc1997 24 March, 2015 @ 20:55

Awesome! I like the pattern texture pack, but the villagers looks weird! Do we have any news on the Simpsons Pack, the next update or a PlayStation skin pack? Please ask 4J! I would also like to suggest a map Downloader and browser, so we can download other peoples worlds!

TITANICBLAIR 25 March, 2015 @ 03:57

all i want is skin pack 4 and 5 :(

How about sorting out PS Vita cross buy for people that purchased the physical copy of Minecraft PS3? This was promised but never delivered.


Awesome if only they were free though

I just bought The Mass Effect “Mash-Up Pack” for PS3 and I did not get it for PSV and PS4. Have I buy it for rest of Playstations? €16 for all? Thats crazy!

I accidentally hid the additional map that came with the update is there anyway to unhide it?

Nvm found it


Just brought on my PS3 and being asked to buy it again on my Vita. Thought minecraft and all dlc was cross buy?


Since the recent update it is saying I cannot save my game because the texture pack is a trial. In fact I deleted and reloaded everything, which didn’t cure it. I then deleted and reloaded the main game, plays fine and let’s me save. I tried the steampunk texture pack, which gave me the option to upgrade. This took me to a download screen in which it stated the texture packs were trial packs only. So come on, what are you going to do about it cos my missus is going nuts after pouring hours into this game!


Ok so not sure where i am supposed to say this but i bought the steampunk pack a while ago when it came out but since the new update it says i need to buy it but in the store it still says i have it and when i go to my downloads it says ps3 but if i dwnload it it says vita i really enjoyed that pack so if this isnt fixed in done with playstation had enough problems

cool can’t wait

ok I think you should make another update on mincraft like new items\


I’m having the same problem with the Steampunk texture pack, even though I bought it can’t save says it’s a trial. Starting to wish I hadn’t stuck with Sony for so long I just thought they knew what they were doing and cared. It’s clear now that either one or both of these things is not true, pretty shameful.


Would love the john smith texture pack to come to Minecraft it would be great

We all should get a petition going to get the JohnSmith texture pack. By far his texture is the best.


I would do it if you are up for it @Tarnaq

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