Slender: The Arrival creeps onto PS4 tomorrow

Another chance to check out Blue Isle Studio’s iconic horror games

Last time we checked in, we were absolutely thrilled to bring you Slender: The Arrival on the PS3. This time around we’re bringing the scares to PS4 and it’s better than ever.


One of the things we loved most about Slender: The Arrival was the haunting soundtrack. From exploring dark, ominous areas to running frantically for your life, we wanted to ensure players were always on edge. Combined with some beautiful, calming audio in the more tranquil areas of the game, we were able to create a unique emotional experience.

So now, not only is the game looking and running better on PS4, but we’ve also decided to take the audio one step further and take advantage of the system’s brand spanking new video recording functionality to bring you an awesome new contest!

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Here’s a look at what you’re in for:

“Whispers around the town of Oakside Park speak of a legend. Many longtime residents will know of it, fearing the tale as children and growing old enough to eventually pass it along to children of their own.

“It speaks of a voice in the woods, a soft and alluring melody known to draw inquisitive wanderers deep into the forest where they are never to be seen again. Many believe the voice to belong to an old woman named Frieda who has long since passed, tragically taking her grandchildren with her. Frieda’s gravestone can still be found on an old homestead just outside of town.

“Is this simply an urban legend concocted by worried parents to keep their children from getting lost in the woods, or is there something more to it…?”

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Throughout the game on any given play session there is a small chance that a melody sung by a calming voice will play whenever the player ventures through outdoor environments. If players can capture a recording of the voice, upload it, and send it our way to prove it is more than a mere urban legend, they will have the chance to win some great prizes, courtesy of Blue Isle Studios.

For more details and rules about the contest, head over to our website for the full scoop.

Slender: The Arrival lands on PlayStation 4 worldwide on 25th March for £7.99/€9.99. We hope you enjoy the game, and don’t forget to keep your eyes and ears open!

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Do we have to pay £7.99 again if we have it on PS3? Or do we get it free if we have it on PS3 already?


Bend over.bro. Maybe it’ll be free in next months PS+?

Can you make a Vita version? playing the game with earphones on :D


how long is it? levels? maps?


game is 6,99 on US STORE !!!!!!


I wanted to buy it, then I saw the US price 7$ (6.5 Euro) and well, no thanks. Do you think we are stupid to pay 10€ for this when the price in the US is 6.5€ ?

How do you explain this difference ? I will keep my money.


I’m sure they’ll suffer greatly. I don’t even bother checking prices anywhere else. If it’s worth it to you, you’ll buy it. If it’s not, you wont. I don’t think it’s worth spiting yourself because of price inconsistencies. It’s life. It’s the way it is. I don’t like it, so I don’t bother checking it. I just buy and enjoy the games.


Started playing … and … bam … completed it. Um … wow. Short. BUT … extremely well done! I must admit, it was worth the money just for the few really well done feelings of dread :)

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