Retro City Rampage: PS Vita version hitting retail

The PS Vita version of Brian Provinciano's open-world throwback is getting a limited retail release!

Now, if your heart’s racing, you’re sweating — you’re frazzled because you missed the PS4 blu-ray, stay calm!


Here’s the link to the PS Vita retail version. < < Buy It Here! Don’t Miss Out!

Whew, okay! Now that you’re relaxed, I think you’re ready to sit back and read the blog post!



  • A full PS Vita retail release
  • Includes a PS Vita card and case (factory sealed)
  • Region-Free
  • Available now for $30 USD
  • Estimated ship date: 3-4 weeks



This limited edition PS Vita retail version comes to you on an official 2 GB PS Vita card, busting at the seams, filling 19.8 MB of its capacity. It comes factory shrink wrapped in your standard issue official blue case with new front and back cover art (different from the PS4 version).

It’s region free, so it’ll play on all of your PS Vita systems, worldwide.

As with the PS4 version, it’s the real deal and part of the official PS Vita game library (PCSE-00630 to be exact!). What that means is that if you’re aiming for a complete collection, you can’t miss it!


To make things extra special, it also sports retail exclusive gold themed PS Vita Live Area art, including a new icon and seal. It can install alongside the digital version if you already have it, and is 100% compatible with the existing Cross Save feature. Using Cross Save, you can pick up where you left off on the PS4, PS3, and/or digital PS Vita versions.

It’s available for pre-order right now at for $30. Order now, before it’s too late! Estimated ship date is 3-4 weeks.

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004


Last November, one of the most important packages of my life was delivered. I wasted no time and immediately tore it open to find thirty blue PS4 games. Catching a whiff of that surprisingly not patented “new shrink wrap smell”, I reached in and pulled one out. It was a game I could call my own in more ways than one.

Releasing a retail version of Retro City Rampage DX on PS4 Blu-ray was a dream come true, and again, I can’t thank everyone at Sony enough for allowing it to be possible. As more and more games shift to digital-only releases, having that trophy of your work to hold in your hands and put on your wall means more than ever. Having gone from developing games for other studios to starting my own studio, developing my own games, and then publishing my own retail SKUs has been incredibly surreal.

Of course, we wouldn’t be here today to unveil a second retail SKU of RCR:DX if it weren’t for you, the fans! Thanks to your support of the PS4 retail version, a door was opened to make another dream come true – that is, release official cartridges! PS Vita cards, to be specific. If the PS4 retail version hadn’t done as well as it did, this PS Vita version would never have come to be.

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004


As the first indie to self-fund and self-publish a PS4 retail release, there were a lot of unknowns. As I stepped into the uncharted territory, no one knew how it well it would do, exactly how many copies to print, or even if it would be profitable. It was a risk. Like many indie ventures though, it was driven not by revenue, but by passion — much like going indie in the first place. When I looked at the numbers, breaking even didn’t seem out of the question, and even if I came close to doing that, it would be worth it. I would have an official PS4 disc, shrink wrapped and straight off the presses, to hold up and put on my wall, and those of you who had been asking for years for a physical copy would be able to get your hands on one too.

When the PS4 Blu-ray finally went on sale, it was a pleasant surprise to see it immediately fly off the shelves. By the next day, it was completely sold out. There was an unfortunate flip side though. I had underestimated demand, and because it sold out so quickly, it didn’t get much press coverage (it was sold out before it got on their radar). The months following were filled with a steady flow of fans who were newly discovering what they’d missed, crushed that it was no longer available (sorry!). Their only option was to go on eBay and pay 5X (up to 10X!) the original price.

It put things in a tough spot, because many had bought it due to the fact that it was such a limited printing, so printing more would disappoint those fans. Not printing any more was disappointing those who missed out. The best of both worlds though: printing an entirely new retail version for a new platform!

Before producing the PS4 Blu-ray version, I had long discussions to determine which platform to do. PS Vita was very high on the list, but there’s a bit more work involved in doing cartridges than discs, not to mention higher costs (there are like, a gazillion transistors in each one!). That was then though, when the road ahead was nothing but unknowns! Now, with a better view of the landscape, it’s not the crazy idea many thought it once was.


So, yes, Retro City Rampage DX’s limited edition PS Vita retail version is available for pre-order right now at

Alternatively, if you’re still all about digital, Retro City Rampage DX is also available on PlayStation Store for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita / PS TV — 3X Cross Buy!


That’s all for now! Drop your questions in the comments below!

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Bought it!!! Not missing out like the ps4 version!

Brian Provinciano 02 April, 2015 @ 15:41

Thanks! Enjoy!

infernalmonkey1 02 April, 2015 @ 15:39

Yeeesss! Thank you for doing this (again!) Absolutely love collecting physical games for the Vita. If only more developers were this cool <3

Brian Provinciano 02 April, 2015 @ 15:40

Thanks so much :)

I could have sworn I have read this before. Is this the second limited release for this same game?

Brian Provinciano 02 April, 2015 @ 15:56

It was previously released as a limited edition PS4 blu-ray. This time, PS Vita cartridge!

UK_Rocklance 02 April, 2015 @ 15:46

Why do I always get this game mixed up with Hotline Miami?

Brian Provinciano 02 April, 2015 @ 15:57

Blame Devolver, lol.

Ordered. I love RCR, and this is one of those things you just *have* to have. A real collector’s item.

How many copies is this limited to? 2000 like the PS4 version?

Brian Provinciano 02 April, 2015 @ 16:59

Thanks for the support! It’ll be a bit larger than PS4 to ensure less fans are disappointed this time, but should still be the rarest PS Vita game unless someone else does something even more limited in the future.

Phoenixology 02 April, 2015 @ 16:36

Thank you, ordered it for Vita to go along with my sealed copy I also own on PS4. Been supporting Retro City Rampage for a while having since bought the digital version on Wii and PS4.

Brian Provinciano 02 April, 2015 @ 16:51

Wow! Thanks so much! :D

Thank you very much!

You give very good example to others! If only SCEE, Bandai Namco, Koei and others were so dedicated to their players as you guys.

Guys I applaud you! That’s exactly what console gaming was and still IS about! Us console old timers loved our games, and loved collecting them.

Will try to grab it, I hope it will be still available when I will get my monthly salary! Though it might be hard… how limited it will be? 2k like PS4 version?

Again thank you very much!

*hats off*

Brian Provinciano 02 April, 2015 @ 16:51

Really appreciate it! It’ll be a bit larger than PS4 to ensure less fans are disappointed this time, but should still be the rarest PS Vita game unless someone else does something even more limited in the future.


Loving the sound (or should I say accolade) of “rarest PS Vita game” = NEED!!


While it’s great that you are but releasing a Vita cartridge I must remind you that you did decide to exclusively charge PS players over £10 for what was a free update on other platforms. For that reason alone I will not support this product or any other that bears your name and I urge other players to do likewise as this entire industry, indie developers included have a tendency to try and repeat any dodgy action that one outfit takes and it allowed to get away with.

Charging for patches is wrong and its frankly shameful that you not only tried to do it but that Sony allowed it.

Brian Provinciano 02 April, 2015 @ 17:17

I’m sorry you feel that way. With a multi-platform release, parity is very difficult. For the first 1.5+ years, Xbox and Wii players got the short end of the stick. They had zero updates, no discounts on Wii, next to none on Xbox — meanwhile, the original PlayStation version was Cross Buy, free for PS+ members, on sale many times and received several free updates. When it came to the DX version, it’s now 3X Cross Buy and 33% cheaper than the original game’s price and launched at a discount of nearly 50% the original price. Hundreds of thousands of people got the original game for free in PS+, so to give the PS4 version away as well (along with the DX update) was too much of a stretch.


Yes, I remember your excuses from last time. Still doesn’t explain why you felt it could be a patch for everyone else and paid for separate game only on PlayStation though. It was your choice not to patch those other versions earlier, your choice not to apply for discounts on those versions, and your choice to release the patch for free on all platforms and charge £10 for it on PlayStation. Don’t act like you had to do it, you made a choice, the consequence of that choice is that you have become untrustworthy. If I were to buy your next game there’s a good chance that a year later I’ll have to rebuy it at full price to get the latest patch that is free elsewhere because you think that’s an okay thing to do, I disagree and therefore won’t be buying and recommend others who don’t want to see this practice repeated do the same.

The game was never free for PS plus members here in Europe. No one here got the game free with PS+

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Cool… I’ve not played this at all yet. Ordered, will be a nice surprise when it arrives in a month or two to blighty. :D

Brian Provinciano 02 April, 2015 @ 17:17

Hope you enjoy it ( unless you keep it sealed, which is cool too :) )

Billybobbean 02 April, 2015 @ 17:17

I’d like to also thank you for putting in the effort and releasing your games physically. I’m sure it’s a luxury not all devs can afford but more and more I feel it’s one they simply don’t even consider. I will always support these limited releases and find it frustrating how fast everything is moving digital only and that people are ok with that.

Brian Provinciano 02 April, 2015 @ 17:25

My pleasure! Glad you appreciate it :)



Seeing as digital is £8, it should at least be £12 – £15 max, taking manufacturing into account.

Brian Provinciano 02 April, 2015 @ 17:24

You’d be surprised how expensive it is to manufacture cartridges (they aren’t like discs, they have chips inside them, PCBs and shells). On top of that, there are fulfillment fees, order processing, customer support fees, etc. — would be near impossible to make profit at a price that low with such a limited print run.

It’s not about how much the digital version costs. This is a limited edition collector’s item for fans. The PS4 one I did last year goes for 5X (up to 10X) what it sold for.


I didn’t know you were an expert on the costs involved in bringing a game to retail.


Never said I was.

Oh man that’s awesome. I’d be totally hyped and a buyer on this if I


hadn’t already bought it digitally in more than one place.

Great Idea Brian !
I love Indie Games, i love Vita, the best handled ever, so i have to buy this collector cartidge version !
Done !

Brian Provinciano 02 April, 2015 @ 21:02

Thanks! :D Enjoy!


You have some game going for psvita?

I have a huge respect for your entire team for putting this together. I cheered when I saw the headline and placed an order right away. Congratulations and thank you!

Brian Provinciano 03 April, 2015 @ 02:21

Thanks so much!

Have the PS4 version and now will have the PS Vita version :D hope other dev’s follow suit and put out limited releases like this.

Brian Provinciano 03 April, 2015 @ 02:22

Cheers :)


The main thing other devs will follow suit on is making patches for their games then selling them as new releases. This is a behaviour that not even the worst of the main publishers would dare try but Brian here believes is entielyt justified. Personally I think that in an industry so inherently toxic and anti consumer as the games industry fawning over this developer and supporting his games is incredibly dangerous.

You should have limited the number of these people can buy to 1. Some ebay tramp scalper already has 10 for pre-order at almost twice the price.

Capitalism at its finest.

Forgot to add I bought a copy myself! I’m a sucker for collectors items.

Brian Provinciano 03 April, 2015 @ 22:03

I’m really hoping enough word gets out so that all the fans who want one can get one now. It’s a slightly larger print run than PS4 was, but still. I’m not a fan of seeing scalpers making so much money off them.

This game is releasing again? Wow. It’s like an EA / Activision cash cow only not as big budget.

It was fun the first time but releasing on multiple consoles and then “exclusive retail releases” doesn’t make the game any better than it was the first time round.

Seriously, let it be now. No need to release a super hyper special edition for ps4 in a few weeks.

It still won’t make me want to buy the game again.

CarotideEtude 03 April, 2015 @ 11:55

That looks kinda crap.

Brian Provinciano 03 April, 2015 @ 22:04

It’s for the fans of the game. The fans of the game want it. If they didn’t, it wouldn’t be selling so well.

Can you tell us how many copies are going to be manufactured? For the PS4 there were only 2000 copies so for Vita how many? And i already preordered the game as i was saying in the first comment but can you tell me if this game is going to have an European cover or it’s going to be the same as the PS4 version as a US game, with US cover and SKU. As this is the European PS blog i think it would be normal to have all the PAL variant signage and SKU. I’m asking because i’m aiming for a PAL Vita Fullset so if it doesn’t have a PAL SKU then it won’t be so attractive for guys like me. Also, is there a possibility of a signed copy from you? Thank you!

Brian Provinciano 03 April, 2015 @ 22:09

The Vita run’s a bit larger than PS4, but still low thousands. I want to ensure every fan can get one if possible, but time’s running out. I want to avoid what happened with PS4, where fans were so disappointed they missed out and had to buy from scalpers.

It is a US SKU but region free. For it to have a separate EU SKU and cover would literally be twice the work and significantly increase costs. It would require a ton of new paperwork and time in getting an EU SKU, creating a new build of the game with the new SKU and latest firmware version, running that through testing, submitting it to certification again, setting up EU manufacturing, doing an EU specific cover with EU specific legal text, etc. — not a trivial thing at all. It’s unnecessary since the US SKU is already region free.

Orders are fulfilled 2000 km away in the US (I’m in Canada), so I sadly can’t sign them.

Is this an american import or is it a proper UK version?

Brian Provinciano 03 April, 2015 @ 22:11

Region Free US SKU. The EU and US versions of the game are virtually identical regardless though (same leaderboards, same network, etc.), so there’s no need for a separately manufactured UK version.

Fantastic news Brian! I can only hope other independent developers follow suite and release games on Vita cards. I would love to see Hotline Miami 2 released as you’ve done as it was banned in my country of Australia. Top work and congratulations!

Brian Provinciano 03 April, 2015 @ 22:11

Thanks! :)


I think you need to give sony a few pointers brian when it comes to price i think i read that your digital copies are cheaper than the hard copies which surely is how things should be but sony sell there digital copies at the highest price compared to the high street hard copy so when youve chance give them a nudge because it seems they dont know there a**h from there elbow


Actually its incredibly common for Vita games to be cheaper on PSN than at retail. Its the chief reason why Vita isn’t stocked in many stores because there’s no profit for the retailer.

I also think you should check my posts earlier in thread before commenting on what Brian knows about pricing. He seems to think that the DX Edition being a free patch on all non-PS platforms and a £10 rebuy on PS platforms is acceptable, though he no longer attempts to argue in defence of his decision to charge us for his free patch he hasn’t admitted he was wrong, yet.



AbandonedTrolley 07 April, 2015 @ 09:20

Bought it to go alongside my PS4 version, ended up buying digitally so that I can keep them sealed, (sorry about that)


Good for you Brian.

I’ve already bought both (pre-DX and DX) Playstationcopies on PSN, the regular game on Nintendo’s WiiWare service and the DX version (again!) for my old 3DS on the eShop (right before having to sell it to help fund my PS4 purchase last year



Good for you Brian.

I’ve already bought both (pre-DX and the new DX) Playstation versions of Retro City Rampage on PSN, the regular game on Nintendo’s WiiWare service and the eShop DX version (again!) for my old 3DS. I say ‘old 3DS’ because I subsequently had to sell my beloved XL to help fund my PS4 purchase last year…


As soon as I see a Vita retail copy — and provided I have the funds available at the time, of course — I’ll be delighted to grab my FIFTH version of your frankly father wonderful (yet not perfect, but what is, huh?) GTA I & II inspired labour of love.

Well, best of luck with shifting as many boxed copies of RCR DX as humanly possible, Brian. I for one, say you’re utterly deserving of every success in the world.



Noooooo, I thought it was gonna be in UK RETAIL outlets… until I read Brian’s post PROPERLY.

Damn, I might have to miss out then. Shamed to say my credit card is maxed, my regular bank card perilously near its overdraft limit, and for at least the next month or so — I’m going into hospital for surgery next Thursday, for upto a month — I’ll be dealing 100% in cash. Or, if I can get away with it, skittles, chocolate coins and Monopoly money.

Such a shame. Absolutely GUTTED :-(


I Brian ….
im italian players and i have PS4, Ps Vita (pre-order) and crossbuy version of the game….
Its possible have the PsVita version signed with your signature??? My name is Marco Calusi (for retrive order if you want signed ;)!! ) and congratulations for this wonderful game !!
(sorry for english hope you understand me)

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