New Alienation screens and gameplay details

Check out the latest offering from Resogun studio Housemarque

After a long hiatus from the public eye, the latest Housemarque title, Alienation, is once again ready to see the light of day.

Since the reveal at GamesCom 2014 very little information has been leaked about the project and all conspiracies have been squashed. Now we are happy to announce the latest batch of samples, straight from the lab.

One of the main draws to Alienation from a developer’s perspective is the challenge of creating an excellent multiplayer dynamic. Since the game features three main character classes, plenty of loot and a ton of weapon customisations, the number of different team set-ups is astronomical. The first reaction to seeing the gameplay footage might feel a bit like confetti shot from a minigun (we like explosions), but the game actually relies heavily on tactical teamwork amidst all the chaos.


Our Allied Forces have come across violent specimens ranging from human-like foot soldiers to extra-terrestrial flesh mountains, and while they are spreading across all corners of the earth, their focus is clearly to gather at strategic military locations away from populated areas. We’ve met them in all weather conditions and even in the darkest winter nights the hostiles do not relent for a second. The only way to defeat the enemy is with uncanny tactics combined with superior fire power.

Customising your character layouts will give you and your team a distinct advantage over the beasts from beyond. Many soldiers have returned from the field in a body bag after heading out with too much confidence. The run and gun strategy will get you a few victories, but it will not win the war. Coordination and building trust with your teammates will ultimately be the difference between life and death. This trial will not be an easy one, but let’s make sure that the slimebags know that they have come to the wrong planet.

Tune in to PlayStation Blog in the near future for more info on the invaders. The frequency of contact with the hostiles is increasing at an alarming rate and soon we will need to reach out for brothers in arms and strike back on a global scale. In the end, only one species can be at the top of the food chain and I’m damn sure I’ll be having some alien BBQ for dinner!

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squiggledyboing 16 April, 2015 @ 14:34

Looking good!

I want this in and around my mouth.

Awesome looking screenshots and good with some news on the game! Was almost afraid it had disappeared :P

Looking forward to it. There’s no doubt the game is going to be fantastic, just like your previous games!

Not much in the way of “details” really. Although the game does look hella pretty.

SummerDude202 16 April, 2015 @ 14:54

Well, I now no which game I’m getting next. It looks epic!

SummerDude202 16 April, 2015 @ 14:58

I mean “know”.

I wonder if this is going to be Helldivers-ish where you pretty much need to play with others and multiplayer is definitely assumed, or if it’s going to be equally accessible for singeplayer gameplay. Looks pretty awesome.

This looks awesome definitely buying this day one

Looking good, just a question though.
That brute? The big looking fella, tell me I can play as them :D


I really liked the look of this, but I just plain dislike multiplayer.


Not your cup of tea then. Previous Housemarque games have been fun with pr without friends but this looks like it’s heavily multiplayer focused. I, for one, am glad since there’s so few decent couch multiplayer games


Yes hardly any, like Helldivers, Dead Nation, Tower fall Ascension, sportsfriends…..
It’s a shame that many of these games would be great in single player, but seem to have online co op forced on them. I don’t have time for that. So I don’t play them.

demonsgalore 16 April, 2015 @ 20:33

I want it!

RedMustang72 16 April, 2015 @ 22:21

It’s Housemarque…quality assured! :)

Wasn’t there supposed to be a dynamic whereby you could turn on your fellow players and slaughter them?! Seem to remember that…it’s just not mentioned, didn’t make the cut or am I getting mixed up with something else?

Regardless, I’ll be buying it! :D


Dude. Yes.

Looking really good, I played Dead Nation to the point of distraction in getting the platinum and am currently enjoying Helldivers so this is something I will certainly be interested in getting.
The character progression and loot make it extra appealing, can’t wait.

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