Broken Age arrives on PS4 and PS Vita today

PS Plus members can grab a 30% discount on Double Fine’s acclaimed adventure

Greetings PlayStation Nation! We’re very happy to announce that our latest game Broken Age is out today on PS4 and PS Vita!

Broken Age

Broken Age is a beautiful, hand-animated adventure game brought to you from the creators of Grim Fandango, Costume Quest and Brutal Legend, with an all-star vocal cast including Elijah Wood, Jack black, and Jennifer Hale.

Through the PlayStation 4 Broken Age delivers a very cinematic animated-movie like experience that can be shared with friends or family from the comfort of your couch. Once on the PS Vita though, through the power of Cross-buy and Cross-save, the game becomes much more of a personal story-book-like experience that’s easy to curl up with.

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You can pick up Broken Age today, Tuesday 28th April, with a special 30% off launch discount for PS Plus subscribers, before it returns to a normal price of €24.99/£19.99 next week.

We very much hope you enjoy our game, and we’ll leave you with this special cinematic launch trailer!

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BirdieYumYum 28 April, 2015 @ 15:37

Awesome !!!! Is this broken age 1 and 2?


It is 1 and 2! I don’t know how I missed this game ages ago, but it looks fantastic.

TheRealSteel1977 30 April, 2015 @ 12:14

As ZenXRoss wrote below it is the complete adventure. If you love Grim Fandango, Monkey Island and Custom Quest and have extra budget for games this month I recommend you getting it. I am playing the Shay story now and it brings back so many memories playing the side scrolling adventure games from the past. The graphics and settings are beautiful and the voice acting is top notch with just the right amount of humor.

Um, I bought it just after midnight for £19.99. Will I be refunded the £5.99 that I would’ve had off if the PS Plus discount was live at that time?


Apologies for the wait everyone. You should be seeing the PS Plus discount within the next 30 minutes. If you’re a Plus member and have already purchased the title at full price, please contact customer support:


Contacted Playstation and they wouldn’t give me a refund. Last time I support a dev by buying it early.

llll-Dan-llll 29 April, 2015 @ 16:49

I did this too. I emailed customer support and just got an email back saying I have to phone them instead. Gah!


I’ll happily buy this, but unfortunately the PS+ discount hasn’t been applied yet. Hopefully they can sort it out by the time the store updates tomorrow.



Looks gorgeous.

maximalcheetor 28 April, 2015 @ 15:43

Just like Deakin-In, I bought this game this morning (as well as a few other new releases) and there was no indication of any PS+ discount. Will we get some sort of rebate?



I have the GOG version, any chance of this coming on PS3?

ColonelWEKurtz 28 April, 2015 @ 16:09

Not in the plans. Sorry. Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Ouya, PS4, PS Vita.


Thank you for the reply :)

X_Blood_Curse_X 28 April, 2015 @ 15:49

This is $25 in the US, which is £16 odd, not £19.99

We pay more either way, as the US has a Plus discount too. After discounts it’s their £11 to our £16

We’re getting screwed over again.

zalwelgoedgaan 28 April, 2015 @ 15:51

Haha, Tim Schafer has proven before that he isn’t good at math.


You need to take account of VAT. £19.99 less 20% VAT = £16.66

£16.66 = $25.52

So we’re hardly ‘getting screwed’

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I like a few others here also bought this for the full price. I’ve bought games at midnight before and they normally have the discount already attached. Will this issue be sorted or will we have to contact customer support?

ColonelWEKurtz 28 April, 2015 @ 16:15

I can’t even find the game on the NA PlayStation Store!?!? What gives?

Artemisthemp 28 April, 2015 @ 16:29

Try to search for Broken age?

Artemisthemp 28 April, 2015 @ 16:30

Doesn’t seem the 30 % discount for PS Plus is live yet as the game current cost €24.99


I am the same with others that I bought Broken Age £19.99 before the blog entry came out mentioning the 30% off for PS Plus subscribers which I am one of them. I am also wondering if the issue will be resolved or would we have to contact customer support about this.

In the same boat… Also a PS+ subscriber and bought earlier today. Hopefully we’ll automatically get the credit added back to our accounts, or a refund depending on purchase method used.

Look forward to seeing an official response :)


Apologies for the issue here. As above, please get in touch with customer support for assistance:

garethwebber 28 April, 2015 @ 16:38

Discount isn’t showing fot me either


Question. If this game can be released on a Tuesday, then why can’t the entire store be updated on a Tuesday?


You should be seeing much more digital releases on Tuesdays from now on.


Why not make the entire store update on Tuesdays same as the US?

That way we won’t be shafted on PS+ updates waiting for a week just because the start of the month came for us and not them.


That doesn’t really answer the question. If we can get one game on a Tuesday, then what good reason is there for all games not to come on a Tuesday?

Then as Max said, you’d be able to keep the promise made last June that PS+ games cone out on the first week of every month rather than lagging us a week behind the Americans because the first day of the month happens to be a Wednesday.

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isn’t this kinda expensive?

Another kickstarter I backed and haven’t played fully…well now I can :D
I’m really glad y’all be supporting the Vita since it’s the place I do my most gaming. It’s actually the only place I can game for more than 20 minutes before the *responsibilities* sneak up on me -.-


So, since when €25 is £20?
PS Store should keep up with exchange rates…


OMG ! i thought the post was a copy and paste! Broken Age is downloading right now with the ps plus price in effect :P I wonder why we will see more digital titles on a Tuesday are we seeing the store update slowly moving to a Tuesday in line with SCEA?


Is there any way to mute Jack Black? Preferably permanently….

maximalcheetor 29 April, 2015 @ 08:39

@Fred I emailed customer support yesterday about the PS+ pricing issue so hopefully I’ll get a response shortly but signing into the store this morning I saw that Project Root (which I also bought yesterday) has also got a day one 30% discount for Plus members that wasn’t there when I made my purchase. Will this be another case of contacting support for everyone affected?

We want to support developers and get their games as quickly as we all can, but seeing such massive price drops just hours after making our purchases is incredibly frustrating and we’d rather wait for the games to hit the store with the correct pricing.

I emailed them yesterday and the copy/paste response I got was “Unfortunately you would not qualify for the discount as you have purchased this content before the discount was added.” Obviously emailed them back to challenge this but if they’re planning discounted new release software then they shouldn’t release it until it’s discounted!!


@Fred Please read posts 19 and 20. I’m in the same boat. I’ve not heard back from Sony yet, but maybe that’s because they are working on refunding the money. This will leave a bad taste in my moth with Sony, a company (I love) if they refuse to refund these badly implemented discounts.

@cosmic_uk @fred I just got another response back from support… It was the exact same response as before (litteraly copied and pasted). I don’t think they’re even reading our emails. Not impressed and not happy – screams to me that either someone at their end needs to be a bit more proactive/organised in PS store pricing or they’re using dirty tactics to nab a few more quid off of people – this isn’t the first time this has happened, am i right??!

maximalcheetor 29 April, 2015 @ 11:58

For those of you who have bought the game at the wrong price, don’t give up! I emailed Customer Support and gave as much detail as I could and was then told to call Customer Services. Just got off the phone to them and while I was initially told they couldn’t give me a refund (citing the T&C and their rights to change prices) I quoted the blog and this post about the game and the launch discount and they’re now escalating my support call so progress is being made towards a refund.

Basically guys don’t give up, quote the blog and do the same if you bought Project Root early as well as that has a 30% launch discount too.

Support are now quoting terms and conditions at me stating they have the right to withdraw promotions at any time etc etc. Really disappointed with this – they obviously intended on giving their subscribers 30% off otherwise this post wouldn’t have been put up – so why update the store with a different price?? Would love an official response to make sure support and Sony are on the same page with this logic.


I got a tweet response from Fred telling me that it was still being worked on. I also got an email from Support telling me that the issue was being looked into, and not the copy/paste response ‘no’ some have been getting. I’m not giving up yet, but @Itch2k, you’re right this isn’t the first time this trick/mistake has been pulled.

Do the vita controls have any use? If it is all touch i might grab on my phone where it is about a third of the price (okay only half the price after ps+). I wonder why the vita is failing so bad. Dont get me wrong it is my favourite device and i have a tablet, a PC, a note 4 and a PS4. Just the prices are ridiculous.

So, does this run on Playstation/Vita TV too? As I’m picking up a PSTV tomorrow for just 54 Euro….

GIGGITY_GOO__ 19 May, 2015 @ 23:16

I think it’s wrong how it’s 3x cheaper on android store I’m going to wait on a sale til I pick it up

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