Fiendish arcade throwback Ultratron launches on 12th May

The latest title from the Titan Attacks team heads to PS3, PS4 and PS Vita

Hi. It’s Simon Byron from Curve Digital and I’m here to tell you what it’s like to be the oldest person alive.

I was born in the ’70s, which is a decade that no-one really remembers because it was pretty grim. Genuinely, I struggle to think of anything good that happened during that time – it was broadly rendered in black and white, and the weather had the default setting of miserable.

There was a Jubilee – bunting everywhere all the time – and you could never watch TV as the power was always being cut off because of all the adults going on strike. The ’70s were rubbish.

Things improved dramatically in the following decade. Colour was discovered, for example. It was the decade of shoulder pads, big hair, linen trousers and soft rock. It’s tempting to look back and laugh at People From The ’80s, but many things we enjoy now can be traced back to that period.


Particularly videogames. The 1980s were the years that the videogame arcades rose to prominence. Initially popping up on coastal towns, these imposing machines were worshiped by teenagers, drawn towards them with pockets full of change.

Compared to now, these arcade cabinets were technically limited, meaning designers learned to innovate, creating stunning games within basic hardware confines. A modern-day doorbell probably has more oomph than some of the games back then.

But what they lacked in visuals, they more than made up for in gameplay. We all have our favourites – but surely one game which has the ability to transport anyone of – ahem – a certain age back in time is Robotron 2084.


Looking at screenshots of Robotron 2084 these days, it’s impossible to appreciate the sense of terror created by that particular cabinet. It popularised the twin-stick control scheme now used widely across a range games and genres. Those who managed to digitally carve their initials into the high score tables were truly gods among teenagers.

I could not tell you how much I spent on Robotron. But every single penny was worth it.

Ultratron – which is out globally on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita (Cross Buy enabled) on 12th May (priced £7.99 / €9.99) – is what happens when you take the spirit of Robotron but update it for the PlayStation generation.

The last human has been slain by evil killer robots. You are the one remaining humanoid battle droid. Your mission: avenge the human race. Boost your battledroid with power-ups, buy cute but deadly pets in the shop. Blast your way through 40-plus glowing neon levels, avoiding Chasers, Turrets, Spawners, Minelayers, bombs, and bullets, and take on the four giant boss ‘bots of the Apocalypse – Ieiunitas, Bellum, Lues and Letum.


Whilst the core old-school gameplay remains, Puppygames has brought the genre bang up to date, with a host of achievements, unlocks and upgrades designed to keep players challenged way into the night. The visuals are hypnotic – modern, with a retro twist. There’s even a simulated CRT screen curve designed to mimic the displays of the era, which were the opposite of high definition.

We’ve worked with Puppygames before – on the excellent Titan Attacks!, which paid tribute to the space invading genre. You will be able to pick both titles up in our special PlayStation-only bundle we’re calling ‘Arcade Apocalypse’. Available at a super discounted price, it’s a brilliant way to remind yourself on how great the ’70s and ’80s were, even if the hair wasn’t.

Ultratron will be available on all PlayStation formats on 12th May. We hope you enjoy being transported back in time – without the risk of accidentally splitting your parents up.


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How much will this discounted bundle be?

Simon Byron 01 May, 2015 @ 14:29

Hi Max! It’ll be £9.99 / €11.99 / €11.99. Let me know if you have any other questions!


So that’s both Ultratron and Titan Attacks for £10 with all the Cross-Buy benefits?

Consider it bought. :)


What about this on its own for those who already bought Titan Attacks?

Also, as you are one of the developers who were affected by SCEEs unauthorised price changes (Titan Attacks was charged at £8.49 despite your posting the price as £7.99) how sure can you be that your price will apply this time and do you have any comment on your game being overpriced last time?


Sony also changed Wales Interactive’s Infinity Runner to £5.79 when the developer stated it was going to be £4.99



It’s 5.79 with PS+ discount, nearly 8 quid without if I’m not mistaken.


That’s perfect. I questioned Fred on these bizarre price changes and he dismissed it saying that it “simply isn’t the case” that SCEE is adjusting prices on their own.


No, £5.79 is the full price. It’s £5.21 with the PS+ discount.

From the Infinity Runner blog post;

walesinter 2 April, 2015 @ 5:00 pm

Hey guys, here’s the trailer: and one thing that wasn’t mentioned was the £4.99 price. Hope you all like what you see. Got any questions? Ask away! Cheers, Ben.

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Simon Byron 01 May, 2015 @ 15:06

Hi TrueMurton! I’ve literally just joined Curve today so I’m not personally aware of any previous issues – I’m in the office on Tuesday, though, so I will look into it and get back to you then, if that’s okay?


That’s perfect. I questioned Fred on these bizarre price changes and he dismissed it saying that it “simply isn’t the case” that SCEE is adjusting prices on their own.


I’m assuming this has been forgotten about. I’ve been trying to get a handle on the price issues for months now and found different levels of cooperation with different people.

Fortunately another developer has admitted, perhaps unintentionally, to having literally no idea how much his own game will cost in our region. So I have my quote already.

Thanks for the reply though Simon. If you still want to add any input from Curve on pricing difficulties in the PAL region it would really help us out.

Simon Byron 07 May, 2015 @ 10:46

Haven’t forgotten – apologies. My first couple of days in the office have been full up – I am still trying to get some more detail. Leave it with me and I’ll report back when I have some more information.

DieFliedermouse 01 May, 2015 @ 16:54

Age of Ultratron.

Don’t think i could play it because my PS4 hasn’t got a 10p slot :D Those were the days ;)
This sounds cool, loved ‘Titan Attacks!’ :P

Hey Simon is that you from the One Life Left podcast lol?

Simon Byron 01 May, 2015 @ 22:20

It is! Hello! I have a new day job. First time I’ve written for the PlayStation blog! Thanks for reading/listening.


Awesome, congrats on the new position!

It took me a few tries to get in to Titan Attacks but I’m glad I persisted because I love it now. I hope this is just as enjoyable, I’ll be getting it for my Vita!


Same here, Deicides!

It took me a good half dozen stabs at Titan Attacks before I really began to appreciate it for the great arcade score chaser that it is, but I doubt that’ll be the case this time round with Ultratron – it looks right up my street. Pretty damn gorgeous too!


loved titan attacks, pretty neat game, a bit too easy , but very cool 16 bits design or less … hope i’ll like this one too.

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