Assassin’s Creed Syndicate release date and first trailer

Your first look at this year’s entry in Ubisoft’s long-running saga

In Assassin’s Creed Syndicate you’ll play as Jacob Frye — an assassin with grand plans to take control of London’s criminal underground.

Set during the Industrial Revolution, the newest chapter in the Assassin’s Creed saga will place you right in the middle of a class war between the growing power and influence of wealthy industrialists and the working class they exploit to fill their coffers. Jacob will traverse factory rooftops, seedy back alleys, and even speeding trains as he leads one of history’s most infamous street gangs to take over London’s criminal underground.

Intrigued? Watch the all-new trailer:

Want more? We don’t blame you. Check out this gameplay walkthrough to see the brand new setting in all its glory, including some of the weapons and gadgets Jacob will employ in his quest to run the city:

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate will be available from 23rd October worldwide on PlayStation 4.

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Когда скидка на Assassins Creed Unity PS4?

уже была в начале года, не помню когда точно

Yawn …… wake me when something original pops up ……. Zzz zzz zzz


Or pops in… if you get what I mean ;)


By this point, I’m amazed that anyone still cares about this series. We must be on the fiftieth installment now, and people still seem to be buying this stuff.

Too many AC games recently. I’ve played many AC games so far but this is just too much. Make one every two years with real innovations. You’re killing your franchise, Ubi.
Plus, i know this is pre-alpha, but the graphics are so-so, to say the least. Unity looks MUCH better.

Last AC I played was Black Flag (played every single one before that). You guys scared me off from buying the latest editions.

DexterTime60 12 May, 2015 @ 18:09

Shouldn’t be this named:AC Victory?What happend?


It was a code name.

Amazing trailer, dull as heck looking gameplay. AC with a Victorian London skin.

I only just finished revelations last month and working my way through Assassins Creed 3 atm.

Although they are coming out a bit to quickly I still love the franchise. But please don’t tie platinum trophies to multiplayer this time. Not everyone plays multiplayer and prefer just single player.

I’ve always wanted a assassins creed set in London so I’m happy to see this.

DarkArchoNx66 12 May, 2015 @ 19:11

Did you platinum Revelations by playing online? I did, exactly a year ago (what a coincidence) and it was a pain finding matches for some of the modes. Can’t imagine anyone still playing to this day.

Simulacrum_AT 12 May, 2015 @ 23:41

Good thing is, Syndicate will have NO multiplayer, (btw buddy, AC3 has easy multiplayer. They ruined it a bit with AC4 again, but Rogue also has no multiplayer. :)) because they focus on the map. It should be 30% bigger than Unity was. … As I read that, I got a totally super creedgasm! :o

@dark, no didn’t bother as wanted to get straight into number 3. I imagine there won’t be many on revelations multiplayer as is now.

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This franchise has now been so milked, that any enjoyment I have/would have has practically ceased. Too many games, in too little time. Once every couple of years maybe, but just like COD, it’s now all about making any profit above making a longed for, quality game. It’s actually a little embarrassing just how quick these are pushed out.

DarkArchoNx66 12 May, 2015 @ 18:51

I used to be a fan of the franchise…1/2/BROTHERHOOD, and then I stopped. I’ve only played AC3 because of plus and last year I bought revelations on some sale.. I still haven’t played a bunch of them, so it’s not hard to figure out that I am really interested, or happy with Ubisoft’s policy for that matters. I hate those who release incomplete games year after year..

DarkArchoNx66 12 May, 2015 @ 19:13

Not interested xD…edit button for the love of god.


Yawn, another Assassin’s Creed game? This is generic ubi-design taken to the max. This franchise is so streamlined and milked dry at this point that I dread to see the people working on it. I imagine rows and rows of depressed, soulless slaves working in a dystopian, grey factory – most of them setting up towers to climb, chests to open with unremarkable things in them and other trivial things to put on a map. Then there’s a team of 200 failed writers in a tiny room, trying to hold the utterly nonsensical plot together while failing and making it worse with each hollow iteration.

This is factory game design in its worst and most creatively bankrupt form.


Couldn’t have said it better! You’re probably closer to the truth than you think.


The main character sounds a bit posh for a 1868 london based criminal.
The gameplay demo was zone clearing and a chase mission

Can they not just learn SOMETHING from gta v?


As in GTA V is how you do open world games….


Character textures looked awful and rushed, as expected of a milked series.

Release a game when it’s finished, tested and polished for pete’s sake, not so you can meet a yearly quota for each iteration.

I totally skipped Unity, but I have a slight interest in this because it’s set in my country and one of my favourite eras.

I know it’s gonna take a miracle and is a lot to ask, but don’t **** this up. Release when it’s an actual full game, not a buggy beta. Day One patches won’t redeem first impressions.


It states clearly it’s Pre-alpha, it will improve over the next few months.


You know their track record. It will release in the same state anyway, if not worse.


And I don’t know where you read pre-alpha, but for something that releases in 5 months, that just screams ‘rushed’.

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good trailer
but like al rest = take you time ( every jear kils you golden franchise )

also very hard needed in modern games = give option to players = male/female caracter
i prefere more main carakter sister assasin :)


Please no companion apps and no microtransactions give us a PROPER Assassin’s Creed game. preferably pure single player like AC2 with tons of content.


There is no multiplayer this time around. Good news.



Yeah it is thank you :)

Stonesthrow 13 May, 2015 @ 17:13

This I can agree with :p

European_Gamer 12 May, 2015 @ 19:35

It looks like PS4 is back as lead platform for Assassin’s Creed.

Got the Big Ben edition ordered and can’t wait to play it.


Gordon Bennett!


Wait, I thought this game had two playable characters. I guess the other one isn’t worth mentioning then.

Stonesthrow 13 May, 2015 @ 17:15

I read it has a male and female character but you don’t choose one and play the whole game as them. Most of the game is supposedly with the male, and some parts you’ll get to play as the female ^^


I love AC, but this one really seems… off. The main character looks half way between trying something new, and going for an Ezio. I don’t know if it’s from the slice they showed but the city seems to lack identity. I know it’s pre-alpha, but still, the game should feel like an AC, but it looks, as the top hat was adopted, some identity was loss as well. Even the combat doesn’t look exciting. From my first impressions, I think I’m going to sit this one out, which is ironic, because playing an AC in London is one of the few cities I actually wanted to play.

Chr15toff3e 12 May, 2015 @ 21:37

“The Assassin’s Creed saga will place you right in the middle of a class war between the growing power and influence of wealthy industrialists and the working class they exploit to fill their coffers.”

Just say The Conservative Party. Sounds more genuine.

O God this is still 6 months away so we will get another 10.000 trailers of the same gameplay as we have seen for your (except for Batmans grapeling hook). I bought Unity for 21 dollar and at 30% it broke. That game is boring as hell and was the last one I ever will play.

dark_angel69 12 May, 2015 @ 21:54

I really love the AC games and I’ve played them all but after Unity I’m growing a bit tired of it. There was a time when I would enjoy the game but each year the game seems to have more and more problems. I think it’s time to slow down on them. Take an extra year to work on them to make them amazing for the following year. I’m still going to get it for sure because like I said, I love the AC games. I just won’t be buying on release day now. Instead I’m going to be looking at games we don’t get every year. So just, slow down a bit and spread it out. Perhaps make another new ip and take turns between games each year rather than making AC every year. Sooner or later the flame on the candle is going to burn out, may as-well slow down and let it burn longer.

p.s. I loved the trailer and the gameplay. I can just imagine it turning a little messy on release day like the previous.

bluemoon1987 12 May, 2015 @ 22:55

Meh! A re-skin and a few minimal new features as per usual. Shame, as I love the idea of a Victorian London but go away, actually put some time and effort into re-imagining the series and put out something worthwhile in a few years as opposed to the boring yearly mundane money grabbing stuff.

Andre-Veelt 13 May, 2015 @ 00:35

Love Assassin´s Creed, but Unity was a bummer. Hoping for no multiplayer and no companion app.
I will wait and see when the game is out.

Looks good


I really love this franchise and I have all the games (except Unity and Rogue, still waiting or a PS4 port), but what you did with Unity is terrible… I was really looking forward to it, wanted to buy it Day1, but thank god I didn’t do that. It’s the worst optimized game on consoles ever. No matter how many patches there are, the game still can’t maintain 30 fps, hell can’t even reach it. And I don’t think Unity gonna change anymore, so probably I never gonna buy it. Maybe for really-really cheap, like 10€ or something.
I saw the Xbox One version on for 8€, maybe I will pick that up, I heard that the XO version is better a little bit….

So my point is, I really hope they won’t screw this up. I want steady 30 fps(like AC4 solid, but honestly if it will be like Dragon Age Inquisition solid, I am sold, but not worst than that)


“you’ll play as Jacob Frye”

And as Evie Frye. Seriously, come on – leaving her out is just crass.


Another liberal revolution setting. Surely there are other ways to make the assassin vs templar fight fit a historical setting without constantly playing the “downtrodden masses” card?

Will wait to see more of this but as I didn’t finish unity I think series fatigue finally hit me. This will have to be more than just an AC game to get me running along the rooftops.


Appreciate you did a long video to avoid people could think this could be a Unity 2.0

You put many comments on how polished and different is from the previous game…still, I don’t trust this drift over GTA 1868.

I’ll see. I don’t play AC from 3. And like me many other fans don’t play the game from 2-3 installments.
You have to get again our trust

Stonesthrow 13 May, 2015 @ 16:48

So much hate for this :o Still my fav open world series after GTA. I personally didn’t have much problems with Unity but people need to realize it was a launch game (not to mention open world) for a new generation of consoles.. I don’t care about milking in this case either as fundamental changes to the basics could ruin the whole thing. If developers want to experiment they need to do it with new IP’s, not established ones (look at Square Enix struggling to give FF an indentity once more after all the experimentation..). Haters will hate, I still love getting caught up in AC atmospheres.

disneyboi81 13 May, 2015 @ 18:50

Would anyone be willing to preorder the Big Ben edition for someone is the USA?


I now believe Ubisoft is deliberately trying to kill the series so that customers can switch to the Watch Dogs bandwagon.


Anyone playing unity coop add me

The lack of… Um I will rephrase that. The fact that Ubisoft has decided on not having Multiplayer is probably a blessing in disguise and could have been to do with the fact that their servers are notoriously known for not working. Assassins’ Creed Initiates was a good idea for AC5U… But it was more down than up.

I’m a massive fan of the AC franchise, so I am looking forwards to this game. The trailer is f****** amazing. I know thus I probably going to sound a little morbid but… I wonder if there will by a Jack The Ripped level. Although its decades ahead if the game as JTR was 1888. It would be cool though hunting down London’s most notorious serial killer and you get to catch and kill the b******.

Exciting news cannot wait for this to come out.

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