The Last Guardian announced for PS4 at E3 2015

Fumito Ueda's epic adventure is finally upon us

Well, the cat is out of the bag – just minutes into the PlayStation E3 Press Conference gave us our first glimpse at Creative Director Fumito Ueda’s long-awaited The Last Guardian.

I’ll waste no more breath – just watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments!


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So worth it to stay up!!


I literally started to cry when saw that falling down feather.
Finally it is re-annonced! :D

Hnnnnnng. I can’t.


You haven’t hear nothing yet come back a it later on ps-blog for cloud return?

Porcupeth00 16 June, 2015 @ 04:07

Best news ever. Thank you. Finally.
Just..give us a more concrete window than 2016, pretty please? Early?

Looks the same from the E3 2009 Trailer. I wonder if was running on PS3 that time.

Best thing of TLG re-announce? Seeing Ueda smiling at all of his fans at the conference

I wonder if Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD will be released for the PS4 too?

blackwiggle 16 June, 2015 @ 07:18

It looks far more like ICO than I expected [not a bad thing ]

What with the Media Centre update [Waiting for a PS4 with the new Bluray HD Ultra logo for 4k playback] and now Finally after all these years waiting, The Last Guardian definite release, looks like I actually have a reason to buy a PS4

dark_angel69 16 June, 2015 @ 08:55

I knew it was going to show up this year!!! It’s about time too!!!! Looked amazing and I can’t wait for it!


Best birthday present ever after years and years of delays!


Happy B-day.


happy birthday :)

RedMustang72 16 June, 2015 @ 09:42

This game looks like it might be a masterpiece!

What a way to start the conference! It was 2 am an I initially thought that I was dreaming. I was paralysed for a while, but it was so worth it.


So, it’s the Full HD version of an unreleased PS3 game. Considering this PS4 port looks exactly like the 2009 trailer (resolution notwithstanding), it’s a testament to the power and brilliance of the PS3. A shame that this game will probably never see the day on its original platform.

And frankly speaking, after ten years of waiting, I’m not even sure I’m still interested in The Last Guardian.

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY! :P ;)


:O I can’t even… :O

Artemisthemp 16 June, 2015 @ 13:37

So how many years did it take for The Last Guardian to be released? (Grant it releases in 2016 ofc)

Stonesthrow 16 June, 2015 @ 23:15

Oh man, I’m gonna be worried about that creature like it’s my own pet for every second of the experience. It better not die in the end! ><


looks the same as when they showed it for the PS3 which never saw the light of day

deadsec-2015 23 June, 2015 @ 00:47

I like my R Rated games

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