Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! is coming to PS4

Hardcore gastronomic action for nimble-fingered foodies

Hey y’all! I’m proud to introduce Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!, a massive sequel to the surprise hit on PC. It will be making its console debut on PS4! Woo!

Way back in the PSone days, I’d always pick up a copy of the Official PlayStation Magazine for the included demo discs. Every now and then they’d have a special “import section” that had untranslated demos of games from Japan that would likely never make their way to the states.

One of these was a game called Ore no Ryouri, a twin-stick cooking game that had you pouring beers and making foods for customers. It was just a small, timed demo, but it had me hooked.

Well after playing it, the idea of making an insane cooking game kept gnawing away at me. I got into making small games and pursued my passion for game development, but it wasn’t until making Cook, Serve, Delicious! that it all clicked together. Finally, my love of food and intense gameplay mechanics were merged into one.

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Still, I didn’t know if that would play to the gaming audience, given that a large majority of cooking games were of the simple, casual variety, and Cook, Serve, Delicious! was very much the opposite of that. In fact it didn’t really take off until Ryan Davis of Giantbomb picked it up for a Quick Look video. Since then, the game has inspired hundreds of Let’s Play videos and streams for a cumulative total of more than six million views, and has grossed nearly a million across PC and mobile.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! has you rebuilding your own restaurant in a massive skyscraper, earning money by cooking and serving customers delicious food, and building up your restaurant’s reputation from a zero star dilapidated café to a five star world famous restaurant.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Along the way you’ll jump into other restaurants in the tower for shift work, star in the biggest reality cooking show ever, participate in tournaments all over the world, uncover mysterious ingredients, and tons, tons more. The breakneck pace and gameplay has been a staple of the game, and this game will be even faster and more challenging than ever.

This is a huge, massive sequel to the first game. Everything is new in this game, from the art by Camille Kuo, to the music by Jonathan Geer, to the large amount of game content, with more than 180 foods, 1,000+ recipes, tons of unlockables and events, and dozens of hours of gameplay. For those who have played the first game, you can look forward to even better gameplay mechanics with all new strategies and components, running at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

I can’t wait to launch the game in 2016! Thanks, and if you have any questions I’ll be sure to answer them below. Until then, keep cooking deliciously!

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I feel like the name should have a sub-title instead of ‘2’, seeing as we don’t have the first game, and it will seem out of place.

Does it have Japanese cuisine too?

One last thing, any possibility of a Vita version too?

zalwelgoedgaan 02 July, 2015 @ 17:41

@WaxPiemart: Witcher 3 says cześć and it did just fine on PS4, haha.


That’s a popular ongoing multiplatform franchise with a continuous story though. A bit different.


Heya, dev here! I’m hoping for a Vita version but I want to focus on the PS4 version first before making any decisions.

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it is looking great..
any chance of vita port ?

shake_zulaYEAH 02 July, 2015 @ 16:42

I will definitely get this, will it have a platinum trophy?


Definitely want to add a platinum trophy! Nothing concrete right now but that’s the goal.

Looks fun, do a PS4/Vita combo and Sony might pick it up for PS Plus ;)

Played the first game to death on Steam. It was freaking addictive.

Second game will probably kill my Dualshock 4.

HomessaHomem 02 July, 2015 @ 17:27



Looks really addictive! I’m in Day 1 :)

I really can’t wait for this. Will it have a co-op mode like the one you implemented in the original Cook, Serve, Delicious!? This is one of just a few games that my wife and I really enjoyed together on PC and I’d love to bring that co-op action to the living room.


Not ready to talk about it just yet but local co-op will definitely make a return, and will be way better. :)


oh wow. I have a soft spot for cooking games. Haven’t play one for ages and this may well scratch that itch. Look forward to it. And you’ll have sold two copies if you bring it to Xbox One later!

CoolRichy007UK 02 July, 2015 @ 22:25

Its for ps4 only xbox is too slow to run it

somethingatt 02 July, 2015 @ 19:50

Really enjoyed the first on Steam, can’t wait to play this on my favourite format. Thanks guys and good luck with the release, I will be there day one :)

Loved the first one, and congratulations on its success. Can’t wait for the sequel!

CoolRichy007UK 02 July, 2015 @ 22:24

Gordon ramsey dlc for this game out 2050

Get back in the kitchen Anita…


Will the Gerstmann corndog and the Ryan Davis burger return? Always makes me smile when I serve those.


Definitely! :)


Looks like the type of game that should’ve stayed on Facebook, but hey, I’ve been wrong before.

will there be a demo available to play once this releases? i’m a fan of cooking mama and would love to try this, are there real recipes to learn from this that would be cool, i don’t mind a bit of a challenge but i also would like to be able to learn new recipes and have a bit of fun too.


It’s too early to say right now, but there will definitely be pre-release previews and reviews/streams of the game.

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