Journey comes to PlayStation 4 on 21st July

Thatgamecompany’s acclaimed adventure has never looked better

In 2012, our dear friends and partners at thatgamecompany brought a transcendent, award-winning game to the PlayStation universe that has connected gamers worldwide. Journey is a game that truly encapsulates our imagination and emotion into an experience like no other. If you’ve ascended the mountain, you know exactly what I mean.

On 21st July, Journey will descend on PlayStation 4 more stunningly beautiful than ever. If you have yet to discover its wonders, or desire to soar above the ruins and glide across the sands once again, this is the perfect time. Additionally, Journey will support Cross-Buy. If you have digitally purchased it already for PlayStation 3, you can download it free for PlayStation 4.

#OurJourney: What did your Journey experience mean to you?

I could pen five pages of poetry to describe Journey, but this is a game that has meant something different to everyone. We’d like to call upon PlayStation fans worldwide to share “What your Journey experience meant to you”, and watch it come together at

  • Grab your phone, turn it toward you, record, and share your video testimonial on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Tag it with the hashtag #OurJourney. Visit where we’ll feature many ofthe memories and emotions that have impacted us all during #OurJourney

You can follow the lead of Jenova Chen, Creative Director of Journey, who starts #OurJourney:

Thank you to developer Tricky Pixels and creators thatgamecompany for bringing the experience of Journey to the PlayStation 4.

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well, then I buy it again, I guess.


You won’t have to buy agan – it’s crossbuy, so you’ll be able to download it to your PS4 for free if you already have the PS3 version.




Unless he bought the disc version, in which case Cross-Buy doesn’t apply.

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Finally! For some reason I never played this on PS3, so I’ve been hanging on for the PS4 release. So excited.

jon_h_blake 07 July, 2015 @ 14:12

Come on,bring it to vita.

CoolRichy007UK 07 July, 2015 @ 16:02

Not gonna happen

CoolRichy007UK 07 July, 2015 @ 16:04

Bought it on ps3 so it looks like free for ps4 if you had it on same account #time4anotherjourney

turbogeek421 07 July, 2015 @ 14:14

Excellent news! Can’t wait to play this again! Any word on if it’s also coming to Vita like Flower and Flow have?

Any news about the release of Journey Collector’s Edition on PS4 ?

Spectreman78 07 July, 2015 @ 14:21

Is going to be 60fps?



DeathzoneDragon 08 July, 2015 @ 09:13

I find it difficult to imagine a ps4 game without 60fps, but I do plan to get journey on both consoles if I can.

StevenJamesHyde 07 July, 2015 @ 14:22

Incredible game, bought it on release on PS3. The time is about right for a replay


Will Journey come to PS Vita or not?

Anyway, Journey as a game is pure magic :D

StevenJamesHyde 07 July, 2015 @ 14:23

Is there anything new with this release, out of interest? e.g. new trophies, new content, a way of co-oping with friends more easily?


Agreed. This time they should really get co-op right and allow us to play with our friends locally with 2 controllers and online


Day. One. Purchase.


How about Vita? Flower and FlOw came to handheld, why not Journey?


Releasing on my birthday! The 21st of July! Cross-Buy For The Win!


No way to make it free for who bought the retail version, right?
There was a redeemable code (for some avatar iirc) in the retail version that can be used to identify who bought it.

residentSteve 07 July, 2015 @ 15:09


CoolRichy007UK 07 July, 2015 @ 16:05

If you cant think of a propper comment dont post anything

residentSteve 07 July, 2015 @ 17:11

It was just my opinion on the game rich.


I might finally find someone to help with the ‘Companion’ trophy, that doesn’t disappear on me before we reach the summit. :/

Cross-Buy to? Wicked :P

These are one of those times I wish I could buy it again.


What about people who purchased the original collectors edition on ps3? Is there any way for us to receive it on ps4?

Crossbuy, awesome! Bought it and 100% it on PS3, will definitely do it again on my PS4. Excited :D

Excellent news! I’m just curious, I don’t have PLUS, so will I see other players or all I get is a nagging message for me subscribe to PLUS, which I HATE! I will NEVER subscribe to such a service who takes my internet multi player hostage! You are free to pay for my internet service and then I will gladly pay for PLUS!

By the way, this game is great but there will never be a game like Shadow of Colossus, that is one truly piece of art.

DeathzoneDragon 08 July, 2015 @ 09:26

1. Sony might have used the budget from Shadow of Colossus and blowen it on The Last Guardian.

2. I was disappointed when I saw a graphic comparison of The Last of Us, because the graphics had a more serious potential on the ps4.

3. Wipeout HD and the Fury expansion pack (not that stupid show about celebrity’s getting hit by objects and into the water) looks like it took the ps3 to its maximum potential so bad it still looks high-definition on those old hotel TV’s, whatever Sony did on that one needs those methods taken over to the ps4, and I do consider Wipeout HD graphic art.

ThroughTheIris56 07 July, 2015 @ 20:06

Really happy this is cross buy, I’ll definitely play it again when it’s out. If you’ve never played this game before, I recommend you get it, it’s an amazing experience.

Samael_blackwing 08 July, 2015 @ 12:41

Great that this is cross-buy, although I feel sad for those that bought the disc-version that contained flow, flower and journey.

Wouldn’t you be able to make a special download version of those games, like Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s creed 4 did, that reads the PS3 disc to check ownership and then runs the PS4 digital version?

Thanks for the Cross-Buy


Released on my birthday! Think I’ll treat myself…


This is slated for release tomorrow and yet no trace of it in the store or any option to preorder from Germany. Is this normal?

I got the game on ps3 but now it shows that I have to buy it again??!


2 versions of the game in polish PS Store.
Old (PS3) version is unavailable because “you already have new (cross buy) version”
If I click on new version PS Store asks me to buy the game.

Why should I pay for the game twice??

Please fix it ASAP.


yea I just checked and same here.


Same for me here. Just checked and I can’t find the free cross-buy PS4 version anywhere. It only gives me the option to buy it.
Any chance of a comment from someone at Sony?


I had the same thing, but apparently (it changed a bit since last night), you need to buy it again for free (there is one option which is free) and then you can select a download for your PS4 after you bought it.

Very weird way of doing it (as I had to buy the game again although I already bought it years ago), but it works.

If the browser store doesn’t let you download the cross-buy PS4 version (if you have bought it for PS3, see my previous message: ), then try to use the Android or IOS PlayStation App and its Store to download. The app version of the Store showed the Journey PS3/PS4 version as free, when I searched for Journey.

I just bought it on the pc ps store without any problems. It showed free for me as a normal cross buy.
By the way, thanks a lot for the cross buy and to my friend “robinworldwide” in Holland who offered me this beatifull game at the ps3 release. I can’t waite to play it again.

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