Hatoful Boyfriend hatches on PS4 and PS Vita this month

Hato Moa’s eccentric dating sim comes with brand new content

The teams at developer Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital are thrilled to announce that our remake of Hato Moa’s incomparable Hatoful Boyfriend will launch on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on 21st July!

Bird lovers around the world will be able to enjoy the romance of their avian suitors in luscious HD at home or on the go as Hatoful Boyfriend will be a Cross-Buy title – grab it on PS4 or PS Vita and you’ll own it on both!


Hatoful Boyfriend will also include a whole new romance option featuring Tohri, a character that previously only appeared in the Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star sequel, written by original creator Hato Moa.

This new content means there is a whole new story path for longtime fans and new players to the series as well as a brand new ending. Explore questionable stalkers, bitter rivalries and even doomsday devices in this exclusive new Hatoful Boyfriend content.

Keep tracking on all the news around Hatoful Boyfriend and the upcoming sequel Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star, also due to arrive on PS4 and PS Vita later this year, by following @DevolverDigital and @Mediatonic on Twitter!

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cognac-vsop 10 July, 2015 @ 14:07

price? i’ve heard some good things about this game.. look forward to checking it out on Vita..


On Steam its £7 so that probably it

crimsonidol-de 11 July, 2015 @ 09:04

On the US-blog Nigel said it will cost 9.99 us-dollars, so I assume it will be the same amount in euros and probably 8 pounds. The game will most likely also get a PS+-discount:

cognac-vsop 10 July, 2015 @ 14:07

any update on Broforce? been waiting on that for a while…

tired-hippo 10 July, 2015 @ 14:16

I kinda hope this does really well so sony decide to release some dating sims for vita over here.

My heart is ready.



That text (font and colours) looks like it might be difficult to read on the Vita screen, so I’ll probably play it on PS4. I’m looking forward to playing something different.


Surely they’ll have optimised the typeface for Vita… These are most likely PS4 screenshots, formatted for the big screen.

noodleboy1972 10 July, 2015 @ 15:58

This takes pigeon fanciers to the next level..

HomessaHomem 10 July, 2015 @ 16:09

My Vita cry with joy. :)

Yes oh yes oh yes..been waiting for this and the 21st…I feel like a young child waiting for xmas. 11 days seems like a lifetime. I hope we will also be receiving the dlc – otome and Lovecraft horror. The only thing better than that would be Cthulhu otome…instead of happily ever after its a race to madness ever after..tickling tentacles aside…oops sorry heading into Legend of the Overfiend with that reference

Since no countries are specified I assume for the whole EU region?
Anyway can’t wait to do some avian flirting ;)

HomessaHomem 11 July, 2015 @ 06:32


SatoshiOokami 11 July, 2015 @ 07:20

Let the chirping commence!

mike_291990 11 July, 2015 @ 14:30

Yes! I hope everybirdy enjoys this amazing game :D
I’ll be buying it again. I bought it day 1 on PC and now again on PS4/Vita x3

Is it English only or are other languages like German available?

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