Watch the God of War 3 Remastered launch trailer

Kratos’ epic third adventure arrives on PS4 this week

This year, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of God of War, and we at Sony Santa Monica are proud to bring God of War 3 Remastered to the PlayStation 4 this Wednesday (Friday in the UK and Ireland).

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For many God of War fans, God of War 3 was one of the most epic titles on the PlayStation 3, and the game is still one of our studio’s proudest accomplishments. For all of you that have joined the PlayStation family on PS4 recently, we hope that you become part of the Spartan army, yell “Zeus” to the heavens, and guide Kratos on his quest for revenge. And for the life-long God of War fans, we hope you enjoy reliving your favourite moments taking down gods and Titans alike as only Kratos knows how.

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The team at Wholesale Algorithms has made God of War 3 Remastered sharper, more vibrant, and smoother. Now you can see every single detail of Kratos’s fiery blades in motion as he performs his incredible ballet of destruction.

The gameplay, which targets 60fps/1080p, just feels better and the animation of the characters look so much smoother, which as an animator is especially rewarding!

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004

We also added an awesome photo mode that allows you to capture Kratos and his unlucky enemies in great dynamic poses that you can save and share with your fellow Spartans.

On behalf of Santa Monica Studio, we would like to thank all of the God of War fans who have supported us for 10 long years and we hope you all enjoy God of War 3 Remastered on PS4. We look forward to continuing this long journey with you and please stay tuned to PlayStation Blog and

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#07 - 20140604-0190

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Love to see some comparison shots between PS3 and PS4.


It’s not good marketing to show you that, because it’s negligible at full screen gameplay due to the amazing MLAA implementation and generally very high image quality of the PS3 version.

There’s plenty of 1080p PS4 games that look much worse than God of War 3 (720p) on PS3.


That’s really expensive for a slight graphical upgrade. Maybe PS4 owners that didn’t own a PS3 will fall for it.

I already supported this game on the PS3.
I’m not going to pay another €34.99 for it.
The upcomming Uncharted games are bout 20 a game.
If you haven’t played GoW3, go ahead, it’s a lot of fun.

rajaverma123 14 July, 2015 @ 18:15

This game on vita plz..

LAZIEST Remaster ever! That’s it? Just a simple turn up option to 1080 60 and that’s it? Charge nearly full price for a 5 yr old game? Are you serious?

Man Santa Monica used to like you guys but this Remaster was pathetic compared to other better Remasters that not only simply higher res and fps but they redo textures, models, lighting etc or they include a Trilogy like Uncharted Trilogy Collection.


Barebone port which doesn’t even sustain 60 fps.

If there’s one PS3 game that didn’t need a “remaster”, that would have been GoW 3. And to all people complaining that they never played the original, GO BUY A PS3.

johnnytravels 15 July, 2015 @ 08:06

Yeah, somebody’s going to buy it…
And somebody’s going to sell their PS4s because there are only craps games coming from Sony nowadays…


Yeah.. I am Kinda on that boat now.
Build myself a game pc and my ps4 is just collecting dust.
Already owned a ps3…And what do I have to look forwardto
Maybe 3 games in the next year?

Faustofausto 15 July, 2015 @ 10:45

Wow, it looks fantastic… on PS3!


The game already looks amazing and plays well on PS3. €35 for a resolution increase and a very basic photo mode is crazy. I’ll wait for a remastered price before picking this minimum effort, up-res version up. I do want this slightly better version of the game on my PS4, but not at the lol-price you currently ask.

madmanwithabox12 15 July, 2015 @ 13:21

A minimum effort port. And a high price tag. Great.

Over rated series from an extremely over rated studio. The first two games were decent, nothing amazing. But SSM are so in love with themselves it’s hard to actually like anything they do anymore. Naughty Dog are Sony’s best studio (and humble about it), but SSM sure like to think they’re bees knees of the PS family. PlayStation All-Stars really epitomises that, where we get Zeus of all people over the dozens of PlayStation characters people actually wanted. God of War in particular has had it’s time, yet it continues to be forced down our throats with Shovel Knight and such (where Sir Daniel Fortesque would have fit MUCH better). SSM properties seem to take priority over everything else in these situations (STFU has the Journey character in a game about shooting stuff… not Ratchet?). At least Sweet Tooth fits in Rocket League, that one makes sense.

In a nutshell, I honestly think SSM needs to get over itself.


Xboxone acctually gets real remakes.
We get a higherres…and thats it.
But if People keep buying it.. Sony keeps releasing these.

Yay another remaster game….hows about giving the lazy remasters With little to no purchase value a damn rest an focus on getting the New tittles done. This Def. A passer in My view


I have been playing it and it looks amazing. The difference is very clear in how it looks and feels. Gotta love 60fps.


The original also mostly ran at 60fps..
They forgot to mention that.

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