New on PlayStation Store: Journey, Hatoful Boyfriend, Skullgirls, more

Tembo the Baddass Elephant and QUBE also debut this week

The award winning Journey is now available for PS4. An emotional quest for newcomers and old timers awaits. Cross the desert to reach the far off mountain in the distance, and discover the mysterious world alone – or perhaps you’ll encounter strangers also on their own quest.

Hatoful Boyfriend. It has a high school. With pigeons as students. And lucky you – you’re the only human in this feathered establishment. It’s all a bit odd, but that’s what can be great about our favourite entertainment medium, right? So go check out them birds and get romantic.

Sticking to the animal theme, Sega is going large with Tembo the Baddass Elephant. Personally, the title sells it alone. Jump and smash through over a dozen challenging levels filled with evildoers, all whilst looking totally rad in a red bandanna.

To finish up, we’ll have a new wave of digital discounts going live, so come back tomorrow afternoon to see what’s on offer.

PlayStation StoreOut this week







  • Battle Islands
  • Support Engineer & Gold
  • Dead or Alive Last Round
  • Season Pass 2
  • Costumes by Tamiki Wakaki Set
  • Secret Agent Honoka Costume
  • Deception IV TNP
  • Humiliating Trap: Machine Gun Dancer
  • Elaborate Trap: Cube Freezer
  • Sadistic Trap: Ab Cruncher
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition (Out 22 July)
  • Spoils of the Qunari
  • Rocksmith
  • Regal Singles Song Pack
  • Possum Kingdom – The Toadies
  • Another One Bites The Dust -Queen
  • Silent Lucidity – Queensryche
  • Rock And Roll Queen – The Subways
  • Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder
  • The Witcher 3
  • Alternative Look for Ciri
  • New Finisher Animations (Out 23 July)


  • Dead or Alive Last Round
  • Season Pass 2
  • >Costumes by Tamiki Wakaki Set
    £19.99/€24.99/$37.95, or £2.49/€2.99/$4.55 each
    >Secret Agent Honoka Costume

  • Deception IV TNP
  • Humiliating Trap: Machine Gun Dancer
  • Elaborate Trap: Cube Freezer
  • Sadistic Trap: Ab Cruncher
  • Rocksmith 2014
  • Regal Singles Song Pack
  • Possum Kingdom – The Toadies
  • Possum Kingdom – The Toadies
  • Silent Lucidity – Queensryche
  • Rock And Roll Queen – The Subways
  • Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder
  • Skullgirls Encore
  • Robo-Fortune Character Unlock (Out 23 July)


  • Deception IV TNP
  • Humiliating Trap: Machine Gun Dancer
  • Elaborate Trap: Cube Freezer
  • Sadistic Trap: Ab Cruncher
  • Mahjong Carnival
  • 17 stars
  • 30 stars
  • 5 stars
  • Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3
  • Samurai News 04
  • Free

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in July

12 Author replies

Hi Jawad do you know how much Sword Art Online re Hollow Fragment for PS4 will cost?


sorry for the double post i click on send once but it double by itself

Porcupeth00 21 July, 2015 @ 14:36

I’ve asked here and Bandai Namco themselves, no answer. Don’t think we’ll know until release date.


Hi Jawad do you know how much Sword Art Online re Hollow Fragment for PS4 will cost?

cognac-vsop 21 July, 2015 @ 14:03

Hatoful Boyfriend.. £32.99??? WHAT?!? that can’t be right… typo?

must be a misprice, someone has made a flock up

cognac-vsop 21 July, 2015 @ 14:10

also wanted to check, it’s cross buy right? and does it have a platinum trophy?

FrostHammer_88 21 July, 2015 @ 14:16

If you look under the Vita listing it says £7.99, and I’m pretty sure Devolver Digital said it would be cross buy, so hopefully the listed PS4 price is just a typo.

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cognac-vsop 21 July, 2015 @ 14:03

I picked up Tembo last night, such a fun game! love it.


That Hatoful Boyfriend price is obscene.


Hooray for fixed price, boo for that one-day delay. Ah well, I can hardly play that, Tembo and Journey at the same time.

tired-hippo 21 July, 2015 @ 14:04

Really hoping that hatoful boyfriend for PS4 price is wrong……..

What’s up with the PS4 price for Hatoful Boyfriend? Must be a mistake, surely.

Jawad Ashraf 21 July, 2015 @ 14:26

It’s nothing but trash.

(I couldn’t resist!)

Also,I’ll just insert my weekly “Where’s Harvest Moon: Back to Nature?” comment here.

i’m sure natsume said it’s still in QA with sony a couple weeks ago when i asked them

The Fall which was supposed to be out last week is still not on PSstore here in Finland. Is it not coming here at all or is it just delayed for some reason?


Same thing here in Norway..

Triforce-1976 21 July, 2015 @ 14:06

Very nice store update this week.
PS. pls ppl dont waste your money on this HD update Prototype Biohazard Bundle, its so bad. The graphics are the same as the ps3 version and the framerate drops way below 30. Activision lest everyone see how lazy they are.


Well in fact i’ve always considered those two remasters as a giant “Why?”


Hey guys, any chance to finally add Mousecraft to our Slovakian PS Store. It’s almost the end of the month and we are still missing one PS+ game. I tried to write an email to our support but it’s been 3 weeks.

£49.99 for a PS3 game originally released in 2013?

Put down the glue stick!

What happend to Game of thrones episode 5? That was supposed to be released today

cognac-vsop 21 July, 2015 @ 14:09

GoT ep5 been on the store since last night. i got it downloaded already.

Jawad Ashraf 21 July, 2015 @ 14:27

That’s out today as well, yes.


Playstation 3 version is crashing system.

Any one had same problem?


Thanks for finally releasing the Mortal Kombat X Klassic Fatalities 1 addon two weeks after the actual release date. Well at least it’s out, with the second one. But still… meh.

cognac-vsop 21 July, 2015 @ 14:08

hopefully the Hatoful Boyfriend price for the vita £7.99.. is the correct price and the ps4 pricing is a typo.. also its cross buy right? so if i get the vita one i get it for ps4 also? anyone know if it has a platinum trophy?

Jawad Ashraf 21 July, 2015 @ 14:28

Two birds with one stone (cross-buy).


Lol…bought Hatoful Boyfriend voor €0,99 of maybe €1,50 in the last Steam sale… Funny [DELETED] but i hope the PS4 price is a typo :) When do we get the last discounts ?

tenshi_alpha 21 July, 2015 @ 14:10

All of the links in this article go to “unable to find this page”.

Also, why is “Hatoful Boyfriend” four times as expensive on PS4 as it is on Vita?

It’s a funny game, gets serious though, hahaha!


Still no Rocket League theme? It was out on the US store 2 weeks ago.


EU get a lot less themes and avatars than the rest of the world. And the few that come here aren’t even announced.


That Dead or Alive Last Round Season Pass 2 is a bargain.

Igoreshkinn 21 July, 2015 @ 14:12

Hello guys. I want to ask you all to boycot “Prototype Biohazard Bundle”. Let’s show no mercy for publisher. Don’t buy it !!!


Yeah, apparently the port is a bit of mess so I’d avoid.

PS_TrophyHunter 21 July, 2015 @ 14:14

£32.99 for Hatoful Boyfriend :O Must be a pluck up from their end I hope. If it’s not and it’s cross-buy if so I know what version I’m buying!

crimsonidol-de 21 July, 2015 @ 14:16

It has four times the resolution so it’s four times the price. ;)

PS_TrophyHunter 21 July, 2015 @ 14:27

Well I have a PS4 so resolution isn’t an issue for me all games at 720p and 30 fps is awesome lol. I wouldn’t mind seeing those gorgeous pigeon boys in 1080p though but all I can do is dream :(


The Journey store description mentions a free PS4 theme, but I didn’t get any theme when I “bought” the game for free via crossbuy earlier today. Is it only for new buyers?

crimsonidol-de 21 July, 2015 @ 14:18

When will the Oreshika-theme (the one for 2 euros) finally be available for download?
We can buy it since six weeks but the download button doesn’t work and it doesn’t showsup in the download queue either.


Bought journey this morning.
I DID get the theme. It might be in the DLC section for the game? Add on content? It was there at the download page for me.
I finished it just 2 hours later for the first time ever. It was pretty wonderful especially the ending sections.

PS_TrophyHunter 21 July, 2015 @ 14:28

I got the free theme too it was a pleasent suprise to get something for free these day :)

Cross buy PS4 Journey for me as already own on PS3, looking forward to playing through again.

Is Deadpool on PS3 really £49.99?!?!?


Well, it’s a miracle that Deadpool got relisted. Hopefully it’s also in physical format.


hatoful boyfriend price on ps4 is 39 euros , and 9 euros on the vita ?? for the same game ??? can’t believe this…

Martingutten 21 July, 2015 @ 14:24

Will we get The Fall in Norway this week, and the 20% off? The developer didn’t know that we hadn’t gotten it yet.

Jawad Ashraf 21 July, 2015 @ 14:32

Not as far as I am aware…

FortyPercent 21 July, 2015 @ 14:27

Been waiting for Journey, greatly looking forward to giving it another playthrough. Mighty tempted on Skullgirls too. Will it be getting a PS+ discount like Journey and Tembo have?

Good week overall.

Jawad Ashraf 21 July, 2015 @ 14:34

There are PS Plus discounts that aren’t pulling through.

Journey – 20% off, ends 28 July
Hatoful Boyfriend – 20% off, ends 4 August
Tembo The Baddass Elephant – 10% off, ends 4 August
QUBE – 20% off, ends 5 August
Skullgirls – 20% off, ends 5 August

FortyPercent 21 July, 2015 @ 14:41

By “not pulling through”, you mean not appearing on the store/this update, but will be in effect? If so, that’s cool. Nice discount on SG, will definitely be picking it up then. Thanks.

Jawad Ashraf 21 July, 2015 @ 14:46

On this post itself.

spacedelete2 21 July, 2015 @ 14:32

how is Dead or Alive season pass costing that much ? what a rip off. it just makes the PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 seem even more value for money as its only 20 quid and has everything including costumes and modes.

also we don’t care about indie games. we want PS1 and PS2 emulation on PS4. you don’t know how much money your leaving on the table here.


lmao what a silly excuse to post your weekly spam.

spacedelete2 21 July, 2015 @ 14:44

Lance_87 i’ll stop when they finally give us. i miss my downloaded classics.


Sounds like a threat to me…

cognac-vsop 21 July, 2015 @ 14:32

will there be a ps+ discount for Hatoful? i think the dev said there would be..

JuliMizrahi 21 July, 2015 @ 14:33

Hello! I work at Mediatonic and can confirm that the Hatoful Boyfriend price listed here is a mistake which we’ve asked SCEE to amend.

PS_TrophyHunter 21 July, 2015 @ 14:40

If you do work for Mediatonic thanks for bringing such a quirky game to PS4 and Vita. Love you :) Your game brings a new meaning to pigeon fancier lol.


And the additional translations deserve a mention, very few (if any) graphic novels get translated beyond English, even in the days of Google Translate. The extra effort gets a day one sale from me


A sneaky Dishonored PS4 theme appears! :O
Great week with Tembo and Journey. And even birds with expensive tastes XD

crimsonidol-de 21 July, 2015 @ 14:43

These birds deserve fodder of highest quality and not just bread crumbs or other scraps left on streets. And that fodder is expensive! :D

How about a wave of non digital discounts?

Porcupeth00 21 July, 2015 @ 14:39

Probably on the 29th

Jawad Ashraf 21 July, 2015 @ 14:45

@Porcupth00 Pretty much.


Good to know other stuff is on its way.

tired-hippo 21 July, 2015 @ 14:46

-Waits for store updates to actually appear- Ho Hum…..


How much will QUBE cost?

Jawad Ashraf 21 July, 2015 @ 14:55

€9.99. It’ll be added above shortly.


Nice. Looks like there’ll be 4 new games for me tomorrow (Hatoful, Journey, QUBE and Tembo).

SuicidalSteve 21 July, 2015 @ 14:58

For anyone that still play DoA5 – Season Pass 2 for £73.99??!!! Obscene amount of money I always thought that there would be just one season pass and to add this on for more content? I do hope there is an ultimate sale for these passes in good time because it is a hell of a lot of cash


that’s Tecmo to you.

PS_TrophyHunter 21 July, 2015 @ 15:16

Or a GOTY or Ultimate Edition for £49.99 then ill but it :)


Haha, nice try…

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There is a problem with the trophies of Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess – I was able to earn them, but the trophy list doesn’t seem to be up in Europe and they can’t be synced. This may not be the best place to post this and I apologise, but it may be semi related to the store update.

I’ll get Tembo and possibly Yasai Ninja later today.

V-Phantomhive 21 July, 2015 @ 16:43

I confirm.


Have the same problem for the deception trophys..

Wasn’t Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Overdrive supposed to be out this week too?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tomorrow..I have to wait until tomorrow for pigeon sharking??!!!! I bought several pairs of budgie smugglers…not for myself mind you.

To make matters worse there is a pigeon in my area that has been strutting around and seemingly has developed a taste for fajita wraps the hubb keeps throwing out on the patio…is driving one of my cats mental. I guess that would be cat baiting o.O I think it’s safe to say we no longer have double glazing on the kitchen window…can’t wait to see how she reacts to them on the telly.

zalwelgoedgaan 21 July, 2015 @ 15:13

Already preordered Tembo on Steam, just gonna wait for the PSN Summer Sale I guess. :/

Will Hatoful Boyfriend support other languages or is it English only?


English only, apparently. Just another case of “it’s a miracle that got released in the West”.


Ignore Lance, German and French translations have been added to this release and have been confirmed for a while.


Still, no Spanish or Italian :/ wondering if they’ll add the extra languages to Steam, too.

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I hate pigeons :D Anyway will we ever get any good Dynamic Themes like they get on the USA Store? I want a ‘Fish Tank’ one :(
+ I got for the PS3 the Journey Collection on disc so i suppose i won’t get the PS4 PSN version for free then with Cross buy? I doesn’t seem that way which is a shame. Oh well.


Well no, you can’t do cross-buy between physical and digital. To the system, it’s like you don’t “own” it.


There was once a “Fish Tank” like theme on the PSN EUR STORE, but a great number of themes were removed from the EUR STORE and that theme was one of the many removed.


I see you have PLUS so you can download the “Fish Tank 2” theme exclusive to PLUS users, just look at the STORE.

BrAdAZ360XD 21 July, 2015 @ 15:23

Any idea when Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist is launching?

Jawad Ashraf 21 July, 2015 @ 16:46

Just Summer according to Konami.


First and second week of September, to all I know it will be 1SET, but…

ste_the_legend 21 July, 2015 @ 15:24

Hatoful Boyfriend looks pretty quirky and I may give it a chance, especially with a 20% Plus discount :D

tired-hippo 21 July, 2015 @ 15:36

Still waiting for Hatoful to appear on the store :(


We will have to wait until tomorrow :(

tired-hippo 21 July, 2015 @ 15:51

But it was originally coming out todaaay and me and my friend were going to play it on twitch D:


Still no DLC for Guilty Gear Xrd ='(


They will never release it, we have been screwed. I’d get a refund..


Will we get a free PS4 copy of Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment by pre-purchasing SAO: Lost Song like NA. ???


Isnt skullgirls supposed to release tomorrow (22nd July)??? Thats according to the Skullgirls blogpost!

GaGaTheMovies 21 July, 2015 @ 16:02

wasn’t Journey supposed to be free, if you bought it on ps3 already?

zalwelgoedgaan 21 July, 2015 @ 16:04

I bought it for PS3 and I just claimed the PS4 version for free, so yes.

GaGaTheMovies 21 July, 2015 @ 16:07

it still shows the price here, i dont know if im doing it wrong, where did you find it?

zalwelgoedgaan 21 July, 2015 @ 16:09

Different countries have different stores, maybe you have to wait for yours to show the correct price. Try adding it to your cart and go to the checkout page to see if the price is free or not before buying.

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Hi, there are no dlc for DOA last round

xiuyinghong 21 July, 2015 @ 21:57

We are back to the usual service with DOA DLC, it seems…

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