New on PlayStation Store this week: Galak-Z, Submerged, AeternoBlade, more

And look out for a fresh batch of Batman: Arkham Knight add-ons

First up this week, ’80s anime and arcade-gaming meld with state-of-the-art physics and A.I. in addictive procedurally-generated space adventure Galak-Z! Be the hero in a world that oozes classic Saturday morning cartoons but plays like a tough, modern, tactical shoot ’em up.

Also out this week, Submerged is a combat-free third-person adventure in which you explore a mysterious flooded city. You take on the role of Miku, a young girl who has brought her wounded brother to the city in their small fishing boat. Navigate the flooded city streets by boat, scale the drowned buildings, and use your telescope to scour the city for supplies.

Elsewhere, vengeful warrior Freyja travels with an unknown weapon called ‘AeternoBlade‘, seeking revenge on Beladim, the Lord of the Mist who destroyed her village and killed her tribe. Find out the secrets of the weapon and solve that await mysteries waiting for you in this no-nonsense side-scroller.

Finally, don’t forget PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale is also going strong, so check out last week’s post to remind yourself of all the discounts you won’t want to miss out on (new offers will be added on 12th August).

PlayStation StoreOut this week


  • AeternoBlade
    (Out 05/08/15)
    Not available in: Australia, New Zealand

  • Boggle
    (Out 04/08/15)

  • Galak-Z
    (Out 05/08/15)



  • AeternoBlade
  • Arena Mode
  • Bikini Costume (DUP)
  • Agent Costume (DUP)
  • Ninja Costume (DUP)
  • Time Guardian Costume (DUP)
  • Assassin Costume (DUP)
  • Virnia Costume (DUP)
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Red Hood Story Pack
  • Harley Quinn Story Pack
  • 1st Appearance Batman Skin
  • Dark Knight Returns Skin
  • Batman Beyond Skin
  • Prototype Batmobile Skin
  • Rocksmith 2014
  • 1950s Song Pack
  • Rock Around the Clock -Bill Haley & His Comets
  • La Bamba -Ritchie Valens
  • The Champs -Tequila


  • Rocksmith 2014
  • 1950s Song Pack
  • Rock Around the Clock -Bill Haley & His Comets
  • La Bamba -Ritchie Valens
  • The Champs -Tequila


  • Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3
  • Samurai News 06

PlayStation Plus

  • Submerged
  • 20% off

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in August

2 Author replies
jamie-sixtyfour 04 August, 2015 @ 14:04

The PS+ link & image for Sound Shapes is for the Ultimate Collection, that’s not free!


It should be!

jamie-sixtyfour 04 August, 2015 @ 15:10

EDIT: Blog post has now been amended to show the standalone game. This is no longer a concern!

Uh, not a single mention of Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment for PS4…?


Just a blog error, its up on the store.


That is out today. It just bizarrely was not on any schedule that I use to work from :\

Yeah I know. Been playing for a few hours. But REALLY poor not to even mention it. Might be a niche game, but still.

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Uh, not a single mention of Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment for PS4…?

SatoshiOokami 05 August, 2015 @ 09:18

Too weeb, I guess?
Btw, update for the Vita version is also out so if anyone wants, you can upload your save =)

ChameleonVector 05 August, 2015 @ 17:42

Don’t buy this on the PS4! On the US store, they get this FREE with a pre-order of SAO Lost Song. Don’t support games when we’re being ripped off. Yes, there’s different publishing licenses, but if Sony EU pulled their finger out, we could get nice things too. Vote with your wallets!

The Sound Shapes Ultimate Bundle isn’t free, only the regular game is. Is this a mistake on the store or on the Blog?

Ultimate bundle was never meant to be free. Only the standard game is. Ultimate Bundle is with all DLC.

No Rocket League DLC? Wasn’t thar due on the 4th? I knew I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up

StevenJamesHyde 04 August, 2015 @ 14:15

The developer didn’t announce anything more specific than August; first week was always unlikely

@Jawad, any news about Phantom Breaker for PS4 in EU? It’s been out in ‘Murica for ages now.


This is stuff that really annoys me. Jawad, why is there always silence on release issues like this? We want games released at the same time everywhere, every time, is that really too much to ask!?

Yes, where is Phantom Breaker for PS4 in EU? Any news would be welcome.


Woo! Boggle!!

Have a nice summer, everyone.

Wait for Until Dawn, Metal Gear Sold V The Phantom Pain, Uncharted Trilogy and Just Cause 3 to finish my 2015.

So no PS+ discount for Galak-Z? Alright…

Also, wasn’t Bedlam supposed to be released today?

Boggle better be in 1080p and 60fps

No new games for PS Vita and PS3? :-(. Why I have PS Vita, if no new games are released :-/.

SatoshiOokami 05 August, 2015 @ 09:20

Japan has them :P

Galak-Z looks super sick, can’t wait to give it a try.


Not at that price. £16 is insane. For £20 I bought the Rare Replay released earlier today. Sony’s pricing is getting out of control, and 95% of the time far more expensive than LIVE.

I don’t necessarily disagree, the price does look a bit too steep but to be fair I’m pretty sure it’s the developers who are in charge of pricing and not Sony. I’ll probably wait for a steam release later this year anyway.


You can only blame the publisher’s for so long. Microsoft don’t have anything similar to the Plus Discount because nearly every game is cheaper anyway (Deals With Gold is a separate issue). There have been numerous times where I’ve looked for a game on the XBO and found it cheaper as standard than it is on the PS4 even with the 10% Plus Discount. That’s entirely the publishers doing? Not according to them it isn’t.

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X_Blood_Curse_X 04 August, 2015 @ 14:20

Was hoping we’d get some new sales either today or tomorrow, not on the 12th :/

Oh well, nothing for me this week. Maybe one day Harvest Moon Back To Nature will actually appear

God of War, instead of appearing as free to download, is only coming up with the rental options from PlayStation Now.

I should say I’m viewing the games from the PS4; I checked the webstore and it’s fine from there.


You won’t be able to find it on the PS4 store as it is a PS3 game. You will either have to go to the webstore (as you have done) or go to the store on the PS3.

All Plus games for the month are available to download from the PS4. In this case an error has brought up the Playstation Now rental options instead of the download option (which downloads it to your PS3).

Will we be seeing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature any time soon?

Is AeternoBlade cross buy? I bought the vita version awhile ago. Don’t think I would want to buy it a second time, it’s ok at best

Link to AeternoBlade doesn’t work.

OK so asking if a game is cross buy needs to be moderated? huh???

Pure pool snooker dlc??


Ripstone said “coming soon” (x10000000) from May… :(

I am sure I saw it last week on the store

madmanwithabox12 04 August, 2015 @ 14:25

Poor Vita =/

AK DLC is just the exclusives/pre-order bonuses. I take it the Batman ’89 pack is next week?

I think it’s a really, really low move to have had the Stealth Inc 2 on sale (Stealth Inc 1 & 2 separately and in a bundle) the past few weeks when you guys clearly knew you were giving Stealth Inc 2 away on IGC. Those poor mugs who bought this game only to see it given away this month must be livid.

Any chance the pre-order Sword Art Online: Lost song will be available on EU?


Looking at Bandai Namco’s support for Europe. Probably not since they are even to lazy to fix dlc problems for their other titles.


I hope there is a Plus discount on Galak-Z.

There isn’t.

Where’s Phantom Breaker Battleground Overdrive for PS4?

It’s nice of you & the dev to keep us up to date.

This is the first time that I have found out that the PlayStation Plus update has been switched to Tuesday.

I am sure there are at least a few people that are in the same position as I am right now as I am getting £15.99 pricing for Rocket League on PS4 and £13.99 for Geometry Wars 3 on Vita despite being a PlayStation Plus member.

The point is that the sale prices are updated on a Wednesday and suddenly PlayStation Plus is updated of a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday. I was not aware this change has been made and now there is £30 worth of content that I am missing and even then we are talking literally less than 2 hours past midnight when I went to redeem them.

Should there not be a cross-over point for PlayStation Plus games to be redeemed up until the moment the new set of PlayStation Plus games go live? I do not see the new set of PlayStation Plus games in that section right now as I see July’s set still listed.


To be fair, this change was well publicised (here and on independent websites) and announced over a month in advance. It’s not really their fault you didn’t read about it.

Carnivius_Prime 04 August, 2015 @ 14:48

Why didn’t you download them before now? They were up there for a month.

StevenJamesHyde 04 August, 2015 @ 14:49

They have been free for a whole month. A post stating when they were being removed was published a whole week ago. Why leave it until the last minute?

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“new offers will be added on 12th August”. Wait so no new deals tomorrow? I wonder when you guys learn people want a sale like Steam does in their summer sale. Almost every title with a discount instead of these selected titles that have been in sale over and over again.


Including dlc.


Much (much) trickier to arrange than Steam.

Yeh that is what we always hear when Sony lacks behind the competition in customer experience regarding whatever is not done like being able to put video’s and music on you harddisk, add an external HDD to expand what is in there and a store update without mistakes (just for once).
So please enlighten us why it’s trickier and what you are going to do to change it and when.

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AeternoBlade:”this no-nonsense side-scroller.”


Bikini Costume (DUP)


Hello,can someone tell me when Black Ops 3 preorder will be available?Because it’s still not downloadable in Russia…

Hey Jawad. Any news on if the Rambo games “baker team” dlc will actually arrive, as the trophies for it have been out since January?
Also what happened to the Kung Fury game?

Daisuki_Tsukasa 04 August, 2015 @ 15:48

Is there any chance we’ll be getting the same Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment DLC on Re:Hollow Fragment?

That’s a question for Bandai Namco. Not Sony.


All the dlc for the original is in re:

Daisuki_Tsukasa 05 August, 2015 @ 09:35

@Rawanz, I’m pretty sure Sony receives information about it so the question is justified.
@geraint09, it is? Does that mean you can get a hold of Heathcliff’s stuff on there already without sending the Vita save?

Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition is finally available on EU since a few days.

Where is The Castle Game? :(

I checked the Galax-Z blog post dated 24th July on this very eu playstation blog on Friday 31st July, and it stated that Galax-Z would be out on the eu store today, Tuesday 4th August. They have since changed it to the 5th. I appreciate that it is only one more day to wait and that release dates are ‘subject to change,’ but I find it frustrating as I believe its more likely that the eu blog just got its facts wrong.


The irony is, SCEE boasted proudly they were moving the Store update to Tuesday to put it inline with SCEA. What they failed to tell everyone is that very few of the games will actually come out on that day, and often making EU gamer’s wait until the Friday even for digital only games (when NA have the game on the intended Tuesday).

Is it me or are the cost of ‘indie’ digital games creeping higher and higher over the last year? Galak-Z does look good but £16 is a bit steep, and Boggle is £12, that’s right BOGGLE costs £12. Without being too cynical it’s just designed to grab the cash of the early adopter types with everyone else waiting for the inevitable sale/plus discount in a couple of months.

Wait, Galak-Z is 20€??? No ps+ discount like in the US?



you can’t even hashtag properly.


You know, Jawad, my faith in SCEE’s QA processes could not be lower, this is not about Phantom Breakers as I’m not interested in it. There is a PSP game called Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter that I have been waiting for for 3 years and already I’m resigning myself to a further wait after its eventual US release because it seems that SCEE make it difficult to release games in an adequate time frame. Can’t you see the problem?


blame XSEED and Carpe Fulgur not Sony.


Just an FYI, Dishonoured definitive edition is up for pre order now, looks like it’s got the 50% upgrade option too as it’s showing as £14.99 for me.


It’s $46 here $11 dearer than £15 converted, $16 more expensive than conversion of the U.S. price, and our conversion rate is at an all time low.

I hadn’t realised my ps plus had expired and resubscribed last night to download last months games but when I went to do it all the games had a price and I couldn’t download them for there a way I can get these as they weren’t available as they should have been?


Have you tried logging out and then loggin back in again? Just joined PS Plus two months ago and thought it was automatic thing but when I looged out and logged back in again, my status was updated.

Sounds like you missed the cut off


I thought the cut off was when the new games were added?I’ve had ps plus every month since getting my ps3 and these are the first I’ve missed.I tried logging in and out.goin on ps3 different browsers everything I could think of.never mind

Please fix the south Park price for Germany!!!

Are you sure Galak-Z is out tomorrow? Earlier today the dev said the game was still in cert for EU and had no date for it.

Nevermind, it’s there. All good :)

Why does us get all the good stuff. We WANT PS NOW!!!
and free tv

PowerplantPosse 05 August, 2015 @ 01:28

If anyone else is in the Middle East (UAE), Sound shapes and GoW:Ascension are not a part of our monthly PS+ lineup. We get Flower(PS3/Vita) and Flow(PS3/4/Vita) instead.

This is something they should’ve mentioned because… reasons, but no biggie.

At this rate I might just switch to a US account permanently.

To be fair I actually think they mentioned it on the blog post last week were they announced the IGC games.

WHAT?! Castlestorm is only free for Vita?! All the previous months have been cross-buy versions, why not this? There goes the ONLY game I wanted to play this month. I’ll just buy it on Steam next time, wasting my money renting games I don’t even want with PS+

Sniper_at_w0rk 05 August, 2015 @ 10:16

It’s crossbuy with PS3, so stop whining.


that’s Australia to you


Anyone else has problems trying to download community levels on Stealth Inc 2?

I have always a message error “you are not connected to PSN”

Dishonored Definitive Edition is up for pre-order, not sure why the previous ignoring of the subject by blog staff. $46 NZD for upgrade, $90 NZD for full, that’s the US $20 for upgrade and $40 for full deal. Puts the full at about the price of what you can buy a new release for retail on day one, which is a little expensive for an older port but at least it happened.

In the US store you get SOA hollow fragment for free if you pre order the SOA game that comes out in november :)

no action on the europe store … which doesn’t surprise me at all :)

ChameleonVector 05 August, 2015 @ 17:48

Exactly why I’m not buying it. Disgraceful tbh. Sick of US getting better treatment than us..


That deal where you pre order Sword Art Online: Lost Song and receive a free copy of SAO Re Hallow Fragment were only ment for US stores. So i highly doubt they offer the same in EU Store. At least thats what i read from the Bandai EU forum.


Any chance of us getting some of the games and avatars that are on japan store? More specifically the Madoka Magica game for vita and avatars for ps3. They get all the cool rpg’s I know they are made in japan to begin with but their just as popular here in the Uk, especially with me and my friends. We need more anime related stuff.

pfft, as if.

lies, damned lies, and sony promises.

of course we all know what “soon” means to sony everywhere except the good old us of a.
5 months since the us launch, six months since you said it was “coming soon”

and still no idea when, or even if we’ll ever get to see it.

just some guff about licensing, translated means nobody’s bought the license yet.

i mean, giving us what we were promised?
how very dare us right?

Soon like CsGo soon


South African online store gives the error “you are not eligible to purchase or download this content” when trying to redeem the ps3/psvita version of Sound Shapes. All other games can be redeemed, though. Any idea why this is happening?

CoolRichy007UK 05 August, 2015 @ 18:57

punches the playstation store so it works for you :D


You have amazing punching skills :P Went back to the store and ps3 version showed up as purchased, so it’s on my download list :D

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