New trailer demonstrates cause and effect in Until Dawn

Discover the aftermath of your choices in the PS4 exclusive interactive horror

Something we’ve spoken about a lot with Until Dawn is the Butterfly Effect system and how that affects the story; where your moment to moment decisions can have immediate or long-term impact on the events of the night.

The way we have implemented this system in game means there are thousands of potential branches to every player’s individual story. Some of your decisions might appear to be inconsequential – a conversation choice that makes a character come across as a bit of an ass, for example – but if you’d made a different choice that character might have ended up the hero. Everything you choose can affect how other characters react, potentially with dire consequences. Some choices are more obvious but much more difficult, like choosing which friend will live and which will die.

The thing is, you won’t always know what impact your choices will have until after you’ve made them – it was important to us that players shouldn’t second guess their path through the story of Until Dawn. It’s only after you’ve made a decision that you’ll find out the consequences of that choice, sometimes only hours later.

Our latest trailer shows the potential aftermath of your decisions. Only your choices determine who survives Until Dawn…

Until Dawn comes out on 26th August in Europe and 28th August in the UK.

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Ramases_Niblick 06 August, 2015 @ 18:14

Not going to watch the video, don’t want anything spoilt. Really looking forward to this game :-D

Also it always amuses me that Europe has a different release date to the UK. We’re in Europe lol


Man you re the 51st state of the USA and you don’t even use the Euro but the £, how are you in Europe lol ?

The game looks really good but releasing it at the same time with MGS PP is a really bad idea.

We are both in the continent of Europe and the European Union. Not all EU countries use the Euro, as some of us have sense and like being able to set our own interest rates. TYVM.

European_Gamer 07 August, 2015 @ 08:41

It’s not really spoiling anything.

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European_Gamer 07 August, 2015 @ 08:40

Awesome trailer.


Unfortunate that it releases so close to MGSV. I told myself I’d wait for pricecut but who am I kidding, I love these type of games and exclusives, so I’m going to support even if no one else does at launch :p I’ll probably manage to get it finished by the time MGSV arrives, looks more like a game with a lot of replay value anyway :p

I hope you guys green-light a sequel, i’d love to see more Until Dawn games with an all new cast and new setting.

Until Dawn : Nightmares
Until Dawn : Cabin by the Lake
Until Dawn : This is Halloween

Yes, i like these types of games, so a sequel or anything like that would be great. But first i want to play Until Dawn. Can´t wait til 26th. pre-ordered it in may or june.

Will there be a demo before the release?

Jeff-Andrew-NL 07 August, 2015 @ 23:22

Butterfly system sounds amazing! EA could use it for the next Mass Effect haha.
But ya, me and horror.. Nope. I find Minecraft and Skyrim scary as hell. So not going near this one xD
Hope people enjoy it!

Looking forward to Until Dawn. It’s amazing how the developer kept the vibe of the teenage slasher movies.


ho have otlast

valentinabelea88 16 August, 2015 @ 18:12

that`s a real enjoyable movie/game

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