Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 hits PS4 & PS3 next week

First screens from the penultimate instalment, Escape Plan Bravo

If you’ve been waiting to find out what happens in the penultimate episode of Tales from the Borderlands, you won’t be waiting much longer! Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo is set for release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 next Tuesday, 18th August.

Today we can show you a few all-new screenshots from the episode for a little peek at what’s coming up. Between psychos, spaceships, and a certain diamond gun-pooping pony, there’s a lot packed into this one!


We certainly left our unlikely heroes in a precarious position at the end of the last episode. After being captured by Vallory and her goons at the end of Episode 3, Rhys and Fiona are now forced to continue the search for the Vault beacon – at gunpoint. The beacon is on the Hyperion moon base (Helios), while our heroes are on Pandora… so there’s the pesky cold void of death known as ‘space’ to overcome.

Even with assistance from a familiar face, and with a worryingly helpful Handsome Jack hitching a ride in Rhys’ head, getting on board the ominous ‘H’ is going to take every drop of guile, and quite possibly all the spunk you’ve got.

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One last thing: sacrifices will be made, so we hope you’re ready to make the tough choices needed to succeed…

As ever, thank you for reading, and we’d love to read your speculation in the comments below!


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reggyx3clover 12 August, 2015 @ 17:51

Will this game have a ps vita port because Sony showed this game’s logo on ps vita promotion video

If it’s anything like previous telltale games to receive a Vita port (Wolf Among Us and TWD), then the Vita version will be a bundle of the entire season released sometime after the final episode has came out on other platforms. So it’s coming, just no idea when yet.

reggyx3clover 13 August, 2015 @ 03:11

Yea but that logic would be flawless if it were a comment from the Telltale community themselves


TTG don’t engage with the community at all. Remember the four month wait for Bordlerands ep2? How about the 10 consecutive delayed released for PS in Europe throughout TWD 1+2 and Wolf?

The best we have is assumption until release day. The Vita version of Wolf didn’t even get an official announcement, it just appeared on launch day.

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Does Tales from the Borderlands work well on the PS4? I bought the PS3 version before I upgraded and it’s so bad. Choppy framerate, stuttering, I can’t take it anymore! It’s not enjoyable (that’s the PS3 version). Does the PS4 version work as smoothly as you’d expect? If so I may consider picking it up again!

The PS4 version of pretty smooth, I haven’t had any issues with it

The PS4 version (from what I’ve heard) should be running a lot better than the PS3 version, but could still be a bit smoother. Still, the game is supposed to be great.

I just bought the season pass yesterday on sale, but haven’t played it yet. Been hearing great things about episodes 1-3 though, so I really look forward to it.

To everyone on the fence: the season pass is still on sale for a couple of hours. Get it! Even without playing the previous Borderlands games, it’s still supposed to be great.


Yay! PS4 version works fine. Occasional stutter maybe (while loading etc.) but nothing too irritating. Loading times are a lot better too, one of the few things that bothered me with their ps3 series.

I can confirm this. Playing GoT and Tales from the Borderlands on PS4, the games run much smoother than what I remembered with the previous Telltale series on PS3. It could be better around the loading parts but overall, it is definitely better.

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