Rainbow Skies & Rainbow Moon are both coming to PS4 in 2016

The popular 2012 tactical RPG and its upcoming sequel due next year

Hi everyone, Marcus from SideQuest Studios here. I’m happy to be back on PlayStation Blog to share some news about our upcoming RPG Rainbow Skies.

After listening to a lot of fan feedback, we are happy to announce that we are now also developing Rainbow Skies for PlayStation 4. We plan to release Rainbow Skies with Cross-Save support for all current PlayStation platforms (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) in the second half of 2016.


For those of you who missed out on our previous game, we are pleased to confirm that we will also be re-releasing Rainbow Moon on PS4 sometime in 2016.

I know that a lot of our fans are eagerly awaiting news on Rainbow Skies, so I would like to give you an insight into some of the progress to the story system we have made in recent months.

Rainbow Skies has an increased emphasis on storytelling, writing, character backgrounds and acting, so players can expect a more interesting and well-crafted plot that features many twists and turns along the way. The complex background story consists of multiple, interwoven narratives, told through easy to read dialogue that is entertaining and, in the cases of certain character, funny too!

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Along with enlisting the help of a dedicated story and script writer, the original monologue system from Rainbow Moon has been replaced by a more complex dialogue system. Up to four characters can speak simultaneously which leads to much more lively conversations. We have also implemented numerous new animations, emoticons and conversation specific icons that help convey the feelings and moods that our heroes undergo during their journey. Trust me, they’ll be very emotional!

We have also created several short cut scenes, we call “action clips”, which are played when players reach certain check points in the story that focus on specific actions, characters or objects. Action clips don’t contain text or conversations, but they do help in explaining the current situation, introduce new game elements or simply act as a way to spice up in game events.


After releasing Rainbow Moon we received a lot of feedback that players wanted an increased emphasis on storytelling and we believe that players will be pleased with the new story system in Rainbow Skies. For those of you that prefer to focus on the gameplay, rest assured all conversations can be skipped at anytime. A detailed log system keeps track of every single mission and sub-task, including a short reminder about your next objective so you don’t have to worry about missing any vital information. This makes it very easy to pick up where you left off, even after taking a longer break from the game.

I would love to post more updates in the near future, but for now I’m back off to continue working on Rainbow Skies, and hope that many of you will be excited to play it in 2016. For more frequent updates, you can subscribe to our Rainbow Skies newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in the comments below.

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PS_TrophyHunter 13 August, 2015 @ 15:05

Loved Rainbow Moon last generation and can’t wait to replay it this generation ;)


is rainbow moon cross buy ? we shouldn’t have to buy it again.

Marcus Pukropski 13 August, 2015 @ 15:56

Most likely, yes

Cross but with which version? At the moment it isnt cross buy

ShadowFlightBA 13 August, 2015 @ 15:26

Why do developers announce games more a year or more before release? I really don’t get that. Do you seriously think I’m going to stay interested in it for a whole and wait for it to be released that long? No thanks, I prefer knowing about a game when the release date has been confirmed and it just a few weeks or months away.


AKA Fallout 4 and everyones hyped its only months away from its original announcement.

Marcus Pukropski 13 August, 2015 @ 16:07

My apologies, there are many reasons for the delay. We switched to a Söldner-X 2 PS Vita port in the middle of the Rainbow Skies development, which wasn’t part of the original plan. Also the PS4 version wasn’t part of the original concept, but a lot of people are now asking for.

I absolutely can understand your point though, just trying to explain why it happened.

ummagummachild 13 August, 2015 @ 15:39

At last my super fav #psvita game has its sequel coming up. Moon has been one of my all time favs n hopefully skies will best it.

Marcus Pukropski 13 August, 2015 @ 16:08

Many thanks for your feedback, hope you like it as much as we do:)

It’s a shame that we have to wait ANOTHER year for Rainbow Skies, but at least it means we will get a fantastic game! My patience is really being tested, because Rainbow Skies was the last 2015 game I am excited for which didn’t get delayed to 2016.

Marcus Pukropski 13 August, 2015 @ 16:22

We’re aware that it’s still a long time but we don’t want to make compromises in quality. Feel free to visit our game sites with updated frequently:


I do have a question! Will Rainbow Skies feature micro transactions? I’m not saying that Raindbow Moon was balanced so players where pushed to buy in-game currency, but finding out about the micro transactions ruined the game for me. I just instantly stopped playing it. A shame, since I was enjoying it very much up to that point (I gained acces to the raft just before I stopped playing). So I’m hoping you can at least give me some insight into how your studio is tackling this.

I don’t remember there being in game micro transactions in rainbow moon, if there was I managed to finish it without paying for anything


It’s ok to have micro transactions, I just want to be sure it doesn’t influence the balancing at all.

Marcus Pukropski 13 August, 2015 @ 16:40

Rainbow Skies won’t have micro transactions. Also, there will be no support for coin-, pearl or other booster packs like in Rainbow Moon. However it is possible that we release some additional game expansions at a later time but this will be completely new stuff; No unlock of features that are already in the game.

Hope that helps

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Rainbow Moon is a great title that I put about 30hrs into but still haven’t finished!
Looking forward to Rainbow Skies!

I have over 100 hours and still not fully complete.

Looking forward to rainbow skies. I loved rainbow moon on the vita!

God ,at last, Great news . Rainbows Skies had to be on PS4 .


yeah, this is awesome. I loved it on my Vita, althought i didn´t finished it and I would love it on my ps4. Can´t wait. :)

The wait is hard. Even harder when I expected to be playing it already. Delays is okay, when it makes the game better. Take the time needed.

Are you going end game crazy ones more? loved that in “moon”, after you completed the story, you could travel back to areas you been at before, to find new enemys, loot and more. Made my quest for the platinum trophy a breeze.

Marcus Pukropski 13 August, 2015 @ 18:22

We have a slightly different approach this time. The main story is more compact (~30-40) hours but at the same time with much more variation. Every dungeon has a dedicated graphic set now. On the other hand the optional content section is much larger. This also includes end game content. If you’re looking for additional challenges, you’ll find tons of them:)


I remember reading through the initial post when this was announced, and only in the past couple of months had this game slipped my mind, but now I’m all hyped again. Don’t worry about people moaning about how far off the release is, just make it good :)

Since the vita version of Moon was free for those who owned PS3 version and vice versa will the PS4 version also be like this?

Marcus Pukropski 13 August, 2015 @ 22:19

No decision has been made regarding cross buy, but it’s possible.

Loved Rainbow Moon on my vita. Put over 200h in the game. Hyped for the sequel.


Really looking forward to Rainbow Skies on my Vita :)

Hey Marcus good to see you again :) i’m all for the delay if it means seeing Rainbow Moon (which i loved and put in 118 hours) But i lost my place and was unable to finish it i am super looking forward to replaying it again on my PS4, along with Rainbow Skies my most anticipated title :) one question will the trophy list for Rainbow Moon be seperate from PS3? I hope so as I’d love to do all that grinding again from scratch!

Marcus Pukropski 14 August, 2015 @ 07:57

Thanks for your question. The trophies for Rainbow Moon PS4 will be the same, because we support the cross save feature.


Thanks for your answer. It is one of the main reasons i don’t like cross save but never mind still looking forward to both regardless :)


Rainbow Moon was surprisingly enjoyable…up till the final boss that is. When I discovered that I had to put in 20+ more hours of hardcore level grinding just to have a chance of beating him, I gave up on the game. :-/

Please make this final boss a bit easier, and rather include some optional superbosses for those guys that really like to grind!

Marcus Pukropski 14 August, 2015 @ 16:02

Many thanks for your feedback and I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the last boss. So much extra leveling is not required, but I admit that the last boss cannot be defeated with the standard tactics that have worked well up to that point.
You can find many hints and guides in our forum or check the official Rainbow-Moon wiki:

Hope that helps, we would be happy if you’ll give Rainbow Skies a chance though.

LieutenantFatman 14 August, 2015 @ 20:39

The last boss is pretty insane, but you don’t need anywhere near 20+ hours of grinding. Look up some tips and strategies and you’ll find a way to take him down. Might take a few hours if you’re under levelled but definitely not 20+.

Hype. Graphics styling reminds me aloooot of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky!!! That overhead camera and chibi.

Got the platinum for Rainbow Moon way back on 24/7/2012, so glad its finally getting sequel. Be cool if Moons ps4 edition had new boses or areas, but whatever happens Skies is now in my essential future purchase list.

LieutenantFatman 14 August, 2015 @ 20:40

Good luck! I look forward to the PS Vita version. :)

Great news to see this coming to PS4. Any chance of Soldner X2 getting a PS4 release?

Marcus Pukropski 17 August, 2015 @ 08:27

Very unlikely, although we never say never.

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