Fantasy action RPG Stories: The Hidden Path announced for PS4

Take on the mighty imperial Armada in Spearhead Games’ new adventure

Hey PlayStation gamers, Simon here from Spearhead Games! I thought I would give you all a glimpse into the project our small Montreal-based studio has been working on. For the last few months, we’ve been putting together a game called Stories: The Hidden Path.

Stories is an action-RPG set in a vibrant universe filled with floating islands, majestic airships, and flamboyant magic. Our hero is Reynardo, a sky corsair in a bit of a bind. As the sole survivor of the vanguard, he is the last line of defense against the mighty imperial armada about to overtake the entire realm. Reynardo fights against impossible odds, knowing that the fate of everything he holds dear rests on his shoulders.

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We’re building Stories to feel like an enchanted book with a different tale to tell each time you open it. Every choice you make in the game affects the storyline in real-time, and the narrator adapts his tale dynamically to reflect your course of action. With beautiful illustrations at every turn of the page, Stories will have you diving deeper into the narrative nuances each time you play.

We want to make Stories more than a traditional action-RPG, so we’re crafting a fresh storytelling system that we think will bring extra charm — and maybe even a few surprises — to our newest title. We’re super-proud of how the game is turning out and very excited to share more with you all in the coming months.


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Looks promising. It will get my vote if it’s included in Vote to Play.

reggyx3clover 14 August, 2015 @ 15:24

I wish this is on ps vita…

residentSteve 16 August, 2015 @ 15:28

Hate to say this vita is dead.


And you need to stop trolling saying it’s dead, because it isn’t.

CleverTwigboy 16 August, 2015 @ 17:23

D E A D B O Y S Kappa b

/me sits back down to play some more Steins;Gate on my Vita.


Gorgeous art style. I’ll be keeping my eye on this.

Looking nice! :3 Definitely looking out for updates on this game in the future

I’m so in Day One Buy!

this is the best goddamn looking thing. hype


is this game isometric?

Looks very nice. Is it made with UE4?

But anyway, any game with airships in instantly gets my interest.

This looks great. Really happy that French Canada is here and spreading the beauty. Looking forward to the coming months :)


whats the point in showing trailers that dont actually show ingame play any game can look great by showing cut sceens

LieutenantFatman 14 August, 2015 @ 20:31

Sounds interesting!

This looks excellent, exactly my cup of tea.


Any information about price?

If you want to make a trailer that gets me interested in a game, give me more gamplay footage than just walking along an empty corridor.

xFLATTUSMAXIMUSx 15 August, 2015 @ 15:07

Damn this crap I want a cross play download of Castlevania Harmony of Despair. If anyone agrees please comment on my post. Lets get the word out to SONY we want Castlevania Harmony of Despair available for PS4!


Yeah, cause Sony should be the one you complain about when it really is Konami that is not treating the game right :x

CaptainWitwicky 16 August, 2015 @ 12:44

Looks nice. I’ll keep an eye on this, one, like that fox :p

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