Upcoming PS4 system software update – We want you to test the beta

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Calling all beta testers! Before we launch our next major system software update for PlayStation 4, we’re running a beta program to test its functionality. If you’d like a sneak peek at the features and help give us feedback on ways to improve it, sign up today.

You can sign up to be a beta tester here: You will need a PS4 system, an Internet connection, and a master account – sub-accounts cannot participate in the program. Also, beta testers will be able to roll back to the previous PS4 system software update (v2.57) anytime.

The beta program will begin on 2nd September, and we’ll have more information on the new features included in the upcoming system software update at that time. We are accepting a limited number of beta testers, so if you’re interested, sign up sooner rather than later.

Thanks in advance for helping test the system software update – your feedback will go a long way towards making this even better.

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StealthyBigBoss 19 August, 2015 @ 18:54

Signed up, hoping it fixes the bug where you have 20gb left but can’t download a 1gb/any size update or game even tho you have the required amount of memory.
Also like the fact we can revert back to previous system software

It’s not a bug, 20 GB are reserved for share functionality recording video.

StealthyBigBoss 19 August, 2015 @ 20:04

Well i tested this on my brothers ps4 and he’s got 10gb left, he can still download games and updates. Plus i never had this issue until a few months ago, i researched it and It’s pretty common.

Can you please add a way to appear offline and/or a busy mode of sorts? It’s a neat future and Xbox has had it for years, surely it’s not that difficult to implement?


this has always been available on PS3 too.

Signed up! Thanks

Cool signed up and when will we know if we are in?


I think you will get a email or something say that your in.

JordanBlack68 19 August, 2015 @ 19:11

Signed up too!

Grim_streaker999 19 August, 2015 @ 19:12

I know its a little off topic, but I have a problem trying to enter “themes”. When I try to enter, the screen goes to a halt for a couple of seconds, then I get a error code (dont remember the code right now). Anyone know what it could be, and how I could fix it? Thanks in advance

PS_TrophyHunter 20 August, 2015 @ 02:56

I had the same problem too. Have you preordered any games from the store by any chance as I think it has to do with preorder themes once I cancelled my preorders then redid them it fixed it :) Try that.

Bobovita1984PL 19 August, 2015 @ 19:14

Signed up

Thunderlizzard 19 August, 2015 @ 19:14

Hopefully it’ll include a bump to cloud storage size or the ability to configure what gets sent. I’m fed up getting upload errors because Driveclub has failed to send it’s huge Ghosts file again :-(

Anything else is a bonus and I’m keen to see what they have in store :-)


That’s a server side addition, nothing to do with the system hardware.


You can disable auto uploading for games that take up too much space. Just go to settings > application saved data management > saved data in system storage > upload to online storage. From here, highlight the game(s) in question, press the options button and disable auto upload.

That being said, I wholeheartedly agree that a lot more space is needed for cloud saves.

Sereal_Killer 20 August, 2015 @ 02:16

I agree they need to make a distinction between game data and saved data. Saved data should only include progress. Saving settings, replays etc should be game data and should be toggled seperately asban upload.

And yes 1gb is not nearly enough

I’ll let you guys discover the bugs…..
My ps4 has been flawless for months now , it’s great !


Just a few small things I can think of right now. Noticed some improvement in the trophy section, displaying the game your currently playing when you check on your trophies instead of still having to browse for them. Expanding on that, I’d also love to see the trophies of the games you’ve “hidden” get bumped down the list to further improve on trophy browsing.
I also loved the idea of having the option to narrow down the UI Apps bar or whatever it’s called to 15 apps and would love to see that number go down to 10 or even a number of our own choice (don’t have a lot of games installed anymore since I’m waiting for a new model and hate all the unwanted apps (showroom etc.) clogging my apps bar..).
Also, friends notifications on when they go on/off have been asked for a lot. I’d like the option, not necessarily have it forced on me.


*you’re currently playing*

(Any chance we’ll ever get an edit function here? Or atleast the option to delete posts so we can correct it without having to reply to ourselves?)

Cool. I hope to be selected.

A_N_D_R_E_W_S 19 August, 2015 @ 19:48

Hopefully 3.00 will fix the disk reading problem, has anyone else had this issue?


I sometimes have issues with blu-ray discs (mainly film/tv) don’t load as though I haven’t put a disc in. Is this the same issue you mention?
Wasn’t a massive issue as I still have my PS3 but it is annoying that my PS4 doesn’t do it as it should.

A_N_D_R_E_W_S 19 August, 2015 @ 20:26

It was working fine till I installed 2.55 now it won’t read any of my games it reads DVDs fine haven’t tried a bluray film yet

Myers_4_life99 22 August, 2015 @ 06:34

Have you tried turning your system completely off? Works whenever it happens to me.


I want to know why Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition is $59.99 in the US PSN store sale while it is £79.99/€89.99 in the European one ? -_-


You should email EA and ask them why they’re charging that.

Great initiative good job Sony. Hope I get selected for it. Anyone know when we will be notified?


I wouldn’t mind a little more control over the Content Items, like being able to send any game/app to the library, and being able to lock things into place. Some of the apps really should have the option to send to the library, which they currently don’t have. The limit items function we have is ok, but limited in itself.

Cloud storage needs expanding, and although this is a minor issue, I wouldn’t mind being able to view friends or others trophy lists on their own, without the need to use the comparison screen, which isn’t practical if you just want to see their trophies.

Signed up hopefully be chosen to participate :)


Please remember, if you are accepted to the testing stage, you have a responsibility to help make PlayStation 4 system software better. That means reporting faults or any strange behaviour. It’s not a platform for you to brag to your friends what system features are in the pipeline.

Geez, lighten up mate. People are offering to help for free – no need to be jobsworth right off the bat…


I would like the ability to be able to appear offline and also have notifications when people come online, also a activity feed where you can comment, watch uploaded videos and view images aswell as see trophies… apart from that i would say the ps4 user interface is near perfect


please bring PS1 and PS2 classics on PS4 on this firmware update.

supersmith2500 19 August, 2015 @ 20:43

I second that, PS3, PSP and even PSVita has PS1 classics support. Would be really nice to see this continuing.


yeah I’ve got over 50 ps3 games and a broken ps3. now the games are worthless unless they get some type of backwards compatibility going!


PS3, not a chance. But there is no reason why they couldn’t do PS1, PS2, PSP and PSVita.

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Get rid of UI and give more power to games


As I understand it uses far less resources than Xbox One and is way more responsive.

I don’t want them to scale it back so it takes a minute to load my friends list or trophies thank you.


i prefer the old way, insert disc and start to play


offline trophy viewing support
Arrange icons and create custom folders
Custom themes
Put the PSstore icon back on the top row instead of games row
Have both rest mode and power off options on same menu
Option for system to auto turn off after rest mode once download complete 100%
Customise the general remote play button configuration

Would be good to have folder for non game apps whilst having game icons outside of any folder.


Would be even better to just have custom folders.

No thanks, not after your PS now beta removed all my licences for two weeks meaning i couldn’t play any digital titles or online.

The ability to customise where the tiles sit would be great. Also I want to be able to move Netflix tile from the menu. so long having to go into the drop down menu all the time.

Folders :( We desperately need blooming folders! PS3 had them since launch :(

Saddens me every time the silly niche waste of space share functionality gets updated with additional features and basic stuff is left behind.

Finka_Karfein 19 August, 2015 @ 22:29

One must have for this update – option to disable the screenshot pop-up – it destroys consecutive screen captures! Please, Sony…


That said, there is still that annoying few seconds lag between pressing the button and actually taking a screenshot. I really wish they would fix it.


The icon notification isn’t the problem, it’s that it ends up in the screen captures :(

residentSteve 19 August, 2015 @ 22:45

No thanks Sony I’ll keep my ps4 the way it is working lol plus the link doesn’t work.

CoolRichy007UK 25 August, 2015 @ 02:12

i dont think so because ps4 forces you to update and if you dont update you cant play online


Signed Up!

All signed up & maybe custom themes??? ;-)

Signed up!

Signed up:(◣_◢)


Me too… Love your avatar…

Ps4 media player can not play good video recorded 1080/60fps…i recorded with my sumsung not 4 in 1080/60fps..put on usb 3.0 exFat and play with ps4 player …very bad runing . But when conect that usb to my laptop play very good with any software like wmp or other…why ps4 media player can not play 1080/60fps? Thats big broblem…..

I hope sony will solve this big priblem … i want see my 1080/60fps captured video with my ps4 media player..every new cam or smart phon can record 1080/60 fps.


Signed up, would this mean we can have early access to games a bit like steam early access?

No. It’s for the OS

FatPrincess2015 20 August, 2015 @ 05:24

Signed up.

Signed up.


there are 2 things for me that need to be added in the next update. #1 the addition of a comment above your PSN i.d. that we have on the PS3. why is this relevant? because as a trophy hunter it has always been useful, especially if i need a boosting partner and don’t wanna message every single person on my friends list. #2 the notification when friends come online is again essential for us trophy hunters. i and others no doubt don’t really wanna have to keep looking to see who is online or wait for a person to message me to let me know. both of these were a great tools on the PS3, so please bring them to the PS4.

People seem to want to know when we will here about who has been accepted for the beta. Well, in the info and T&C’s, it says that that you can register between now and 26th August. It then says the beta will start on 2nd September. So I would imagine, we will hear by email in between those dates, hopefully

Just signed up!


What the [DELETED] is happening with the PSN sign-in? My PS4 has problem connecting to your marvellous network, service for which I pay, for more than a week now. On a local gaming forum there’s an entire post about it. The PS4 can download patches for games, open the browser, all those things. But logging into PSN escapes it. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. New features should come after basic functionality is up and running. Yes, even the IGC shouldn’t have been a thing before this shoddy thing called PSN was up to snuff. And you’re thinking of jacking up the prices for THIS?


Ooo more beta testing. I love it! :) Signed up!

slavkostrov123 20 August, 2015 @ 12:48

I really want to join beta test and help to fixes bugs.

warensembler83 20 August, 2015 @ 13:35

Do we get something for testing the firmware (since we aren’t paid for doing so anyway).


Glory and satisfaction

Hm, I wouldn’t mind making my PS4 even less stable.

scouserontour 20 August, 2015 @ 14:41

First time they have asked people like this to test out the beta hopefully that means some cool announcements at paris gaming week from sony. God knows what type of big update / overhall they are planning but I really do hope they allow the choice of name change.

Why do you have to be older than 18 to join Beta test?

Signed and waiting for 3.0.

We want to change the Avatars

rayna-monique 20 August, 2015 @ 21:51

you can change avatars

Carnivius_Prime 21 August, 2015 @ 14:19

How do you change avatars on PS4 without using a PS3 or PC?

How ?

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We want more pictures and able to change you pan names

I really wanted CE 34878-0 fixed

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