Watch Horizon Zero Dawn’s E3 reveal in full 1080p

Plus, official site updated with cosplay guide and community section

Hi everyone, Jeroen Roding Community Manager over at Guerrilla Games here with a short update on Horizon Zero Dawn. While the development team in Amsterdam is working very hard on the game, our community team has been busy with the Horizon Zero Dawn website.

We’ll be updating the page on a regular basis, not only with new information about the game but also with the addition of some very cool stuff for you as a community to enjoy.

For starters, you can now relive the E3 2015 stage demo without any loss in quality. It’s the best place to watch the reveal footage, and features a quality spec we aim to duplicate for future videos.

We also added the ability to download the official Aloy cosplay guide that can assist you with the creation of your outfit. This guide is full of highly detailed renders of Aloy’s outfit, hair and her bow, plus notes on how she and her tribe spend their lives in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. We hope it’s the perfect reference material for when you are building your outfit and we can’t wait to see your creations

Lastly, we’ve also added a section where we can share all of the great fan art and cosplay we receive from all of you. It has been an awesome experience for us to see your reaction to the reveal of Horizon Zero Dawn since E3.

Don’t forget, you can share your cosplay and fan art with us via the official Guerrilla Games Twitter account. Thanks to all of you for your contributions so far, and we hope you like the new additions we’ve added to the website.

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Images from left to right from the top: Artist: Harrison Brown, Artist: Janice Chu, Artist: Lara Gates, Artist: Irene Aimee and Cosplayer: Veronica Luna; Photographer: WeNeal’s Photography & Retouching

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Hmm, I don’t know. Is the quality higher than the 11,000 kbps version released on your Press Site back during E3? The same video that Gamersyde would have put up?

If so I will definitely be checking it out (for the 100th time) at higher quality. :) This game looks REALLY promising and the fact it is by you guys makes me even more confident it will be great.

I absolutely love the this game from the start. My only (big) concern is that it might be too easy/cinematic that could make the gameplay boring, but I have that concern with every sandbox game so that’s not a big deal.
If they could achieve that critical balance in difficulty between the Souls series and Assassin’s Creed/Batman Arkham Series than this game will be collector’s edition for me.


residentSteve 27 August, 2015 @ 17:26

Hope it’s better than killzone only really enjoyed the 3rd game and don’t get me started on shadowfail.

European_Gamer 27 August, 2015 @ 17:38

Well made cosplayer costume, but she look kinda depressed.

Ah, my E3 game of the show. The fanart and the website for the game look great. Can’t wait to learn more about it.


BENELUX pride right here! GuerillaGames will always be in my heart as Killzone was my favorite fps growing up with. Glad to see them do something new though, extremely talented studio all over. Now can I please get the hauntingly beautiful music track that was in the reveal trailer? :p

Game looks great, BUT I’m in two minds about buying it after the multiplayer screw-up of ShadowFall. Still hate what you did to the multiplayer in that game – KZ3 was a lot more fun online.

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