Tearaway Unfolded pre-order Sackboy papercraft revealed

Plus, your first look at the crowd-sourced The Admiral bonus costume

There’s just over one week to go until Tearaway Unfolded comes out and we can’t wait for you to play it. If you pre-order the game you’ll get some pretty nifty swag! Depending on which pack you go for, you’ll nab yourself exclusive costumes, decorations and headbands, not to mention the ear-pleasing game soundtrack.

What’s also included in every edition are these superbly awesome (and exclusive!)Sackboy and Baby Wendigo papercraft plans! These cute papery chums are the perfect addition to any desk and will keep you in great company when the game releases next month!

Tearaway Unfolded Pre-Order Papercrafts

If you’ve already pre-ordered Tearaway Unfolded, firstly we love you and you rock our socks off.

Secondly, when the game launches, we’d love to see your papery creations! Send us your crafted models on Facebook/Twitter/The Internet (using hashtag #TearawayUnfolded) and we’ll get sharing ’em! Bonus points for customisations too, we wanna see your creative juices flowing!

Finally before we go – we’d like to introduce… THE ADMIRAL – our costume competition winner.

Back in May we ran a contest asking all you lovely folks to help us design a special in-game bonus costume for Tearaway Unfolded. The winner would have their creation turned into an actual wearable costume in the final game, which every player could select to dress their Messengers in!

Our fantastic winner was Holly Turner with her ‘Admiral Nelson’ inspired costume below, aptly titled ‘The Admiral’.

Tearaway Unfolded Contest Winner - Holly Turner

Since Holly won the contest, we have been working hard to transform her real-life paper creation into a digital one and today we wanted to share an exclusive first-look at the costume in-game, both modelled on iota and atoi!

Tearaway Costume Competition Winner! (atoi ingame)Tearaway Costume Competition Winner! (iota ingame)

Holly’s costume looks amazing! It fits so perfectly on our Messengers; we bet a lot of folks will want to go exploring in this getup!

Tearaway Unfolded is all about customising your story and making it your own, so you’ll be able to have a go at creating your own unique costumes when the game launches on 9th September (or 11th September in the UK)

To pre-order your copy of Tearaway Unfolded, visit PlayStation Store!

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renaultmilton 31 August, 2015 @ 16:08

The Admiral Costume looks awesome! I have already Pre-Ordered The Pop Up Pack and already fun with Sackboy and Baby Wendigo papercraft, they look so Amazing and adorable! I can’t wait to play Tearaway Unfolded on PS4! It’s gonna be Awesome!!! Thank you for giving 2 cutest papercrafts i EVER seen! :D

I’ve pre-ordered the Messenger Edition at retail. Can’t wait to try Tearaway on the PS4.

Pity the Special Edition is not coming to the UK.

I will be preordered the game some time this week.

That’s really odd. The game is 200% Brit

@BankeA yeah i know that is the crazy part, it’s like when criterion games who are a UK company released burnout paradise in the US first i had to import the game because it took so long to release over here.

reggyx3clover 31 August, 2015 @ 18:44

Kinda wondering why they tegged ps vita games there?

Tearaway was one of the most charming games I’ve played, can’t wait to get started with this one next week.

Hello. I am wondering where I can get the special edition? Your blog says you have it in australia? Pleassse heed my plead.

Target will have it. It’s in the latest catalog for $79. EB and JB will only be getting the messenger edition.

Note that if you get the special edition, you won’t get the pop up DLC!

There’s also this option at Mighty Ape for $59.99 (+$4.99 postage). It comes with all of the DLC and an ATOI toy instead of IOTA.

Thanx Grffin_G

If this isn’t too much like the original (which I think it probably is just the original with some bits and pieces) i will buy it.

i’m disappointed that you really messed up the special edition, so many people were looking forward to obtaining the plushie, why such obscure countries when the US and UK are your main focus? who makes decisions on where these editions go? next time remove the vodka bottle from their hands when they make decisions like that again.

Hi. Will there be a discount or even – intake of breath – cross-buy for this if you own the PS Vita version?

How do we access the soundtrack after we’ve redeemed the pre-order code?? I’ve looked everywhere in my PSN account and it’s nowhere to be seen, but the pre-order costumes are there. What’s going on??

Hey mr. $ony, why can’t I download the soundtrack for my pre-order?

I already finished the game and still getting errors while I try to download.

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