10 reasons why you should pick up Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain today

Hideo Kojima’s action epic finally arrives this week

After years of development, the long awaited Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is finally available on your PS4 and PS3, and I hope you’re already out exploring the vast world of TPP.

While there are a couple of gameplay videos already released highlighting the most important features of the game, let’s focus today on what makes The Phantom Pain such a great title, an unique experience and the game you have to play!

  1. A huge open world to explore
    For the first time ever, a Metal Gear Solid game will feature an open-world environment. Afghanistan, one of the regions of the game, will take Snake a while to explore, riding a jeep or on his horse, and the area is full of locations to investigate, from small abandoned villages to large, heavily defended military bases. The world of The Phantom Pain is a great place to explore between missions and there are tonnes of fun things to do!
  2. Unprecedented player freedom
    With Snake being back on the battlefield, you will be tasked with executing different missions and it will be up to you to decide the way you want to do it. Like in previous Metal Gear Solid games, infiltration and stealth will be your best allies to reach your objectives and increase your rewards, but nothing will stop you from using your most destructive weapons, gadgets and vehicles to wipe enemies standing in your way. The possibilities offered by the game are countless, it’s up to you to try them all.
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  4. An incredible new game engine
    The new Fox Engine developed specifically for The Phantom Pain by Hideo Kojima and his team helps creating the most stunning and interactive environment seen in a Metal Gear Solid game yet. With realistic weather patterns and day/night cycles that will have a direct impact on the game, you will have to adapt your style to the situation, and battle against squads of soldiers whose AI will offer a true challenge!
  5. The return of Venom Snake
    Snake is back! The Legendary Soldier is returning as the main protagonist in The Phantom Pain – a Snake haunted by the ghosts of former companions and obsessed by revenge. True to the Metal Gear legacy, Snake will have to infiltrate camps and bases, make the best use of his Close Quarter Combat (CQC) techniques and save a world on the brink of a nuclear war.
  6. Team up with buddies
    Snake won’t be alone in his quest for revenge and you’ll be able to select buddies to give you a hand on the battlefield. D-Dog, for example, is able to sense enemies and mark them on your map, while Quiet, the enigmatic sniper, will take down soldiers from a distance. There are more than these two companions, but we’ll let you discover the rest by yourself.
  7. E3_2015_Mediakit_018

  8. Customise your Mother Base
    Mother Base, home of Snake and his “Diamond Dog” army, is an important element of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and will be your base of command to develop new weapons and gather intel about your missions. You’ll be tasked to expand Mother Base by recruiting soldiers on the battlefield and gathering resources, as well as customising it the way you want.
  9. New multiplayer options
    Along with Mother Base, you’ll also have the option to develop Forward Operating Bases (FOB) to gather extra resources. However, other players will be able to infiltrate your FOB online in order to steal personnel and resources. You will have to defend it yourself against online opponents or build the perfect defence system. On the other hand, you will also be able to attack enemies’ FOB. Note that this feature is optional and won’t affect your single player experience.
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  11. A new arsenal of weapons and accessories
    The weapon selection in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is impressive and each load-out can be personalised before missions. Will you choose the most damaging assault rifle, or would you prefer a sniper with tranquiliser darts, or a shotgun that stuns guards?Snake is also equipped with very useful gadgets such as the Phantom Cigar that let you forward time, or the Fulton to extract soldiers on the battlefield to join your Mother Base. And the list would not be complete without the iconic cardboard box; the ultimate tool for sneaking around enemies undetected.
  12. An epic story unfolds
    Following the events of Ground Zeroes and continuing Big Boss’ story started in Snake Eater and Peace Walker, The Phantom Pain will answer a lot of fan questions. The game is also a great introduction to the Metal Gear universe and a perfect opportunity for newcomers to discover Hideo Kojima’s acclaimed saga.
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  14. A peerless voice cast
    To bring iconic characters such as Snake, Kaz Miller or Ocelot to life, we’ve choose some of the best voice actors to portray them. Hollywood star Kiefer Sutherland plays Venom Snake, the Legendary Soldier coming out of a nine-year coma and fuelled by revenge, backed by his trusted ally Miller, voiced by Robin Atkin Downes, and the mysterious Ocelot, voiced by Troy Baker.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the biggest Metal Gear game ever made by Hideo Kojima and his team. The game will without doubt satisfy the hardcore fan with charismatic characters and a story true to MGS standards; while the newcomers will appreciate the smooth gameplay and intense exploration of a gigantic world. Do not miss it!

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)
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PS_TrophyHunter 01 September, 2015 @ 17:03

Number 1 should be Konami makes money.

One reason to buy retail and not digital:
Retail – £37
Digital – £60

PS_TrophyHunter 01 September, 2015 @ 17:09

I paid £57.99 for my pre-order then was shocked to see that it was £59.99 on the store on release date! Glad I saved £2 at least :)

You paid HOW MUCH for your pre-order! You need to get yourself on twitter:

PS_TrophyHunter 01 September, 2015 @ 17:27

@Sicmay That was a digital copy on the PS store :)

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I just hope that all BS with micro-transactions and FOB won’t affect my game experience.

PS_TrophyHunter 01 September, 2015 @ 17:15

As long as you don’t care about the online experience it wont the story so far is amazing :) If you are planning to go online then um well you’ll have to become a millionaire or something…..

You can build FOBs with the GMP which is basically the “in-game money” that you can accumulate by competing missions and side missions, sell items/weapons, collect diamonds, etc…
Mother Base Coins are a separate resource that can be used but are not necessary.

Konami feel free to correct me or clarify!

Carnivius_Prime 01 September, 2015 @ 17:37

Nah, I’m ok. I’ll save my money for something fun.

RodrigoSharingan 01 September, 2015 @ 17:40

Ah yes, the last MGS game and the last game im going to buy from Konami. Your never gonna see my money again after this.

Welp, I was kinda planning on it but it’s also one of those plenty games that overheats my ps4 within minutes and basically is unplayable (especially if it wasn’t for the suspend game option, then I probably wouldn’t even get through the intro).. The last entry in my favorite series and this is how I have to experience it. I hate my faulty ps4 so much, completely ruined this gen for me. -_-

Under EU Law you get a 2 Year warranty on consoles. It hasn’t been out for two years yet. Sony should have to fix it.

#11 Microtransactions

See my post above.
Microtransactions are totally optional, PS+ to play online is required though.

I would love to play this today. But the courier couldn’t be bothered doing there job and delivering my MGS5 console with the game today. I swear he/she knocks on my door tomorrow with my console in hand and says “kept you waiting huh” I am going to punch them.

It always amuses me how native english speakers can’t distinguish “there” from “their” or “they’re”. =)

12 reasons to buy in a couple of months:
all of the above,
any bugs patched,
it will be cheaper

Reasons to buy it now
You can get it cheaper if you shop around
It probably runs great as it is from what I’ve been reading
Minimise spoiler chances
Metal Gear Solid

I agree with Mr. Bumblebee here! The game is amazing. Can’t stop playing it. I’ve been spending days fooling around with side-ops and recruiting the perfect soldiers my mother base.

However, if you do want to wait, take the time explore Ground Zeroes. I picked it up again to get a good save to transfer to TPP and ended up spending 2 or 3 days playing non-stop to unlock all the recruits for TPP. Check this guide out. It’s quite helpful

if only the codes worked as well as the game. seriously when will the PS4 store function properly? it’s becoming as useful as a condom machine in the vatican.

my favourite is when you go into the store with just the blue screen, or nothing loads up.. or you pay for something and it goes around so much it could probably have travelled the world if not left in a static position on the screen.

so far the so called “additional online content” is nearing it’s 6th minute (the online update of 400 meg finished in half that time, so we all know my connection is fine)

About connection speeds, here’s a quick fix that worked like a charm for me: go to your connection settings and set the MTU from Auto to Manual: 1473. My update was gonna take 90 hours and it took seconds once I made the change in the settings.

Let me know if it helped you

Microtransactions. Repetitive gameplay. Shoddy…

Any news of the fact that the majority of the collectors editions.
didn’t get the day 1 vouchers
didn’t get the voucher/coding for
Weapons pack including 4 guns and 4 personal ballistic shields
Cardboard box pack including 3 boxes
Snake costume pack including 4 camouflage fatigue outfits
MGO items: Metal Gear Rex Helmet, AM MRS-4 Gold Assault Rifle, WU S. Gold Pistol
Metal Gear Online XP boost

the world knows and so do you…..


One question if someone could answer…i got my collectors and it has inside the game box two download codes,one is named day one edition and the other MGO…is there the only two i’m supposed to get?am i ok? (i will not be near my ps4 for at least a week so i want to know if i need to contact the store where i bought it or not)..

On Kotaku they mention the missing codes but it only covers the US. But yes, you are missing the collectors edition codes, as am I, panagoulias. They should be available from where you bought it… at some point.

Apologies, I read it on Gamespot. Not Kotaku.

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11 if you didn’t preload, at the current playstation network speed, you’ll be able to play it in two weeks.

I thought it was just me ,but after each update my download speed gets slower .
Am at 35/45 down 3/3.6 up never drops lower ,but 4 half G took 1hr nearly the other day BF used to do it in minutes .Actual games minutes DLC’s well u gt the picture .

Check out what I wrote on 10.1

Yo callin alll bank robberz heist on 2nd sep 1.00pm anyone up for it payday 2


i get payday 2 on ps4 ad me

CongolesePlayer 02 September, 2015 @ 08:51

with all those new games, is better to wait a bit, just to make sure there is no errors or bugs on day one game.

i dont get it, in Switzerland the cost is 59.90CHF, but in America 49.99USD….both digital…..why? the CHF convers is around 61usd…….


USA digital Price $59.99

UK Digital Price £59.99

some good currency conversion going on there !

if you really want digital to work the prices need to be cheaper , a physical copy that can be traded in costs around £37


especially as $59.99 is really about £38… its almost criminal haha.

and they wonder why people make US accounts..

Anyone know whats going on with the DLC codes I have one from ground zeros and the other from the phantom pain both of which are just getting an error code when entered??

The Ground Zereos code is now working (I activated mine last night) the MGO Phantom Pain one appears to still be down but it does appear Konami/Sony are working on it so just be patient.

So… Why today? Title says it’s 10 reasons why I should pick MTGSVTPP… today. Specifically today. Why today? Why not tomorrow? Why not while it’s on sale? Neither of those 10 reasons tell me I should I buy it specifically it today, 2nd of September 2015… so why name your article that way? I’ve read the whole article. None of those reasons is related to a specific date. Or at least a certain time of the year. Or a price. Sooo… I’m still trying to figure it out. Why should I pick up Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain… today? Article won’t say.

Because it’s a better use of your time than that post, perhaps.


I know above it says that it’s a good entry point, but actually how easy is it to pick up? I have the Legacy collection coming soon, but I would love to play this one, but I don’t want to feel like I’ve been dropped in at the deep end.

I felt dropped in at the deep end for every single MGS gear i played, the story is convulated and pretty much unfollowable except to the most dedicated, the games are still great to play though!

Bought digital. Took ages to download, do the prologue, it stops to install more game data, in my case over 10000 seconds. Went out for a bit to leave it to it, nothing to let it download when ps when into power save, still 8000 seconds left when i got back home and turned it back on again. Disabled power save and left it for a few hours, went on to next mission. Completed that, woohoo! Installing game data again! Seems quicker this time but still took a few minutes, would seem wise to download that data while I’m playing rather than wait till i complete a mission, is it going to be like this every mission?

Check out what I wrote on 10.1

It fixed my download speed right away

Microtransactions sucks. But what’s the impact if you ignored them?! You think you may fall behind in FOB. So what?! you’ll still be able and have some fun. Even if you lost.
We all should ignore microtransactions and not participate in it anyway. Make Konami suffer the loss.
Other than microtransactions the game is spectacular! It brings me back to the glory of snake eater (which was my best in the series).
I am replaying the missions and still feel fresh on each mission replay. And what’s really awesome is that you still preserve each reward you gain from a replay. Example: if you replay a mission and captured the key target on each replay this target is added to your mother base each time (with different name and maybe lower states)
It is really rewarding single player game.

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