Star Wars Battlefront beta coming to PS4 in early October

Get an early taste of DICE’s intergalactic FPS epic

Ever since we revealed Star Wars Battlefront at Star Wars Celebration, you’ve been asking us if there would be a beta. Today, we are thrilled to finally be able to answer that question – and the answer is yes!

Coming in early October to PS4, the Star Wars Battlefront beta is a technical test and will feature Walker Assault on Hoth, a 40-player multiplayer battle featuring Rebels and the Empire. Walker Assault will also give you the chance to play as two of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars universe: Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

The beta will also feature our Survival Mission on Tatooine, where you and a Rebel friend must fight back waves of Imperial forces.

In addition to those two modes, we are excited to reveal a brand-new mode that will be available in the beta, Drop Zone. We’ll be sharing more details on Drop Zone in the weeks ahead.

As part of the Star Wars Battlefront beta we are also happy to reveal the Star Wars Battlefront Companion experience. Available during the beta on the official site, the Star Wars Battlefront Companion experience features the strategic card game Base Command, and lets you earn in-game Credits that unlock Star Cards, weapons, and more in Star Wars Battlefront.

In addition to Base Command, the Companion also lets Rebels and Imperials alike check game stats and progression, customise load-outs and appearance, connect with friends, and get notified when they’re playing Star Wars Battlefront — as well as gather intel on their stats and progression so you can see how you match up! The Star Wars Battlefront Companion will be available on web, the Apple App Store and Google Play store prior to the release of Star Wars Battlefront on 17th November.

We’ll have a lot more info regarding the Star Wars Battlefront beta in the weeks ahead, so be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation Blog, follow us on social, and sign-up for our newsletter to get all the latest news.

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How do you get in? Is it Open Beta?

I do hope the beta will be open to everyone.

You don’t think that you gotta preorder the game to get in beta?

I know this may sound crazy but have you tried reading the post?

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Hell yes.

Giz a code!

Surprisingly little details considering the beta is only a month away! I hope it is open to all as I wouldn’t mind giving it a try but am not going to pre-order.

I preorder on amazon as they don’t charge anything, get the code then cancel the order.

Please make the companion app available on Windows Phone.

Also have you given Luke his correct outfit and blue lightsaber when fighting on Hoth?

Luke wearing an Ep VI outfit on a Ep V level is about as unauthentic as it gets.

Err why not say how you actually get the beta.
Seems like the biggest question other than when right?

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Sweeet, I want it! x))


Is the game going to have split screen and co-op features? I’m so stoked about the game and the beta right now!

It’s an open beta 8-12 Oct.

Will this be open beta for all ps4 users ?

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