Striking watercolour adventure Beyond Eyes arrives on PS4 this week

Step into the shoes of young blind girl Rae in Tiger & Squid’s stylish new game

Hey PlayStation Blog readers! Together with independent developer Tiger & Squid, we’re excited to announce that the beautiful Beyond Eyes is heading to PS4, tomorrow 8th September!

Beyond Eyes is a game about Rae, a young blind girl who uses her remaining senses to visualise the world around her in stunning watercolour.

BeyondEyes_2 BeyondEyes_4BeyondEyes_5

Rae isn’t like most other girls. She lost her eyesight in a childhood accident and the experience has left her traumatised. Fearing loud noises and public places, she hardly ever leaves the comfort of her own house, taking comfort in the company of Nani, a cat which comes to visit Rae in her garden.

However, one day Nani unfortunately goes missing, leaving you to guide Rae on her moving journey to be reunited with Nani and guard her from any danger she may encounter along the way.

Beyond Eyes will be able to download for PS4 on 8th September for just £9.99/€12.99.



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This is one of the games I loved the look of at Xbox’s E3 show. So glad it’s coming to PS4, I’ll be buying it tomorrow for sure.

Looks lovely, but I’ve heard it’s only a couple of hours in length and only really has one gameplay mechanic for the entire thing. Will wait for a sale I’m afraid.

PS_TrophyHunter 07 September, 2015 @ 15:41

Brothers a Tale of Two Sons has only one gameplay mechanic and is only 2 hours long and I would of paid £25 for it so £9.99 isn’t so bad :)


Kinda reminds me of Brothers.

I do think brothers is a better game, but I think this one was ok.
I played it when it can out on Xbox.

It is a lot of walking, but I liked the art style and the idea.
I think the price is worth it, but it might not be for everybody.

Also, it is good it is not longer then it is as you have seen the idea/mechanics after some hours.
Quite easy to get all trophies/achievements as well.

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Now this is how you make an indie game! I would rather play this than the 7846th clone of an 8-bit game that has the same visual degree as an over 20 years old SNES game.


Yea these are the kind of indies I prefer too. But you can bet we won’t see this on PLUS..

Hi, any chance of a PS Vita version?


I would also love to have this on my ps vita *o*

Wow, Microsoft can’t hold onto exclusives at all these days. Just as well given what a mess their current console has been.

Still, I doubt that will stop Team 17 from continuing to give that machine preferential treatment when they have a new game to release :/

Never even touted as an exclusive… hard to lose what was never there in the first place.

Looks amazing and I will be sure to pick it up tomorrow or Wednesday.


I have a question, would be very grateful for anyone to answer it. Would I be able to play this via remote play if I bought a PS4, and played it on my PS Vita? It’s quite tempting, but I really dunno what I should do. I’ve never used the PS4 thingy on my PS Vita, like at all. I just would like confirmation because this game looks pretty nice looking, and I like these kind of games. Many thanks for any answers.


Yes. Not found anything that doesn’t work. if it uses bottom triggers then often uses back screen which can be a pain but othewise loads cool games already released on ps4


I can’t wait to see it :)


you avin a giggle at her expense m8?


Why so serious it’s just a joke lol, I couldn’t see any harm it myself oh no I have done it again lol.



I’ve loved this cutie on E3 and was disappointed it wasn’t for Sony consoles.
Really happy it comes on PS4 :)


Looks stunning!! Can’t wait to try his out !!

Credit to the artists on this.


Lovely looking

Wow thats just amazing!!!

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