Acclaimed firefighting roguelike Flame Over arrives on PS4 next week

Acclaimed PS Vita shoot ‘em up gets a number of new features

Hello everyone. I’m really happy to be back on PlayStation Blog to tell you that Laughing Jackal‘s firefighting action Roguelike, Flame Over, is finally making the jump to PS4 and will be available from Wednesday 16th September for the bargain price of £8.99/€11.99. Yay!

First up, a video reminder on exactly what Flame Over is all about:

Pretty cool, huh? Actually, pretty hot I guess… ^^

So, for those who haven’t tried, or don’t remember the PS Vita release at the end of May, Flame Over is a top down shoot ’em up firefighting game featuring 16 randomly generated levels, four environments, stacks of secrets and a ton of replayability.

Unlike other shoot ’em ups, you’ll be using hoses, extinguishers and waterbombs (plus a ton of power-ups you’ll grab along the way) as you struggle to take down the toughest fires ever seen in a video game. And believe me when I say these FIRES. ARE. TOUGH.


As a game inspired by the roguelikes of old, as well as more modern interpretations like Spelunky, Flame Over is a brutally difficult game, but one in which you’ll learn as you go, getting a little further each time and inspiring you over and over again to try one laaaaaaaaaast time (honest!) to make it the whole way through, rescuing all the people and cats trapped within and maybe even speed-running your way to the top of the Leaderboards!

As you’d expect, the PS4 version of Flame Over boasts a ton of improvements over the PS Vita original, including:

  • Amazing graphicalness: You’ll be blown away by the amount of detail in our 3D environments, which really get to shine on the big screen, plus we’ve thrown in lots of sexy touches like bloom, real time shadows and all that jazz. The game also loads near-instantly and is full 1080p 60fps.
  • Interactive tutorial: We’ve made a training-friendly tutorial where you can play through two levels of the game fully powered up, getting to test out lots of the games extra equipment and power-ups in a *slightly* less dangerous environment. This is firefighting, however, so you’ll still need to be on your toes if you don’t want to fry!
  • Even more extra stuffs: The PS4 version of Flame Over features additional rooms, secrets and mechanics to make it the ultimate version of the game.

Flame Over has already received some excellent reviews on Vita, for example:

“Flame Over isn’t just one of my favourite PS Vita games of the year but one of my favourite games full stop. I seriously cannot stop playing it” 10/10 – PS Nation

“Flame Over is a surprisingly deep and interesting game… easily one of the funnest Rogue Like titles in recent memory.” 90% – GameOn Network

“Flame Over is a great game that is sure to get Vita owners hooked with its simple to pick up, difficult to master style of play that will have you wanting to better your previous run every time you pick it up.” 4.5/5 – The Vita Lounge

We’ve also been honoured to get awesome videos from Youtubers such as NerdCubed and SSundee, and now the PS4 is set to receive what we think is the best version of a unique, fun and frantic game that we are so proud of.


So, for those of you who are up for a challenge and a lot of laughs (and tears!) along the way, be sure to check out Flame Over from next Wednesday. Look forward to seeing you on the Leaderboards! ^^

You can find out lots more about Flame Over by visiting the official website, and can come and check out the Laughing Jackal website, Twitter and Facebook pages to keep up to date on the game.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you heading into the fire next week!



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I was looking forward to this on Vita yet did not realise it already came out. To the PS Store!


Thanks, hope you enjoy it :)

Thanks for quoting my review on the Blog Ross! – Charlie from The Vita Lounge

And Alasdair! :)


Ha, no worries. It was a good quote! ^^

And thanks for my quote from the 10/10 review. -Chazz from PS Nation
Looking forward to the PS4 version.

What are the chances that the reviewer from GameOnNetwork is also called Chaz??


No probs! :) Think you’ll agree it’s probably the best version. ^^

There was talk of a patch for the Vita version not long after it was released. Did that happen? I already own the game, but have put off playing it until it’s been updated.

PS4 version looks great though :)


The patch was approved this week, so we’re hoping it’ll be live on or around the time the PS4 version goes live. ^_^

Brilliant. Thank you for confirming, Alasdair :)




Sadly not.

We added quite a bit of extra stuff to PS4 much of which couldn’t be done on Vita from a technical standpoint, so it wasn’t really plausible or fair to throw both sets of players in together. However, what this does mean is that both versions play to their own console’s strengths and a Vita patch is in sub that will bring it as close to the PS4 version as we can. Hope that answers your question.

I’m just curious to know what the Holy Water actually did.

I’ll be getting this though. Loved it on Vita and PSTV.


You can use it to slow down death by shooting it at him, it also heals wounded people.

Awesome. I did blast it at Death, noting the relevance, but I never saw a difference.

Will there be a launch week discount for PS+ subscribers or people that own the Vita version?

This one is a good one as well :)
Always happy to see that LJ/GL pushing out quality works…and addictive ones at that :D But seriously…I need a babby mode…I am bad ^^


Maybe the 2-stage Tutorial will help you get better – plus it allows you to play about with lots of the powerups :) And it’s the only 2 levels that are the same EVERY time, so you can practice and see if you’re getting better.

Great game, in my top 10 for 2015!


Woah, really? Thanks!! ^_^


So will there be Cross Play or discount for those that bought it on Vita? I bought it on Vita expecting it to stay an Exclusive to the vita….


Afraid not, but we’ve tried to price both versions accordingly and the PS4 does benefit from quite a bit of tweaking to the fire, extra secrets, a new tutorial and of course far superior fps and loading times. :)

Hey Alasdair! Count me in, i will definitely double dip for the PS4 version and look forward to replaying on my big screen, and the new added stuff is a big plus thank you :D Now on to Flame Over 2 :P


Awesome, glad to hear it. Thanks for the kind words! ^^

I love this on my Vita. It’s a shame it’s not cross-buy, but I may pick it up down the line. Great game.


Aw, thanks! <3

Will you be adding more rooms and features or is the game done after release?


It’s got all the new rooms from the PC version, but at the moment there aren’t any plans to add any more.

Ok and thanks for taking the time to reply to us :)

If you’re still reading this, the blog’s weekly store update has listed Flame Over at £11.59.

Is this price change true? If so, SCEE really are taking the ****.


We’re aware of the error and are trying to get it resolved ASAP!


Good news! This is now sorted and available for £8.99 or €10.99. :)

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