Gold and Silver Dualshock 4 Wireless Controllers unveiled

Yes, you know you want one

Well, now, these are choice. If you were watching this morning’s SCEJA Press Conference 2015 live from Tokyo, you’ll know that a number of new Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller colour variations are on their way, and I’m happy to confirm that the Gold and Silver editions will be available in SCEE territories.

We’ll have more news on release date and pricing soon but in the meantime, grab a napkin to mop up any drool, and wrap your eyes around the images below.


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No I want crystal :|

madmanwithabox12 15 September, 2015 @ 10:03

They do look very nice. Not a fan of the coloured face plates honestly, considering there’s only black or white PS4’s to go with them. But the DS4s look awesome.

Hopefully we can get some of the coloured Vita variations from Japan? Pretty please?

That orange Vita is so hot

Crystal or GTFU !!!!

Gooooooooooooooold! Awesome!

Thank you PlayStation for pimpin’ my DualShock 4!

How about a price cut like the Japanes market got?


Are you kidding? Crystal is all we want.


Crystal is coming later in Japan anyway so it would be hard to advertise it with the other 3 (I’m still missing one in the article :D)

Are these expected to come out very soon or is it a while wait?


I don’t have a date for you at present I’m afraid. Look out for an update soon.

the-str8jacket 03 October, 2015 @ 09:31

Release date is 18 November in UK for gold and silver but we really want the more attractive steel black and crystal!!!

“Yes, you know you want one” – You know nothing, Jon Sn… Yeah, yeah, sorry about that.

But yeah, as cool as that silver DS4 looks, these aren’t really my thing. I’m still waiting for a pink one. I could probably settle for orange though.

Gold looks hideous on anything.

Someone has been busy with a rattle can!

Rose gold would be nice to fit my iPhone 6S.

Perhaps a pair of knickers would be better suited?

Can we get the limited edition logo faceplate that was sold in the US a little while back?

I don’t want one… I just want you to fix the material used in the analogs!!

Red is still my favourite.

Steel black DS4 FTW!

@BeAkErOo which LTD ED faceplate is that?


I want the Steel Black and Crystal here in the UK, why are we given the OTT ones

I don’t want 1…i want 4 of them…each :P :D ;)

It’s always like this

Japan: *gets many new awsesome colors*
Europe *gets one or two of the worst ones*

RodrigoSharingan 15 September, 2015 @ 18:15

ikr! Europe allways gets the bad ones.

Europe gets the bums rush from Sony all the time why is anyone surprised?

We don’t get Flash Sales and the Rewards programme isn’t available here either.

No thanks… they just look grim.

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A red PS4 is all i want to go with my red controller :P

I still prefer my blue controller.


My R2 button is broken, I’ve read that this a common issue, does anyone know if Sony fixed this issue? I’ve had mine for about a year and a half.

The DS4 control is poorly made and has clearly got design defects. I’ve had 2 controls alternating since I’ve had my ps4 and both of the R2 buttons died within 15 minutes of each other, also the rubber on the control sticks degrades ridiculously quickly. Unfortunately mine were out of warranty so I’ve just had to buy a new control. No idea if they’ve fixed the issues but will just have to see how long the blue one lasts…

Carnivius_Prime 15 September, 2015 @ 13:51

I’m perfectly happy with the steel grey one I got with my Batman PS4. :)

oh good Lord!

joaoguilhermefbl 15 September, 2015 @ 14:58

Actually I just wanted better thumbsticks material and a better battery…

Why is all of u complaining about the sticks ? Ive had my ps4 since spring and play like 20hours a week and cant notice anything my rubber is as good as day one

Great so we get the two worst colours of the 4? Never mind, I’ve already got Black, Blue, Camo and a custom Orange one :-D

Steel Black looks life a perfect combo for the batman console, and yet, we get silver and gold…

Both would look great with new Taken King console.

Only gold and silver for SCEE? I really liked the look of the steel black one..

I’m rather interested in the HDD Covers, do we know if these will be released over here in the UK please. I would like to spice my PS4 with different choice of colours

So, four new controller colours announced during the TGS stream, and SCEE chooses to import the two tackiest, ugliest ones for sale in the EU.

So, the two that actually look awesome, the Steel Black and Crystal versions are Japan only, while these two monstrosities of bling are shipped over here because… well, actually I’ve got nothing. SCEE’s mad marketing decisions have got to the point where they just defy rational explanation.


Love how out of the four colours the ones we’re getting are the two I don’t like.
Crystal is best, then Black, then these two I’m not interested in… >_<
Guess if I buy a crystal one from Japan it'll work just the same.

Everyone in this comment section is so preoccupied with the new shiny colors that they’re forgetting this biggest issue the DS4 has, which is its battery life. New colors is all good & fun but if it hasn’t improved upon the crappy battery life what’s the point. I’ll play 2 – 2 1/2 hrs & my controller is on 1 bar. The DS3 would last me the whole day even 2 days before having to be plugged in.

Bet it will cost more like the 20th Anniversary Controller and still not come with a charging cable sorry to say i’m pretty disappointed “just for the players” sure as hell doesn’t feel like it lately then again charging silly amounts of money for a skin pack ins’t anything new in the gaming industry

Gloom12356776543 16 September, 2015 @ 11:44

Where is Platinum ? :) and bronze :)


Great, the two I didn’t want.

Yeah… I’ll pass on those… they just look the tackiest controllers I have ever had the misfortune to see… crystal on the other hand looks way better.


I want a gold controller because mine is broken


Who is getting gold and silver dualshock 4 wireless controller


Just gold and white


Hi I’m planning on getting a gold controller would thease be available everywhere???

SilentShadow777 17 September, 2015 @ 13:34

I hope we will also be seeing the steel black version

They look great. But man, the Crystal Dualshock 4 screams nostalgia! I had one like that back in the day. Go on Sony, bring it to the UK…please.

Colors are nice. But what I really want is an alternative like the XBO Elite controller. My hands need something a little more premium for those long play sessions.

please don’t make these exclusive to game, and it’s a shame we will never get the crystal see thru ds4 i like that one the most.

also what is the excuse to not release the ps4 faceplate over here?

Bring it in Steel Black to Europe or else …

Soooo…. When are these coming to europe? Or better; The Netherlands? I’m waiting to buy a new controller, until these come out!

the-str8jacket 03 October, 2015 @ 09:27

Steel black controller with matching hdd cover pleeeeeeaaaase….

the-str8jacket 03 October, 2015 @ 09:46

Come on Fred, talk to your people and please let us have a choice of all four colours.

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