World of Tanks is coming to PlayStation 4

The massive free-to-play combat game to launch with brand new content

Hello everyone, this is TJ Wagner, Project Lead at responsible for bringing World of Tanks to consoles. We’re all very excited to be bringing this massively multiplayer, action packed, 30-player tank battle sensation to PlayStation 4.

World of Tanks is a free-to-play and free-to-win mega hit that’s easy to pick up and a challenge to master. There are over 350 tanks across seven nations to choose from and collect. There are five different classes of tanks to fit the style of play you like best and always hot heavy metal action to be found.

We’re tuning the experience specifically for PlayStation 4, supporting Dualshock 4 controllers, Share Play, PS Vita Remote Play, livestreaming and more. Best of all, World of Tanks is free-to-play for all PlayStation account holders from the get go!

WoT_Screens_PS4_Combat_Image_04 WoT_Screens_PS4_Combat_Image_05WoT_Screens_PS4_Combat_Image_01

World of Tanks for PlayStation 4 will feature custom maps, custom tanks, custom skins and more. PS Plus members will have access to even more exclusive content and deals. We are also happy to announce that there will be exclusive Girls und Panzer content and themes at launch.

I’d like to personally invite you to join the World of Tanks community. We value our players and work to bring a constant flow of new content and features every month for you to explore and play with. I can’t wait to see what the PlayStation community brings with their gameplay and ideas. I’d also like to invite you to be part of the beta in the coming months, helping us to tune and put the finishing touches to the game before launch. That will happen before the end of this year and you’ll receive special beta awards for participating.

Again, I can’t tell you how excited we are to be bringing World of Tanks to a whole new audience. You can sign up for more information on the game and the upcoming beta at

See you on the battlefield!


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Will it be cross platform with PC?


@Leafleap It won’t be cross platform

No cross platform, that´s a shame as one of my mates plays it on pc , guess I´ll have to coax him in to buying a ps4. Anyway, thanks for the answer, I´ll be sure to check out world of tanks once it comes out, cheers!


You had me at Girls und Panzer.

Great, they start well! Can’t sign up for Beta information or newsletter or whatever.
It gives me the following error:

Not Found

The requested URL /custloads/272760712/Automation/ was not found on this server.

I’m having the same problem.

Same issue. Please fix.


Hey guys the issue should be fixed now:

Please try again:

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Will this be playable with PC players like WarThunder is?


Hey Max, It won’t be cross platform

Don’t forget to add Trophies after the Beta, like your friends from WarThunder forgot.

WarThunder is still in beta. And it will remain to do so until Ground Forces is complete and the Sea battles are implemented.

I assume this is just for WoT – any plans for World of Warplanes or World of Warships? (I’m looking at World of Warships on the PC, but if this is coming to PS4, that woud suit me better [more friends on there]).


Hello spiritos13, at this time we’re just focused on Tanks. We don’t have any information about other Wargaming titles moving to console.

Ok, thanks for the info Marvin. Best of luck with the launch!

Awsome have been waiting for this. Will it use the same account as PC version or shall we register a new one?


Hey U15L1B, You will have to register again to play on your PS4. More info about the game and beta sign up can be found here:


You will need to make a new account. They don’t cross over.

Can’t wait to see WOT on this platform!

déja super sur pc mais sur la ps4 il va déchirer , j’ai hate ….

Finally can sell the Xbox!!!

I bet all the premium things I splashed out for on the Xbox WoT will have to be purchased again for ps4, if I’d have know sooner I wouldn’t have bought the founders packs

When the beta?


Hey hincols,

The PS4 Beta will be arriving before the end of 2015!

To get more info please go to:

AAwwww yesssss!! sorry to hear the account don’t come over though… i have spend a lot of money for gold and premium tanks to get where i am now on pc and i am not going to invest all that time and money again.

Interesting, considering how I got so frustrated with War Thunder after a while – that had literally six maps on the tank battles, and you could easily drive across one for five minutes before getting one-shotted from a mile away. Plus it had massive balance issues and no British tanks.

I’ll reserve judgement though as I really hate trailers like that – all flashy cinematics and no gameplay. Sure, I can watch PC and XBox footage, but I’d prefer to see actual PS4 tanks in action. A trailer like this automatically makes me suspicious, that the cinematics are being used because either it isn’t in a fit state to show yet, or the actual gameplay wouldn’t be impressive enough to get people to play it – much like the ads for shovelware like Clash of Clans.

I hope to be proven wrong though, and hey, Girls und Panzer content … this I gotta see.

Ad it to ps3 to

I Have a Question. I need to have active ps plus subscribe when game is release in order to get bonus tanks or when i pay a PS plus subscription i will get them ?


Hey Lvlashev, we will release more information about this matter in the near future.

For now, please register to get more info @:

SergeantMcFlurry 20 September, 2015 @ 09:41

Are you supposed to receive a confirmation email when signing up? Signed up since launch and nothing so far.


Hey SergeantMcFlurry,

Your details should be captured as long as you landed on the “thank you” page :)

Let me know if you have any further questions.

This version on the game is going to be the same as on Xbox ??


Hi Lvlashev

In principal it’s the same game but we will have some features that are unique and exclusive to the PS4!


Played this on other Platforms…its really ok for a ‘Free-to Play’ title…diffo worth a try:)

Good bye social life, hello world of tanks!!!

Can’t wait! Can’t play this amazing game on my old PC anymore. Will replace my PS3 with a PS4 on day one of WoT…

inFamous_93rus 06 October, 2015 @ 12:12

This will be a full beta test in a couple of months, right?
I signed up for the newsletter on the beta test but he did not come, how can I know whether the beta has begun or not?
I’m afraid to miss the news about the beginning of the beta-test:)


Hey inFamous_93rus,

We haven’t announced any beta details yet. Don’t worry :) if you signed up on our website to get more info then you’ll get the latest news once it’s available.

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