Top-down dungeon crawler Heroes of Loot is coming to PS Vita

A cute, addictive take on a classic formula

Hi Everyone, Tj’ièn here from Abstraction Games. I have some good news to share with you today! Heroes of Loot is finding a new home on PlayStation Vita very soon – in fact it will be available on 22nd September, so you’ve not long to wait.

Heroes of Loot is a fun combination of a dungeon crawler and a 360 shooter with rogue-like elements, such as randomly-generated dungeons and lots of loot! I’ve interviewed Pascal Bestebroer, the developer and designer of Heroes of Loot, to get you guys the inside scoop.

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In your own words, how would you like to describe Heroes of Loot?
Pascal: A new take on the old classic Gauntlet. A dungeon crawler open to all sorts of players, with all the deep statistical stuff of roguelike’s stripped out and replaced with arcade shooting.

What was your main inspiration for this game? What sparked your interest?
Pascal: Gauntlet ! And not the weird remake, but the classic from the 80’s. Before I started work on Heroes of Loot, Gauntlet was actually the last dungeon-crawling game I played. My goal was to create something that had the old feeling of the 8-bit classic but was updated with various current design concepts and tricks, including procedurally generated content, random quests, and just a lot of non-serious action.

What is your favourite moment in Heroes of Loot?
Pascal: I now mostly enjoy seeing others play and running into new things they haven’t seen before. There are a lot of players who will reach level 30 or 40 and say “well, now it’s boring, I’ve seen it all” but they most likely still have very rare items to uncover or run into different monsters.

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I’ve read in another interview that it Heroes of Loot was almost cancelled during development. What were the difficulties you ran into, and more importantly, how did you solve them?
Pascal: It took a lot of tries and changes to get the current gameplay “working”. Gameplay elements really came together in the final weeks of development (from a nine-month development cycle). This might have had a lot to do with me having very little dungeon-crawling game experience to begin with.

Do you have some game play tips for our readers?
Pascal: Never, ever, rush into a steaming, puffing, fire-spitting Minotaur! Run away!

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I’m here day one!
But how long do you think each run will take?


Awesome news! Loved (and I mean LOVED) Heroes of Loot on iOS. Definitely picking it up on my beloved Vita!

Awesome! I enjoyed it quite a bit on mobile so I’ll probably get it at launch. I just hope the pricing isn’t sth absurd like 15€.


“and not the weird remake, ”

come on… show some respect to your fellow developers…. specially if you game has 4 bit graphics who will make gauntlet feel like we were back on 1989…

Well, people at sony…. You really thing we deserve this lazy pixelated wannabes on vita? We bought this console because of Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Marvel vs Capcom3, need for speed….. Where are those games now? how it is that on the tokio game show vita received far more support from koei tecmo, namco bandai or even square enyx than from sony…

It’s a shame… you should quit from the handheld industry…no one will ever buy a new hand held from you… you are the sega of the hand helds… such a wonderfull machine, with such hich specs, and wasted on spectrum games…..

good work sony… good work….

    Aces73High 17 September, 2015 @ 3:13 pm    

    Speak for yourself! Gravity Rush and Uncharted: Golden Abyss were really cool and all, but I bought *my* Vita for indies, like Curses ‘N Chaos, Rogue Legacy, Shovel Knight… and yes, Heroes of Loot 🙂

    LordRastan 17 September, 2015 @ 3:22 pm    

    yeah aceshigh (up the irons!) so you will be glad to hear that gravity rush2 is coming to ps4… but don’t worry, you still could play heroes of loot… who needs anything else?

    LordRastan 17 September, 2015 @ 3:28 pm    

    I also enjoy some indies: guacamelee, spelunky, rogue legacy…. are great games… but I really doubt the vita users bought their machines amazed by the great indie catallogue…

    anyway, if you like pixelated 2D games, why dont you try an android console? they are full of emulators, neo-geo, cps, arcade, snes, megadrive…. almost 90% of their games put vita’s indies to shame…

    but that’s something you will probably known if you are over your thirties…

    miguel_fabio 17 September, 2015 @ 3:53 pm    

    To be really honest i want more of those games but the truth they had very bad sales só why devs should males big games if they are going to lose money? I really Wanted this to be a like 🙁

    infernalmonkey1 17 September, 2015 @ 3:57 pm    

    Barely anyone bought the Vita for those games. That’s why the Vita hyper bombed with the mainstream casual audience.

    Aces73High 17 September, 2015 @ 4:13 pm    

    5.2 — Yup, I am glad Gravity Rush is coming to PS4..

    I bought my Vita for indies, my 3DS for Mario and Zelda etc, and my PS4 for the big AAA’s!

    Though, if I’m honest, I am a bit bummed that Vita won’t get at least a graphically inferior version of the new Gravity Rush. Never mind, I guess.


    I have a Vita for about 2 years, and imo games likes Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Killzone Mercenary (played all three) are pretty mediocre, at least when you compare them to their equivalents on PS3/4.

    Don’t get me wrong: they’re still the between the best high-budget games on Vita, but they just don’t work as well on an handheld device. This idea of playing scaled-down versions of big screen games was much more interesting on theory; now that we’ve all played them, I think numbers clearly tell us that the vast majority of gamers would rather play those kind of games in the more powerful machine, in the highest quality screen and speakers they can get.

    Now… on the other hand, you’ve got small “pick up and play” games like Spelunky, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Hotline Miami, Guacamelee, Rogue Legacy, Shovel Knight, OlliOlli, or Velocity 2X – all of them are excellent games, arguably “better” on Vita than on a PS3/4, because the gameplay is very well suited for handheld gaming.

    Same thing with Visual Novels – the Danganronpa series, VLR and Steins;Gate are all great experiences that most people will find much more comfortable on an handheld. And there’s a case to be made for RPGs being also better on handhelds, as the grinding nature of those games works very well with features likes Suspend/Resume on Vita.

    Yeah, I know there are a lot of gamers who bought a Vita wanting scaled down AAA experiences, but try not to generalise it, as there are also others who came for the vibrant indie scene 🙂

    Aces73High 17 September, 2015 @ 4:14 pm    

    5.3 — over my thirties? Try over my forties! 🙂

    Aces73High 17 September, 2015 @ 4:24 pm    

    5.7 — Thank you @oldmess, I couldn’t have put it better myself! 🙂

X_Blood_Curse_X 17 September, 2015 @ 3:18 pm   5

It’s £1.60 on mobile. I’ll gladly pay that for a Vita version.

…it’s not gonna be that much though, is it?


To my fellow ‘indie-centric’ PS Blog readers, I implore you to try the utterly fabulous (and ludicrously addictive!) Curses ‘N Chaos from Tribute games. It only came out last week, but between my Vita and PS4, I’ve already ploughed well over 30hrs into it. Seriously, it’s very, very good.

Going back to OrangePixels marvellously moreish Heroes of Loot though, the gameplay really is waaaay better than its old skool pixels may have you believe. Sure, the art style is admittedly divisive, but the gameplay is anything but!

    LordRastan 18 September, 2015 @ 2:48 pm    

    The truth is you could make a good gameplay without this lazy art… that’s the truth indies developers don’t want to hear… if you like 2d art… why dont’ you replicate those from the 16bits era? neo geo, snes, capcom’s csp1&2…. why you alway bet on the lazy atariesque option? I will gladly pay for another cadillac and dinosaurs, gradius 2, rastan saga, three wonders….. but you always go for the cheaper option… pixel art you call it, lazy art it’s for me… sorry, but I will only play this games if the IGC games will continue as poor as they are….




How does the roguelike mechanics work in this is it fair or brutal like Rogue Lagacy?

Louis-Lewis 20 September, 2015 @ 1:59 pm   9

Will there be a platinum trophy?


Meer dan 5 Euro vragen, terwijl je minder dan 3 dollar vraagt in de US? Da’s durven.


I am doing both, I will stop when they give me an answer.