Rocket League’s Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC is coming soon!

Psyonix looks back to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars for new pack

A wise, heavily-bearded Greek man once said, “The beginning is the most important part of the work,” which is why the team here at Psyonix is looking back to 2008 and our very first football-game-without-feet, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. It’s with that history and creative motivation in mind that we’re happy to announce that our next Rocket League DLC Pack, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, is almost ready to go!


Currently driving through Sony’s certification process, Revenge of the Battle-Cars has all sorts of cool stuff inspired by our first official trip to the pitch! When it arrives just a few short weeks from now, our “new-but-old-school” DLC will feature a number of awesome customisation items that longtime SARPBC fans should immediately recognise. Including…

  •  Two classic SARPBC Battle-Cars, Scarab and Zippy
  •  12 new decals (six for each new car)
  •  Three new paint types (Toon Glossy, Toon Matte, Toon Wood)
  •  Two new wheels (Scarab and Zippy)
  •  Two new Rocket Boosts (Accelerato and Battle-Stars)
  •  Four new Toppers (Cavalier, Locomotive, Pixelated Shades, Shark Fin)
  •  Two new Antennas (Retro Balls from SARPBC)
  •  Five new Trophies
#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Besides our paid Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC, we’re also continuing our tradition of giving everyone extra FREE stuff to go along with it. This time around, it’s the debut of two new variations of our existing arenas, Urban Station (Night) and Utopia Coliseum (Dusk).

These variants are the last “regulation-style” maps you’ll see for while, by the way, as our next few arenas after that will focus on more “unusual” layouts and settings (more on those later this year). Additional FREE goodies, like new music, Community and Country flags, and our customary updates and optimisations and updates will ship alongside the DLC.

Revenge of the Battle-Cars will retail for €3.99/£3.29 when it releases in the next couple of weeks. See you on the pitch!


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Can’t support you guys enough. Pure fun game with no BS business model behind it. Anything you guys release will be day one, you can count on me for that. Thank you for doing things proper and congratulations for executing such a genius little game :)


We really appreciate that. We’ll keep working hard to make it worth it for you!

really great game. in fact Rocket League is my GOTY and i’m serious about that. i will buy each and every DLC you put out. looks like i may resubscribe to ps plus just for this game again.

Carnivius_Prime 18 September, 2015 @ 20:06

Wow. I was about to comment that this is currently my Game of the Year so far and then I read yours. We actually agree on something! :O


Carnivius_Prime haha i know right.


Will we see some fun non-ranked modes like changing the ball into a crate, also for multiplayer (at least local)? It was sad for me to be able to play with a crate only in a one single player challenge in SARPBC.


We don’t have anything to announce at the moment, but we are looking into multiple things we can do to add to the game over time. Whether or not that would be new modes or not, we can’t responsibly say yet.


Glad to see you’re considering some fancy stuff :)

A seriously good game, however that £/€ exchange rate is a bit dodgy. Either it should be £2.91 or €4.50 depending on which is used as the base. RIP OFF BRITAIN strikes again!

This game is fantastic. Are there plans for being able to do some light customisation to the rules pre-game (first to X points or setting an alternate time limit, introducing bonuses/penalties for destroying opponents), just to add a touch more variety? I’m glad you’ve mentioned the ‘unusual’ style arena layout too, that’ll make the game feel fresh all over again, cannot wait for that.
When you take something for granted it’s easy to nitpick, so i’ll finish by thanking you for one of the greatest party games of all time, and can imagine it’ll only improve with more time. All the best


We’ve talked about increasing the options in Private Matches, but we’re still working on what that means and a timeline for that.

Thanks for the kind words!

Looking forward :D

Don’t pander to people’s requests. The game is just right as it is.
The only thing I ask is that you allow an extra 5 or so seconds for people to connect and load into matches before starting them. I’ve lost count of how many time the opposing team scored when I wasn’t ready.


yeah, this would be helpful, and also only allowing players to join/leave when the ball is dead after a goal. i get a huge lag spike when a new player joins, and if they are replacing a bot, sometimes they replace the bot who was just about to save a goal!

Carnivius_Prime 18 September, 2015 @ 20:07

I’ll that the DLC thanks. Played this game loads since it was released. It’s one of my main PS4 games. So easy and simple and quick to get right into the action. Perfect for a quick match here and there and fun to play in longer sessions too.

I am really enjoying this game, thanks to PS Plus I have played this for many hours. I had never even heard of SARPBC, and wish I played it back in the day. However, I do feel Rocket League could use some of SARPBC’s arena’s. I have checked that game on Youtube, and I would really like to see some of the arena layouts in RL. I get the idea that the current arena’s are perfect for eSports, but what I would like to see are some really crazy arenas, one with more then 2 teams/goals, arena’s with jumps and obstacles or anything to keep the game fresh.

Is there any season pass for this great game? Or we have to buy all these DLC one by one?


We decided not to do a Season Pass for the game since the idea behind them is to sell pre-determined content before it’s out. We wanted to be a bit more flexible in what our DLC would be and didn’t want to give pre-determined deadlines or dates for that content without knowing what they were.

Hope that helps clarify. Cheers!


Awesome news about those special maps coming down the line! I loved the map variety in SARPBC, and I can’t wait to see some more variety coming to Rocket League :D

Phenomenon_Omar 19 September, 2015 @ 17:12


I love rocket league and I will be most definitely be buying this piece of dlc to add to the collection… can’t wait to see what will be coming next

Wonderfull game! Ond of the best multiplayer games for ps4 so far.
My only wish is that you create more spectacular arenas.
Maybe one beside the pyramids or one on the moon.
For this kind of game the possibilitys are endless!
Thank you for a greate game.

love the game but please fix the missing audio bug! the latest patch didnt solve the issue


As someone who effectively got this game free (PSPlus) I feel compelled to support one of the best games this year, Will buy all of this years DLC, Keep up the great work.


Was wondering about a potential tournament style online mode, taking styles from FIFA and other online sports games. Knockout Stage type thing?


You should really pay attention to the low fps people are having in Beckwith and stormy stadiums! It’s a common problem within the ps4 users!

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