Introducing the Call of Duty- Black Ops III limited edition 1TB PS4

New bundles incoming to mark the 6th November launch

During SCEA’s E3 Press Conference 2015, we announced that PlayStation is the new home of Call of Duty, bringing you early access to the Black Ops III Beta and upcoming DLC map packs for Black Ops III. Now you can play that early content in style with the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Limited Edition PlayStation 4 available on 6th November.


The system features the Call of Duty: Black Ops III ember orange logo on a Jet Black chassis, complete with colored power and eject buttons, as well as three emblems on the front each representing a game mode – the SOG Skull signifies campaign, the Winslow Accord faction logo is pulled straight from the game’s fiction, representing one of the factions you play in multiplayer and “the mark” denotes zombies. The DualShock 4 included has a smooth grey and orange color scheme, along with the roman numeral ‘III’ logo on the right grip.

It’s also worth pointing out that this bundle comes with the spacious 1TB hard disk drive. That’s plenty of room for a library of DLC, and saved videos of your best matches from Call of Duty and more That SHARE button is going to get a workout, too – our 3.00 system software update for PS4 adds the ability to share short video clips directly to Twitter natively, making it easier than ever to share your multiplayer feats in Black Ops III with the world.

Also included is the standard edition of the blockbuster game, along with the bonus NUK3TOWN multiplayer map. That’s right, the most popular map in Black Ops history re-imagined for a new generation of play.
We hope you like our new look! This bundle represents the next step in our collaboration with Activision, Call of Duty and Treyarch. In fact, Activision’s GM of Call of Duty, Rob Kostich wanted to chime in with a few quick words:

“Last month’s beta on PS4 was a phenomenal success. We want to thank the amazing PlayStation Nation for its feedback, for its participation, and for making Black Ops III the largest beta in PS4 history!

“Black Ops III is without a doubt the most ambitious game that Call of Duty has ever created – Treyarch is pushing the boundaries across each and every mode of play on PS4. From day one, it has been designed to push the franchise to new heights on next generation hardware.

“We cannot wait for you to experience Black Ops III for yourselves on 6th November, and we hope you like the Black Ops III Limited Edition PS4 as much as we do!”

In addition there will also be a Call of Duty: Black Ops III Bundle which will be available with a Jet Black 1TB PS4. (500GB Jet Black bundle also available in the UK).
With Black Ops 3’s 6th November launch right around the corner, we won’t have to wait long to see Treyarch’s vision fully realized on PS4. See you online!

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Is this only available in North America?

It’s okay. GameUK just announced it for UK. The console bundle is available World Wide.

RodrigoSharingan 22 September, 2015 @ 20:44

Awful and bland/generic design. This has to be one of the worst special PS4’s. Not even the controller is good..

Oh dear, SONY ‘WILL’ ‘NUK3’ the Competition… :P :P :P (GOOD!) :D

PermanentlyAngry 22 September, 2015 @ 20:56

It’s really interesting to see the reaction of North Americans (who on the whole like the design) vs Europeans (who on the whole dislike the design). I personally am indifferent to the design. It could’ve been more imaginative and less generic, but it cold have been a hell of a lot worse. It’ll still sell by the boatload either way as it’s CoD.


This must be a realllllly early April fools joke right?


Or a realllllly late one


All these limited edition PS4s are getting silly now. Every big AAA release is now getting custom PS4 so it’s just cheapening any that people buy. This one is GOD AWFUL. Ive been lucky enough to get the MGSV PS4 and that has gotta be the best looking system ever let alone PS4, it’s even higher than the anniversary edition in my opinion.

But these new ‘limited editions’ are starting to outstay their welcome massively and are becoming a bit of a joke.

RodrigoSharingan 22 September, 2015 @ 22:35

That MGSV one is godly! i wish i could trade my normal PS4 for that one.

PermanentlyAngry 23 September, 2015 @ 07:05

I don’t quite follow your logic in the amount of different limited edition consoles cheapening each other? I do happen to think Sony are flooding the market with too many for my liking (not that I own any), but I never thought that was cheapening them. Also I agree with you on the MGSV PS4, saw one in the flesh yesterday and it is really nice. The Taken King PS4 gives it a good run for it’s money though.


Amazing ❤️


Now I see why they are dropping the price of the PS4… they are releasing a cheap tacky looking console.

Looks like a PS4 dipped in Dorito dust.

Shockingly bad design, my eyes want a refund!

I think it looks pretty cool!

I think its a pity that Sony will release 20 different versions of PS4’s, and be so slack on interchangeable HDD bay Covers.

It really shows that they care more about giving a variety to new comers, than giving the people that have actually helped Sony win the console war :(

Carnivius_Prime 23 September, 2015 @ 08:46

The way the photo resizes on this webpage does kinda make it look like the orange lines were hand drawn. :P I don’t really care either way cos I can’t call of duty and similar FPS games but I’m just curious how many different PS4’s we’ll have by the time the PS5 appears. I got the Batman Arkham Knight one with is very nice steel grey with a Batman picture and I’m happy with that (moreso than I was with the game which I sold 2 days later).

Please can you giveaway a PS4 for the gamer sake ,it’s not sold in my city and i can’t afford one.

Mooi stuk is hij ook in België te verkrijgen en zo ja wanneer komt die hier uit dan schaf ik hem direct aan .

mooi stuk is hij ook in België te verkrijgen en zo ja wanneer komt die hier uit dan schaf ik hem direct aan.

Preis. ?

I like it, man. It reminds me of Tron. You get this console, I doubt you’d regret it.

is ok pat on ps3…..Sony will release 20 different versions of PS4’s??????? ow

Am not a COD fan. I don’t plan on buying COD BO2. However that is a nice looking console. Has a Tron feel to it. Sony doing really good with these LE consoles.


how can i buy it?The link is unactive!

i gone play cod again after fail of destiny

i hope the devlopers make a mode where you have next tings
3 kils =faster moving speed
5 kils =extra life ( armore vest )
7 kils =auto personal drone to see peopel
12kils= rpg whith 3 rockets
18+kils= faster xp

all other kilstreaks = gone ( to many drops of helfire = never fun )

i preorderd normal game in mi store buth no info we gone geth nuke town dlc .

Budi-Haryadi_93 25 September, 2015 @ 06:54

That’s Awesome

NICE very Niceeeeee .But very spensive is a shame.LIKE

Tread in fear SHACKA-ZULU will be moving from the PS3 to the PS4!!


LOL call of duty

ShaDoW-HunT3R364 26 September, 2015 @ 18:05

Will this be sold in Ireland cause I have the money my old ps4 is nearly out of space and it looks so epic

ShaDoW-HunT3R364 26 September, 2015 @ 18:30

Is that thing coming to Ireland or Europe


Is that console comin to Saudi Arabia or the middle east


Is it coming to the UAE

this ‘black ops’ playstation look so ugs. the controller has no color fashion.sorry sony : (

I have already pre order it at game


I’ve already pre ordered it so yeah

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