Minecraft gets Doctor Who DLC today

Plus, 23 more Trophies added for PS3 players

Hello, PlayStation Minecrafters! Get ready to see the best Doctor in town – we’re pleased to confirm that the Doctor Who I and II Skins Bundle is out today on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.


It’s packed with cool stuff – over 100 skins of the most-loved and most-feared characters from the hit BBC science fiction TV series. You can add touches of magic to your Doctor Who themed worlds – embark on an epic adventure as your favourite Time Lord, or conquer lands as far as the eye can see as the Daleks or Cybermen!

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004

You can also play as other favorite characters such as Amy Pond, Rose Tyler, K-9 and Ood. You can grab the whole 100+ skin collection for your Minecraft world today.

Happy Mining!

P.S. We’ve also thrown in a nice little bonus for PS3 players in today’s update, adding support for 23 more Trophies!

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004
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DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004
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That’s me and the kids busy tonight!!!!

Carnivius_Prime 23 September, 2015 @ 16:59

Cute. I’m not into Minecraft at all but I do love Doctor Who.


I looked at the hopefully asap NOT LOCKED dr who skins it has every dr who baddie ever

Do I need to purchase this on every individual players account on my machine, as I have just bought it using my main account and that is the only account it can be played on when the only reason I purchased it was for my son?


The more accounts u got the more u has 2 buy it 4 em alll

If you have set your account your PS4 as primary on your account. Any other account on the PS4 should be able to share the DLC.

Now they’re even locked on my main account so I reckon someone now owes me £4.99

I’ve just bought and saying not unlocked, Sony or someone not done something right again

Happened to me too. Said it downloaded and installed but everything still locked. Waiting for reply after emailing them.


Yep same here all locked when i just bought them i might have to use a sonic screwdriver to fix it

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madmanwithabox12 23 September, 2015 @ 18:58

Leela or bust.

Dat Sutekh though. Kudos.

Carnivius_Prime 23 September, 2015 @ 21:38

I misread that as Leela’s bust. :P

madmanwithabox12 24 September, 2015 @ 12:27

I mean, that too. =p

Same here. Unfortunately I’m resigned to expect this as a Sony customer. Happened three times with different releases. The best one being Sony All-Stars when they took over two weeks to resolve the problem of people paying and not being able to access the content. I notice the system errors never prevent the money leaving my account, only me getting the product.


Same here as well i bought dr who £4.99 pack n they are all locked tipical well i hope sony fixes it fast n tells 4j studio to patch it so we can use all the dr who skins that we bought or someone will get exterminated so hurry up sony 4j studio put a patch fix out so we can play being dr who we paid 4.99 and all we get is dr who locked skins we paid to unlock oh and anyone here on twitter notify 4j studios about the dr who skins pack locked after we bought them only 1 or 2 dr who skins are unlocked the rest are locked

Grammar and punctuation, have you heard of it?

Not really a fan of the Doctor Who series, although the Darlek skins look really cool. Thanks for adding the next-gen trophies (The Haggler, Rainbow Collection, Zombie Doctor etc.) onto the PlayStation 3 edition’s trophy set. ;)

any news sony, wake up and let us know whats happening
Incidentally as this is first skin pack ive bought, only got textures and mash ups before, can you change the enemy skins, would be good to change the zombies to daleks etc or can you only change your character?


Folks, we are working on this now and I’ll update asap. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Bought the Doctor Who Skin I & II bundle and they are locked in game! Cannot use them.. Sort it out cost me £4.99


Fred Dutton i hope this gets fixed in a patch atap as tardis as possable :D im dr whos super mega fan as long as this gets fixed faster then a sonic screw driver il be happy

all we need now is a dr who world :D


punctuation grammar is not a sony rule on here thats all im saying

seemed to be working for me last night ok, on the vita and ps4
Is it right you can only change your skin? not the enemies?


I don’t think you can,no. It’s a shame because it means that all these screenshots up there aren’t actually possible unless you play online with others.

thats a shame, would be great to be the doctor being chased by daleks :)

Same story here.. Bought Doctor Who skins before work and 10hrs later found my hopes dashed when realized I couldn’t use the purchased add-on. And I’m a brand noob PS4 owner…. :(

Me to i’ve been waiting SO long to play as matt with his fez, 4j please fix this!

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