Hardware: Rivals beta kicks off tomorrow

How to get involved with the trial run for the new PS4 vehicle combat game

Hi everyone! When we announced our new title recently, we mentioned that we were going to be running a beta in the near future. Well, I’m pleased to announce that the Hardware: Rivals beta will be launching exclusively to PS Plus subscribers worldwide tomorrow, 30th September.


In case you missed our previous post, Hardware: Rivals is an arcade-style vehicle combat game where you can get behind the wheel of a Tank or Fast Attack Vehicle, load up with devastating weapons and hunt down and destroy your opponents. Check out the trailer to get an idea of what you can expect in the beta.

Anyone with an active PlayStation Plus subscription is eligible to take part, and you can download the game from the PlayStation Plus section on the PlayStation Store.

During the beta we’ll be letting in batches of players on a first-come-first-served basis. When you launch the game, you’ll automatically be granted a beta key if one is available, and can start playing right away.

If all of the keys in the current batch have been taken, you’ll have to wait until a new batch is released. Don’t worry though, we’ll be releasing new keys regularly throughout the beta, so keep an eye on the official forums for updates.

Everyone who gets a beta key in-game will also able to invite a friend to join them, so think carefully about who you want backing you up!

Finally, anyone who participated in our closed beta already has a beta key waiting for them as a little thank you so come and check out what’s new.


The game is still deep in development so your participation and feedback is incredibly important to us. We have a dedicated beta forum where you can learn more about the game, leave feedback and get the latest updates from the dev team. If you have any suggestions, comments or find any issues, then please let us know!

In the meantime, thank you all for your continued interest and we hope to see you on the battlefield soon! Find out more here.

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Wow, the mythical “exclusive betas” for PS+ members is actually true! :)

Any specific time on the availability of the Beta? Got the day off tomorrow and i am a little curious now.


We’re aiming to kick things off early tomorrow, so keep an eye on the Beta forum and the Official PlayStation Twitter accounts for a heads up. See you in there!

Hardware Online was my first ever online experience with games. Looking forward to testing this out!

Looks amazing!

How to signup for it click link a takes me to a forum page

Sign up for what?

Hardware: Rivals beta will be launching exclusively to PS Plus subscribers worldwide tomorrow, 30th September.

Clearly there is no sign up – it’s exclusive to PS+ members.

thanks for the info………?


No ps plus = no beta code so if u dont got ps plus more beta 4 me


Good luck with the game dan


Thanks Richy :)

Will we be allowed to do recorded gameplay and put it up on YouTube? :)

Well yes a game capture ensures this :D


Yep, all Share functions are active in the beta – looking forward to seeing everyone’s videos!

I have a good feeling about this game. :)

Er….any update? It’s not “early” anymore ;-)


Currently on the “Free to Play” section peeps :)

Picking up power ups will take out the fun out of the game for me. Because you will have to concentrate on the collecting them instead of to fully emerge yourself into the fight. And don’t forget the players who will try to stay near the place where these power-ups appear (simply put campers).

Playing the beta right now. The art style and graphics are top notch. And thank you for using Unreal Engine 4!!!! Some games previously released by other developers could have looked better on PS4 (I believe Mortal Kombat X uses a modified version of Unreal Engine 3). Hats off to you guys can’t wait to see what’s ahead for this release.

These type of games are perfect for local multiplayer… will it be possible?


not sure where i should give you guys feedback, so doing it here… i think the controls and handling need some work. just played a couple of matches using the smaller car. found the only way i could play really was to use the “push to go” control layout. however for a small car the turning circle is like that of a tank. the smaller car definitely needs to be a bit more twitchy so there’s an actual advantage of choosing that over the big tanks.

will we be able to setup out own control layout? none of the 3 default layouts are really working for me yet and it’s kinda unplayable for me because of this.

The visuals are great, not sure why the internet is saying it looks like a PS2 game, I think it looks more Pixar than PS2. As for the driving model and controls in general, it felt too slow. I expected it to feel more Unreal Tournament than Battlefield 4, it left me personally feeling disappointed.

Very promising overall though, if the game play becomes faster I may dip back in on release.


Great game! Thanks!!! We enjoyed two weeks beta version… But game is close last five days…When it’s opened?

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