PlayStation Plus in October: Broken Age, Super Meat Boy, Unmechanical, more

Kickbeat, Kung Fu Rabbit and Chariot also incoming on 6th October

The summer is over and the nights are drawing in but on the bright side that means we can spend more time losing ourselves in the world of videogames, with a fresh batch of PlayStation Plus games on their way to your system of choice.

Take note that as of the 6th October we will be removing Driveclub PS Plus Edition from the Monthly Games catalogue so if you haven’t had a chance to download it yet make sure your grab it before it disappears.

Without further ado, here are the games coming your way on 6th October:

Broken Age

The first graphic adventure by Grim Fandango creator Tim Schafer in 16 years, featuring beautifully hand-painted 2D worlds and an all-star vocal cast, including Elijah Wood, and Jennifer Hale.

Broken Age is a timeless coming-of-age story that follows, Vella Tartine and Shay Volta – two teenagers in strangely similar situations, but radically different worlds. You can freely switch between the characters and their individual stories, helping them take control of their own lives, and dealing with the unexpected adventures that follow.

Super Meat Boy

Team Meat’s fiendishly brilliant twitch platformer puts you in the shoes of Meat Boy, a red, cube-shaped character, as he attempts to rescue his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the game’s antagonist Dr. Fetus.

Across more than 300 levels, you must attempt to reach the end of each level, while avoiding crumbling blocks, deadly saw blades, and various other fatal obstacles. The core gameplay requires fine control and split-second timing – prepare yourself for a true test of your gaming skills!

Unmechanical Extended

Set in a fantastic world of flesh, rock and steel, Unmechanical follows a lone robot trapped in an underground complex. A handsome adventure game that combines tricky puzzle-solving, alluring exploration and engrossing atmosphere, it’s easy to pick up and play, but the challenges will truly test your logic, memory and wits.

Also joining PS Plus this month is light-hearted co-op platformer Chariot (PS3 only), wacky side-scroller Kung Fu Rabbit (PS Vita and PS3), and rhythm-based martial arts fighter Kickbeat (PS Vita and PS3).

Leaving PS Plus on 6th October

Don’t miss out! Make sure add any of the games scheduled to leave the service to your download list now to ensure you get to play them.

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Then join today from just £5.49/€6.99 per month. To find out more, visit our PlayStation Plus site

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store

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RodrigoSharingan 30 September, 2015 @ 16:31

Ugh… at least we have meat boy.

Mediocre once again. Cant wait for my sub to expire.

I would rather receive only 3 games instead of 6, if that meant more quality games. You’re really aiming at your feet, Sony.

RodrigoSharingan 30 September, 2015 @ 17:02

Me and you my friend. This right now is insulting. I am not gonna sub back to PS+ until this continues.
Im also actually thinking of moving to PC or Xbox, because right now Sony is dropping the ball.


Riiight, and apparently Broken Age and Meat Boy are bad games?

You guys do remember what you pay for this service right? Something like £4 a month? I think it may be time for a basic lesson in economics.

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Nothing i’m interested in, oh well looking forward to next month!

That’s what I’ve been saying every month for the past year or so. I thought I was making a smart investment subbing 2 years in advanced but I’m just ashamed now. Never again.


Rubbish again
Where the players are … insulted.


my plus is due up in few weeks so definitely thinking of not renewing it after this shockingly poor line up. Definitely the place to insult the gamers

X_Blood_Curse_X 30 September, 2015 @ 16:58

Don’t worry guys atleast we have Knack stickers now thanks to the update…


its been mostly rubbish since we started getting the same stuff as the Americans.. it’s all their fault. US PS team dragged the EU team down..

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I really like Broken Age and I hope those getting it with PS+ do as well and I enjoyed the hour or so I have played of Super Meat Boy so 2 good games for PS4 this month. Not sure what Unmechanical is but it’s not decent reviews, might give it a shot.




Do you like this? Vote only yes or no.






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Heh, the games get so disappointing, that even Chris isn’t interested in describing more than 3 out of 6 anymore? :-P

But yeah, I get you Chris. I’m bored upon commenting the same mix of puzzle games and platformers each month too.


also noticed this. laughable.

good point, haha

Yeeeeees! Ps Plus never dissapoints!!! I love my subscription! /s


said no one ever…

I actually agree! Good to actually see some positivity on here. The comments section is generally so awful.

Anyone interested in informing hadenrulz about the meaning of “/s”?

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Meat boy and broken age both on the vita so no reason to turn on the ps4 here

Not heard of any of these games. Could be fun! I look forward to seeing what they are like.

I Hope you will enjoy Broken age. Very fun adventure.

yeah all 3 hours of it.


I hate to complain.. but damn..

X_Blood_Curse_X 30 September, 2015 @ 16:36

Pretty weaksauce.isn’t kung fu rabbit a mobile game? And Chariot is Ps3 only.

Bah. Atleast the retro sale is good

I only have Chariot so it’s a great month for me!

WayfaringWalrus 30 September, 2015 @ 16:37

You might wanna remove the video you just posted on YouTube which made it look like we were only getting 2 PS4 games this month and nothing else… just saying, the radicalised PS+ haters are out in force already to the point where we might need to get the UN involved.

Hopefully some decent sales this month. I already have a few of the games so not a great month for me personally. Would like to see a sale on Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 (its only been out 12 weeks but as US is having a sale on it – hopefully we will too.

Please let Onigiri come out this month


+1 to Onigiri!

why only 2 clips in the video where you usually show a clip for every game included in the months ps plus? because you were ashamed of the other 4?

Super meat boy I am absolutely fine with as that game is fun to play, but what the hell happened to Assassins Creed 4? Hell even throw wolfenstein in or something!

Guys, are you crazy? Broken Age is super awesome, can’t wait to play it.

It is a good game. And so is Super Meat Boy. But anyone interested will probably have played that one by now.

And 2 good games don’t result in general ethusiasm, as you can see. And I’m with them. I’m so sick and tired of puzzles, platformers and thanks to PS Plus’ 98% focusation on indies, of indies in general too. Thanks Obam… ahem Sony! ;-)

Plus was great when they delivered AAA with experimental indies. That was a healthy balance, capable to satisfy almost all demands and expectations.
Now we just get some few worthy indies, a lot of crap and always the same kind of games. Compared to what it once was , it’s trash. And Sony’s claim that it listens to its customers’ demands and wishes, trying to improve, has never been more absurd.


I was interested in broken age but didn’t get round to buying it so it’s good for me!


Broken Age is decent but over in 3 hours and you’re left like… what?

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I’m pleased with this month’s PS4 selection, does Broken Age come with both acts?

Yes, yes but Of course.

good that i have lots AAA games to play in my backlog… Ps4 is the indie platform as it seems…

Still, better than other offerings

well i want to be exited to see the new line up and play the games not to just be like mehhh :)

StevenJamesHyde 30 September, 2015 @ 16:40

Broken Age and Super Meat Boy are worth the £3-odd for this month, thanks for those

Why is Driveclub being removed? Surely that should just be there as a permanent offering for any incoming new PS4 owners?


anyone else feel Sony is spitting in our face with these awful ps plus games? how can people actually defend this crap? only good ps plus game is Super meat boy everything else is garbage. even the PS3 is getting trash nowadays.


Nope. I feel I’m getting value for money.

I disagree. I feel like the games I get every month justify the subscription.

Disagree. Broken Age looks great, been debating buying it for a while anyway. Have you played it or Unmechanical?

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meh, was hoping for AC4 Black Flag, looks like i will not extend my subscription next month, awful games

Sorry to say this however hoping for 1 game to become free is really st*pid.
Just a question have you actually played all the games? You are judging them all as “awful” games however have you actually played them all to say such things?

The only at Game edition is £15 and a quick look on ebay and someone is selling it for less than a tenner. That’s buying it outright. So if a tenner is too much for a game…you may want to consider another hobby.

I so hope they give us Magus one month…make my dream come true.. so I can go into cardiac arrest laughing at people’s fury


Re: Fleexie. When the games look so bland and dull that you don’t even WANT to give them a look, things are really not good..

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RodrigoSharingan 30 September, 2015 @ 16:41

If they cant even get a good line up on 20 Year Anniversary, then i dont see PS+ ever going back to its glory days.
Its amazing how this service is a carcass of what it used to be, its beyond insulting.

We must join forces, and dont sub anymore, i know its hard but im doing it! (waiting for it to expire)

Who’s with me?


Not me. Each month I get one or two games I enjoy. Worth it for me.


I was never even a fan of PLUS in its glory days, so you can imagine how I stand on it now (not even taking into account it’s mandatory for online)…

Nope, even one decent game every other month represents decent value. Personally, I find at least one thing good evey month, it’s the best value rental service I have.

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held off on Broken Age and Kickbeat for Vita, so It’s nice to see them.
Great to see super meat boy too, should be fantastic on Vita!


It’s a joke? :/

“Playstation Plus – Where the players are”

Not for long…


…Playing the waiting game

…waiting for our PS+ to expire that is.

Couldn’t have said it better…


If you didn’t play in Broken Age – you definitely should.

About PS Plus games – I don’t know. I miss big games for my Vita (like Memories of Celesta), and Chariot only on PS3? Too bad it’s not a cross-buy title.

Super meat boy and Broken age will be really nice to play on vita :)


In a month that includes Halloween, I am rather surprised that there isn’t a single ‘horror’ themed game to speak of!

Was Costume Quest 2, Lone Survivor, Slender Man or White Night not available to add to the PS+ collection?

Both Broken Age and Super Meat Boy are really, really good games however, this month is going to make a handful of folks rather unhappy indeed.

b-but SMB is full of BLOOOOD! :D


Lone Survivor is already in PS plus collection, they gave it something like 1 year and half ago

If they added a horror game it would take away from their highly likely and limited Halloween “sale”

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Way to stick to stereotypes about console gamers guys, there’s more to life than AAA mainstream titles. Broken Age is a fantastic game, great writing, and very funny.


According to PLUS there isn’t more to life than mainstream indies apparently..


Totally agree Palmtopjakku, I’m looking forward to playing Broken age :)

The first act of Broken Age is really good, indeed. Then it becomes meh.

Another month, another disappointment.

Oh, and removing Driveclub Ps Plus edition is kind of a slap after waiting almost nine months for it after it was promised on launch day of the full game!

I still see it. Guess where i’m from, lol.

It’s writen in the article, read it. After the 6th of October.

oh, i see, lol. well nothing lasts forever. not sure if it was meant to be a permanent addition anyway.

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I can kiss my already worn out ps4 controller goodbye ‘cos SMB is going to destroy it. And Broken Age is adorable, I can’t wait to play it again.
Very happy about this month.

SMB is the primary reason I got a 360 controller for my PC originally. It’s not really that hard overall, but Ed’s an evil bugger, and Tommy not much better so the game definitely has it’s moments. Can’t wait to see what the boys hit us with in SMB Forever.


Really excited about Broken Age and Super Meat Boy! :D I’ve heard a lot of great things about those games, but I never got around to playing them. I’ll probably also give Unmechanical a go :)

I’m not really interested in a coop-only game like Chariot, and I have no idea what Kung Fu Rabbit is, so I’m not exactly excited about those two. But who knows? Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Also, I already own Kickbeat on PS3/Vita. That game is a ton of fun once you get over the initial difficulty spike from the tutorials to the actual gameplay. A bit of a shame for me that it’s not the PS4 version that’s free, but the PS3 and Vita versions are actually the better versions regardless, as they allow you to play to your own music, which is awesome. I definitely recommend people check out Kickbeat – Especially now that it’s free! ;)


Oh… Another month to skip…

Unmechanical and Kickbeat were on my personal wishlist for whatever reason.

There’s something wrong with sending comments today.


yeah there is

stop it sony, you’ll make me buy TWO ps plus subscription with all those AAA android games.

since my ps+ expired a year ago (and I was day one subscriber) I never felt I have missed anything.

Good to see you continue to chip in on the positive comments though :)


I can understand why you say that Askier. If i didn’t have to subscribe to play online, i would have unsubscribed ages ago.

Coody-Baroody 01 October, 2015 @ 16:02

Hey, this guy has just acted upon the thoughts the VAST majority of us have now with PS+. Sick of seeing people on here slate those that aren’t happy. It’s our RIGHT to complain when we have to pay the same price (more now if you don’t go yearly) but it’s a TERRIBLE service compared to years gone by.

Complain all you want people. Don’t listen to the do gooder fanboys.

Not that there’s any point complaining anymore. I’m now hoping Xbox One trounces PS4 this Xmas so Sony start realising they have to give us the service we had when they weren’t dominating just like Microsoft are now.

damn… that’s sad. guess i’ll pick up that killzone disc i saw on sale.. i saw rumors of black flag might be free and got excited for nothing..

I have:
– Watch Dog Complete Edition
– Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain
– Silent Hill HD Collection

And Uncharted Trilogy is coming, by the way i’ve been not looking forward to the annoucement of IGC since months ago, so….




I mean that i now have these 3 discs to enjoy.


but noone asked you what discs you want to”enjoy”?

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LOLLLLOOL, what the….? On PS3 what is that…..? @#@$ No words seriously. Sony isn;t even trying anymore! They lost it! At least I know what I will be playing on October!


I’m usually a positive so and so but ps plus has gone cheap , we all know it and games with gold are catching up on what was once the pride of owning a playstation.
Those days are gone, we must admit that to ourselves and either stick with it or move on. I, myself…am moving on. No one cares (especially Sony) , but just thought i’d share.

Coody-Baroody 01 October, 2015 @ 15:58

Xbox Live GWG has now SURPASSED PS+. What with them getting more AAA games, they get to KEEP them AND now with backward compatibility they get AAA 360 games every month that are playable on Xbox One.

This past 8-9 month, Microsoft have MURDERED Sony in my opinion with things like their Elite controller and how GWG is now so much better.

Considering all the hype and talk of the PlayStation 20th Anniversary yesterday, I can’t help but feel extremely underwhelmed by this fairly weak line-up. Another month and I’d probably feel that this is a good bunch of games, but for the 20th Anniversary month, it’s not up to scratch. Sorry about the slight complaint.

Coody-Baroody 01 October, 2015 @ 15:56

Why are you apologising?

Thank you for Broken Age and Unmechanical!

A lot of Vita love; nothing I’ll play on PS4/PS3 unfortunately, but my Vita is going to be happy!

ufff…… indie scum…. how far has fallen the plus from its tree….

Do you really expect the offline people to pay the membership wich such mediocre games….?

I really, really, prefer only 1 game per system, but AAA or retail games…. on vita even PSP games are wellcome rather than such indie rubbish… I have my 64gb card full of indie games wich I will never going to play… and my ps4 is a “indie free zone”, they don’t deserve my short 500gbs hd.

It’s such an unnatural situation that I’m checking every weekend for deals on ps1 and psp rather than deals on vita games…. that’s the way it turned to be…


Great lineup! Looking forward to play Broken age and unmechanical.

Great month, Broken Age and Super Meat Boy!!! :)


Not a month worth coming back.

Good month for vita for a change

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