The PlayStation Gear store is now live across Europe

Just in time to pre-order the 20th Anniversary PlayStation Black Varsity Jacket

We are pleased to announce that the PlayStation Gear store is now live in 17 countries across the SCEE region: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, Portugal, Irealnd, Belgium, Holland, Asutria, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

PlayStation Gear Logos-Black_01

Wait, what is PlayStation Gear, you ask? Well, it’s a dedicated shop for gamers, making it easy to discover and buy officially licensed PlayStation-related merchandise and accessories. T-shirts, wallets, hats, figurines, hoodies, artwork – we stock the lot.


It’s an exciting week as not only are we launching in more countries, but we’ve also opened pre-orders on our exclusive PlayStation Black Varsity Jacket, to coincides with the recent 20th Anniversary celebrations.

Varsity Jacket

Other treats to look out for this week include the new PlayStation Christmas jumper, Bloodborne and Journey art prints, and a great selection of Assassins Creed clothing. Check out the images below.

Desert207_PS1_XmasJumper-1000GE1778 (2)

We are launching in another six SCEE countries in October (Australia, New Zealand, UAE, India, Turkey and Czech Republic) and are constantly adding new gear, so make sure you keeping checking back to see what’s new.

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crimsonidol-de 02 October, 2015 @ 13:41

You will definitely grab everyone’s attention when wearing these leggings or that christmas jumper. But I don’t know if that will be attention you really would like to get.

i still like them they look cool, don’t care what others think, i have a zelda t shirt and a nintendo hoodie, doesn’t stop me wearing them either, embrace your geekness :)


Well most people wear stuff like this for attention and expression. Besides the leggings just use a basic pattern which is pretty neat compared to if it was a bit flat PLAYSTATION title on the arse.


Maybe they DO have a bit “Playstation” on the arse though?

Nope. Doesn’t work in Sweden yet. Can’t even browse the stuff.
I don’t use a proxy, Telia as ISP.

Same here.

Here as well.
Bredbandsbolaget as ISP.

But the Playstation Gear store is not yet available
in your country/region. “

X_Blood_Curse_X 02 October, 2015 @ 14:01

Make more Bloodborne stuff, don’t charge double compared to what the Americans pay and I’ll probably buy something

X_Blood_Curse_X 02 October, 2015 @ 14:08

Cool Bloodborne t-shirt for 11.99 *Adds to basket*

– £3.40 for postage

*Removes from basket*


Does not work in Norway either.

i like the leggings and varsity jacket, but i’ve recently bought a leather varsity jacket already, i’m interested in the leggings though.

No Slovenia :(

RodrigoSharingan 02 October, 2015 @ 14:31

We are not that naive to know that you charge almost double for this stuff here in europe compared to US.
I like that we finally have something like this were we can buy PS marchandise but damn… US store as so much more stuff and at better prices. (kinda like PS store)

You still have a long way do go for me to buy something.


To be honest I think that even the stuff in the us store are expensive for what it is, but man, in Europe it’s a complete robbery. Not to mention the fees added when you put an item in the cart, in some items it can be outrageous.

Also I don’t see quality in those stuff so I’ll pass.

come on, this is so ugly that even the hipsters will be ashamed to be seen wearing those….

why dont you invest on better IGC games or games for Vita….?

What about Israel?
Trust me – I’ll be among your best customers :)

Please ship to Israel very soon :'(


Ordered 2 jackets.. pre-order; XL and L :)

nukualofaperson 02 October, 2015 @ 15:47

Wow, this is delightfully nerdy. I might need some of this.

European_Gamer 02 October, 2015 @ 16:13

I personally don’t like the 20th Anniversary stuff but they’ve got some cool Assassin’s Creed and and Batman t-shirts that I may consider buying.


This is good but where is the Journey Messenger bag thats on the US PlayStation Gear store? I can’t order from US store because they only deliver in US & Canada and ebay are a total rip off with the cost of shipping etc


I want that too and the naughty dog “pre cursor orb “. Iv asked many times on the blog why the US have it and why my money is of no value to them. Have never received a reply.

i think you meant “Austria” and not “Asutria” :P

Why bother buying from PlayStation’s Gear website? You won’t get anything. I preordered the Double life t-shirt back in July and I’m yet to receive it. I’ve been given 2 delivery dates that’s come and gone and then when i get intouch with MyPlay Direct they always seem to fob me off sauing they’re waiting for the warehouse team to get back to them on any updates so they can update me. Sony wont acknowledge the Gear website either. Sent a message off to Sony and they havent got back to me either. Useless. It’ll just be better if Sony gave GAME the clothing they sell. GAME sell some stuff off the gear website anyways.


That would be a good idea but given the prices that GAME charge it’ll work out just as expensive as ordering from the US lol

yes they are indeed cowboys, 3 weeks later and i still haven’t got my leggings, customer service is completely useless and you can’t even cancel the order at all, not happy.

7 euro shippingcosts on a tshirt worth 21 euro :(


I hope someday you will recognize Turkey as a country…


Shame socks are sold out already… Tempted by the Xmas sweater – perfect for boring family reunions.


Hey cherish those boring family reunions, they may not last forever


Doesn’t work here in Switzerland :(

But the Playstation Gear store is not yet available
in your country/region.

I can’t decide between the 2 festive jumpers, ps1 grey or blue

But the Playstation Gear store is not yet available
in your country/region.”

I thought you said you opened it for the countries listed? I can’t access the store, and i’m from Norway……


Not available in Australia. :( well, I could just go to and find the link to the playstation gear website, then buy what I want, for example, a cap that is around £16.00 which is $32.00 Australian dollars. not only do I have to waste $32.00 but pay for the shipping. Can I just say how expensive this is? $32.00 plus shipping for a cap is definitely not coming out of my money. Good day sir.


Plus Robin you spelt Austria wrong. Instead you said Asutria.


I wish I could delete that reply I did above cuz someone already mentioned the part about misspelling Austria. :/

Er i am confused. I thought the UK PS Gear Store was out 2 months ago because i ordered that retro PS Blue T-Shirt(Faded Retro ’94 Men’s T-shirt – blue) about 2 months ago & just last week SONY said –
“Due to aspects beyond our control these t-shirts are no longer being manufactured, therefore we are unable to fulfill your order”
But now this site is still advertising it? Hmm, i don’t get it? I really still want it to! :P :P :P

This is pretty cool! Thanks for bringing it to the UK! Tad bit expensive though so hope we see discounts soon. Maybe for ps plus members?


Can someone tell me how to cancel an order?

My girlfriend already has ordered the item I bought too?


Man this is awesome!! Thanks for brining it to Sweden. Loves stuff likes this :D

Thanks sony for offering this service in India also. Can’t wait to order my Journey statue if its available and other favorite items in future.


It would be cool if Sony could add a section on the PlayStation Network Store (e.g. on the PS4) to give these products more exposure to those who aren’t reading the Blog, and also let us pay for things using our PlayStation credit balance.

I hope someone at Sony reads this and takes this idea on-board. :)


It would be great if Sony did remove the region locks on the stores. We live now in 2015 and many companies can handle a region free store for whole Europe. Why could you not do it either?


Straps on the PS one messenger bags are far too small especially for tall people like myself. Also I would like to see sizes up to xxxxl so that everyone can be included in purchasing playstation gear. Not everyone is tiny or well sculptured.

There is some error, because the it says: “the Playstation Gear store is not yet available
in your country/region.”
I’m in the Faroe Islands, which is part of Denmark, could you please check if this is not an error?

Classic_Shooter 04 October, 2015 @ 18:30

Christmas jumper ordered :)
Should of been able to add my gamertag, that would of been awesome


I can’t even put items in the cart, keep getting error.


all these are horrible nobody will buy this [DELETED] in England.
why not do some nice stuff with just playstation logo on

It would be nice if the Gear store was made available in Norway, like you stated on October 2nd. I suppose it’s more important with Dubai, India, and Australia regions than focusing on Europe?

I’m just curious – where is “Asutria” ? :D


Why has Hiryu-pl not looked up this information on google earth.


Now this is interesting. Never thought I would see Czech republic among the first countries supported. Now bring us a 2nd run of those Journey statues to Europe ^^

YodaLikesSoda 05 October, 2015 @ 15:16

I love the Varsity jacket, will probably pick it up.

YodaLikesSoda 05 October, 2015 @ 15:18

Actually stuff it, I’m not paying £60 for it. Need a hard drive more and that’s around the same price.


Ordered a T-shirt nearly 2 months ago, delivery date kept slipping and changing before order was eventually cancelled. As way of apology I was given a discount off any future purchases. Like that’s going to happen!


That is not how a company should act , get you all worked up at the upcoming sale of epic items then swipe them out from under your nose before you got your hands on it.


4 days later and still not live in Finland. Yikes.

Love the jacket, if only one could try before you buy.

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